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The story of stuff

What is the problem?

Why is it a problem?

How can we solve the problem?

Masterpieces of Newspaper Reading and Writing

26 pieces of homework of my students are posted below. They are all divided into 5 categories:

1. Best of the best homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

2. Well done pieces of homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

3. Standard pieces of homework – Newspaper and Writing

4. To-be-better pieces homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

5. Urging-for-your-improvement pieces of homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

Can you find yours? You can enhance the standard of the homework quality of a band 1 EMI Secondary school student, can’t you? Keep your level up next time? (I can’t wait to receive your prodigious leaflets next Tuesday!)

How to write a Film Review

I’ve just come across a resourceful piece of online Film Review learning material on BBC

Check it out:


Film Reviews 101:

1. A few details about the film, e.g. its cast or director

2. A short summary of the plot.

3. Give your personal opinion about a film. For example: Do you like it or not? What do you think of it.

20th aniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall today!

The fall of the Berlin Wall signifies the fall of Communism in the East Germany. Once separated, democracy made it united.

You may not care so much about Germany, but Berlin has always been ‘the one’ of my favorite European city. It is a city full of history as well as modern cultures and technology. Despite the cold weather in winter, there are always marvelous art, music, dance, movies and exhibitions to warm our heart up. (I even once thought that I might marry a German guy and live there for some time of my life! 😛 but now it turns out to be French guy in HK!!)

Check it out and learn more about the world history of the last century:

‘Plan for change’ Ad

His voice and pronunciation is clear. Can you get all that he said? What is the objective of his speech here? What is his conclusion by the end of his speech? Check it out:

How Not to Be Hated on Facebook: 10 More Rules

By Claire Suddath Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2009

Check out the rules on It’s fun!

How Not to be Hated on Facebook

Why your co-worker act like children

Each of you have to find at least a new vocabulary/phrase you’ve learnt from this page and share your learning to us below.

Follow this format:

withhold (verb [T] withheld, withheld)

– to refuse to give something or to keep back something:
to withhold information/support

e.g. During the trial, the prosecution was accused of withholding crucial evidence from the defence.

(Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Retrieved May 6, 2009, from