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JB 4 Nicole!

This is dedicated to all the fans of Justin Bieber, especially Nicole! Check this out:

How old is he exactly again?! 😀

Crank it up by Ashley Tisdale

The following music video is dedicated to Nicole, the fan of Ashley Tisdale! Do you remember the Christmas party + our class photo this year? You’ve gotta ‘crank it up’!!! 😉

Straight through my heart by Backstreet Boys

All the thanks to Marco, we have Backstreet Boys’ latest song to share – Straight through my heart. Check it out:

Do you think they can make such a successful come-back(at least they earn pretty deliciously!) if they didn’t work hard and try their best when they were teenage boys? What are your dreams? Have you geared up to your road of success yet? 🙂

Invisible by Taylor Swift

All the thanks to Sharon, here we have another sweet song from Taylor Swift. Let’s check it out:

100 single ladies dancing in the Central London!

Having the background music Single Ladies by Beyonce, there are 100 ladies dancing in Central London in this video. However, how many lady dancers are really single? Well, who knows?! 😛 Check this out:

Do you prefer the thighs of these ladies or the ones of Beyonce? 😛

Hey, here’s a man’s version! 😛 Check this out:

Haha, what do you think?! 😀

Fashion by Lady GaGa & the movie Shopaholic

One of my big expenditure is always fashion. I’m so into fashion especially dresses. I’m not too crazy about shoes but I can’t keep my eyes off “stilettos”, normally with crazy narrow (at least 3 to 4 inches!) heels!! 😛 Recently I always switch to Fashion TV as there are lots of 2010 fashion week shows around Europe (like Milan, Paris, London), New York and Tokyo!

Before I show you some gorgeous fashion shows, let’s listen to how Lady GaGa sings about her madness on fashion of the movie Shopaholic and some world-class famous fashion designers. These are the music videos of the movie Shopaholic shown earlier this year. Check it out:

Full lyrics:

The Shape of my Heart by Backstreet Boys

All the thanks to Yvonne, Backstreet Boys have come on air here! This boy group was one of the boy groups that I chased after in all the music programmes on MTV and Channel [V] every weekend when I was a teenager! My eyes were always on tall and cute guys. (I was already 170cm tall when I was 11! Westerners are always taller! 😛 You know…… :-P) Guess which one I like most! Tell me your preference too!!

Um…… why would I choose this songs, the Shape of my Heart? It is because the lyrics of this song can show you how I feel for my students, especially in these verses:

` Chorus:
` Looking back on the things I’ve done
` I was trying to be someone
` I played my part, kept you in the dark
` Now let me show you the shape of my heart
` Send in this beautiful loneliness that’s tragical
` So help me I can’t win this war, oh no
` I’m here with my confession
` Got nothing to hide no more
` I don’t know where to start
` But to show you the shape of my heart…
` I’m looking back on the things I’ve done
` I never wanna play the same old part
` I’ll keep you in the dark
` Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Let’s give it a ‘click’!

Do you know the shape of my heart now? 😀