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The story of stuff

What is the problem?

Why is it a problem?

How can we solve the problem?

France 2007: Les Fatals Picards – L’amour a la francaise
July 24, 2009, 12:05 am
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Take a tour of Paris with this funny French guy?! (He’ll show you how to run on poo-poo in Paris! :-P)

By the way, he’s singing in French and English. See how much you can get from this song.

Check it out:

‘Plan for change’ Ad

His voice and pronunciation is clear. Can you get all that he said? What is the objective of his speech here? What is his conclusion by the end of his speech? Check it out:


I miss Valencia! Check it out:


Imagine spending your summer in Lisbon?! Gorgeous!

Symptoms of swine flu

The Suite Life on Deck – Splash and trash

They have cool lines. (lines=dialogues) 😀