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Masterpieces of Newspaper Reading and Writing

26 pieces of homework of my students are posted below. They are all divided into 5 categories:

1. Best of the best homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

2. Well done pieces of homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

3. Standard pieces of homework – Newspaper and Writing

4. To-be-better pieces homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

5. Urging-for-your-improvement pieces of homework – Newspaper Reading and Writing

Can you find yours? You can enhance the standard of the homework quality of a band 1 EMI Secondary school student, can’t you? Keep your level up next time? (I can’t wait to receive your prodigious leaflets next Tuesday!)

English Week Parade Pictures Slide Show

1D Musical – Your can’t stop 1D

2A – Dreams to be Stars

2C’s Love & Care

Touching pieces of S1 & S2 Hip Hip Parade of the English Week 2008-09 Reflection
March 26, 2009, 2:58 pm
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My markings are just too tardy…… There’re still a lot to be completed……

I think I need to learning how to hold back my tears whenever I read some touching and wonderful pieces of your work! You guys are good at making your inexperienced teacher, Madame Bouteiller, weep secretly in the staff room 2. Check out the ‘tricks’ of these sophisticated students:

1D May Pang – Parade Reflection  

1D Jeff Yu – Parade Reflection  

1D Cindy Lee – Parade Reflection  

2C Nicole Law- Parade Reflection  

2C Johnny Law – Parade Reflection  

2C Christy Kwong – Parade Reflection  

2C Sharon Fung – Parade Reflection  

2C Michael Lo – Parade Reflection

The rest of the students, especially those from 2A, don’t hate me! I’m just too slow and haven’t read yours yet. I’m going to upload more and share more of my tears soon! ;-D What do you think?

2C Pets Advertisement Masterpiece
March 19, 2009, 11:47 pm
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Sentence making
March 11, 2009, 10:40 am
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What are you thinking when you’re making your sentences? Just to get them grammatically correct and the mission is completed? Do you still remember the mark allocation in your composition?

It’s not just on the Grammar, but also on the CONTENT!

Check out this masterpiece of your big brother. He used various news topics to make the sentences last year. I still keep a copy of his work on my desk every day ever since. You will understand if you browse the following PDF file and read it through. 😀

Joel’s sentence making

Try to write some more fascinating ones for us to share here! How about the ‘Bouncy Eggs’, ‘Tainted milk powder’, ‘Tainted medicine’, ‘Dalai Lama’ and so on? You may get more ideas here:

Impressive English Club work
October 23, 2008, 6:19 pm
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Their work is so tidy, neat and colourful. I’m so happy for them to have built such a sound grammar picture in their heads. I’m sure that yours can be done more or less like this too, right?

Check it out: Kelly’s English Club!

Gigi’s English Club:

   It takes me 45 minutes just to upload these samples for you to have an idea how to produce good work. How much time and effort would you spend on doing your English homework and enriching your knowledge? Do you deserve more and better? Are you fair to yourself?

This is what I call ‘HUGE’ improvement!
October 20, 2008, 12:57 pm
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I thought we were having fun in our ‘P.L.A.S.’ session the other day, but I think he doesn’t like to spend anymore time with me anymore. His handwriting is so much better now. Check out his ‘before-and-after’!

Yeung’s Penmanship 1

It’s so encouraging that he can have such a dramatic change in handwriting. Let’s tap our tables for him!! Yeah!

Are you going to be the next one?