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Why does Daniel Powter wear a hat all the time?

I just have a snap of MTV channel and watched the interview of Daniel Powter. Do you know why he’s always got a hat on his head?

Example of making good use of the information on the Internet VS Plagiarism
April 9, 2008, 8:50 pm
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As we are now living in this information generation being bombarded with the ease of information accessiblity AND you are facing the New Senior Secondary Reform, it is extremley important for you to understand what PLAGIARISM is, to learn to avoid as well as to learn to ‘make good use’ of what we’ve got now to acquire worldwide knowledge and develop critical thinking.

Here are a plagiarist and a smart student who knows how to acquire her knowledge. Please compare:

Plagiarism                             Good Example of being a wise student in this generation

 The plagiarist has not shown any research part in his assignment or NO REFERENCE. He hasn’t mentioned where he quoted the material and tried to fool people certain part of his writing was written by him.

While the wise student did and showed her research to make it known where she cited the material. Then look into her writing. She only quoted the objective facts about the company’s mission statement and details of campaigns/event held and reflected her own opinions on the topic. This shows her own understanding of the materials quoted, analysed and DEVELOPED HER OWN POINT OF VIEW.

Please ask if you have any question. Make sure you understand as PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME against INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT.

CM on the following:

1. Do you understand what plagiarism is?

2. What is/are your corresponding action(s) to be a WISE student in this generation?

(If you have ever plagiarised and want to take back your homework/composition for improvement and reference edition, please feel free to see you anytime.) 

Which VS Where
April 9, 2008, 8:00 am
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When Jane does this exercise, she is puzzled. Which one should she choose, which or where?

exercise: The restaurant ______ I used to go is my favourite.

Can you help her? What is the difference in using these two? Can we ‘google’ it and figure out (find out) the answer?

*************You need to explain why you choose this answer!!!!!*********************