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Fantastic Mr Fox is coming on screen soon!
November 13, 2009, 6:02 pm
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‘It must be killed. There’s no other way!’ (I miss all your fantastic drama performance!)

‘Bang! Bang! Bang!!!!!!!!!’ (

Do you still remember the story of Fantastic Mr Fox? Now Hollywood has produced an animated movie of it on screen for us. They have put in more crazy ideas. Check it out:

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No time no touch xd!
When I saw this post , I realised that I saw it wrongly…
However,it was true.

Today is Black Friday.
I have just received the English Test Paper for a few days.
I got 80 over 100, it’s Top 1 of 2A.
I think I haven’t pay attention much time at lesson at all.
The test syllabus is very little.
I can self-study ..No No NO …I need to self-sudy.
The lessons are so boring!!!
My teacher of now always put much relax time in lessons.
Suppose that day need to have recitation of Paul Hill
2 lessons , almost use 1lesson to let us to revise!
I think she is always wasting time.
And she seldom played games with us.
And always taught what the sllyabus contained or followed the book.
You are much better that her 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%

Just before , I watched the 1D Parade again.
I almost cried again.
I think you are so stupid that putting all the time for us and require so little rewards!!
Why there is a teacher like you good as you that is needed to use stupid to describe?
I heard about that you are teaching in a new school.
I hope your sickness will be none.
And if can , I hope you will come back and teach us again.
I am hoping to receive you feedback!

Comment by Ryan Ng Wing Him ,1D 27

Dear Ryan

Thank you for your long message. I’m so glad that you’ve written so much here for me. I’m so touched! 🙂

Congratulations to your success in your studies, the English test! You can strive for an A next time and get over 90! I’m sure that you can do it one day!

Well, different teachers teach you in different ways. It’s always a good opportunity to experience different teaching styles. It’s hard to say which one is better. At least you are the first one in your class now! By the way, how’s Cindy, Jeff, May, Christy and everybody else? Are they in the same class as you? How’s their result?

So, you would like to have some teaching materials outside the textbook or the syllabus sometimes? You can click onto the ‘Elect 2’ category on the blog here. You can view some of the videos and materials I used last 2 years when I taught S2 in HTYC. I hope most of them are still available and not too outdated there. 😛

Haha, I always have tears flooding onto my eyes whenever I just listen to the song you modified – our 1D musical (together+You can’t stop the beat). Yes, somebody may agree with you that I was too stupid or I’d just done too much in the past. However, I keep telling myself that we only have one life and one live once for every single second we live. We’ve got to try and do our best all the time. Then, we’ll have no regrets. Now that I haven’t worked for so long, I really have no ideas where I could find so much energy to do so much in the past! 😛 I’m starting a new chapter in my life, being a complete housewife! Sometimes I miss my students. I really want to go back, but I suppose…… new life, new challenge. At least I don’t regret any second I lived in HTYC. I should move on, somehow. 😉

Who or how did you hear from about me teaching in a new school? Hahahhahahhahahhahhaa! As I said, I’m a complete housewife now. I only shop and cook every day! A new school is my home?! 😛

My health has been better this month. I just have several check-ups to go to this month. I think I’ll be fine. Thank you for your concern. 🙂

Winter is coming. Take care of yourself too! 😉

Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Mrs Bouteiller,
Do you know 22th of this month is Ms Chan,s birthday?All the 1D classmates are talk about these!
I hope you are well~
We all will miss you~ T——T

Comment by Carry

Dear Carry

Thanks for your reminder. How will you guys celebrate Ms Chan’s birthday?

I miss 1D so much. Recently, I keep thinking of the final speaking exam – all your dramas! So interesting and so funny! My eyes will get wet whenever I watch the 1D musical again!! I just wonder if there is anybody who has kept the 1D parade champion certificate as the memory instead just throwing it away by the next S1 students. 😐

The weather is getting cold. Everybody has to take care of yourselves! 🙂


Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Dear Madame Bouteiller,
I think 1D will not celebrate to Ms Chan together.
You know that,1D classmates are very busy,and Ms Chan,s birthday is on Sunday,many classmates will not have time on Friday after school.May be some of us will say Happy birthday to her,I will do that.
About the 1D parade champion certificate ,I think it was throw away by S1,all the class change the board last month.
Did your health feel better now?We all hope you are healthy.XD

Comment by Carry

Dear Carry

Thank you for writing back to me so fast. 😉

It was sad to lose the certificate, but the memory of our wonderful parade will always stay in our minds! 🙂

Thank you for your concern of my health. Due to the cold weather recently, I couldn’t sleep so well during the night. I hope it will get better soon. You need to wear more warm clothes too! 🙂

Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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