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Joke of today …… the awful sea gull
November 16, 2009, 10:55 pm
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Do you still remember why I hate sea gulls so much?! 😛

A Revenge (from Saint Malo)

A ‘hungry sea gull’, ‘whatever’ bird, high up in the ‘blue’ sky was chasing a flock of ‘tourists’.

They ‘visited’ and ‘toured around’ as they flew ahead ‘to France’.

Suddenly it swooped down to the ‘shore’ and greedily seized a magnificent ‘cake’ in its hook-like ‘beak’!

The ‘Hong Kong girl’ ‘became angry’ as she watched!

Now the whole flock of ‘tourists’ wheeled and turned, still ‘taking pictures’

-an amazing sight to see- 😛

and darkening the sky with their ‘umbrellas’, 😛

closed up into a ‘beach’ and mobbed the ‘sea gull’ driving it ahead of them,

until overwhelmed by their fury and the sheer weight of its load, it ‘poisoned’, dropping the ‘cakes’

into the ‘English Chanel’ below and fled to the cover of … ‘heaven’.


(‘transformed’ by Nikki Bouteiller)


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– an amazing text to read –

Comment by F.B.

I am laughing for about 3mins……………….
The seagull weakened!It hurt because it took the cake away.XD
This poem is creative!!!

Comment by Sharon Fung *v*

Haha, too many swans lately. I’m trying to turn them into seagulls to light up my furious, speechless and helpless day! 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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