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My Christmas preparation in Hong Kong
November 19, 2009, 3:32 pm
Filed under: My Weekly Journal

Hi guys! Bad news this year…… My husband and I won’t go back to France for Christmas…… 😦 I miss all my lovely French-in-laws, French Christmas parties all-day every day during Christmas! 😦 Sigh……

To compensate me, my husband suggested decorating our home ‘Christmas-lious-ly’ in Hong Kong this year. We are going to buy a 6-feet tall Christmas tree for our living room today! Hurray! I’m so excited! (but he’s still sleeping in the bed this afternoon now! >,< I hope he hasn't caught any flu/cold!)

You are all welcomed to be my Santa Claus this year! Let me show you my door first! (Look for this door and you can treat or rob me here! :-P) Check this out:

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I saw your decoration of your door and I have a idea to decorate my flat also.
And I have put some decoration on my door!!! XD
Take Good care~~

Comment by SHARON ;)

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