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November 3, 2009, 11:32 am
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Hi everybody! How’s your uniform test going? Are you handling it well? I’m sure you all can!

My health status fluctuated on and off last month. Luckily, I’m feeling much better now. I’m sorry if you’ve found no new post when you visited my blog recently. 😐

Hey, I’m really interested in how you guys are doing in your first uniform test! For those who have participated in the Speech Festival, are you ready to make your glorious splash in the competition? May I know your competition date? I can go to support if you let me. 😀

Keep in touch!

Madame Bouteiller

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My first term test..
feeling so sad when talking about it!
lot of careless mistakes
Hope that the marks will not be too low~_~

I’ve joined the Speech Festival(Chinese)
I’ve got a partner who is Erica Hon (still remember her?haha)However,I haven’t got any information about the date .~

Take care: )

Comment by Yvonne.

To teach our mistakes before exams is what tests and quizzes are for. 😉 Don’t worry. Just remember not to fall for the same trap again! 😛

When is the competition date? Do you think I’m welcomed to watch your brilliant performance? 😉

Of course I remember Erica! She is Hon-Nei, isn’t she? 😉 I really want to see you two’s duet performance! 😀

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Haha,I think my result of uniform test will not be so poor.I hope so:P
Well… I will have the competition on 27th Nov.But,, the worst is Ms WongKL hasn’t train us….. She says we will have to train on Tuesday.Chole will have the competition on 17th Nov!!! I am worry about her! She only have a week to prepare for it!!!!
I will tell you my results if I get back the test paper.
Wait for my Good News!<3
God bless you.

Comment by Sharon Fung *v*

Have you tried your best during the test? If so, don’t worry. Let God take care of the rest! 😉 Let me know when you’ve got your result soon.

27th? Where is your competition? Is it the same place as that of last year? I have a doctor appointment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital at 15:30. I could drop by before that if you let me! 😉 The two locations are very close to each other!

About your training, have you memorized the whole poem yet? No one can be trained before s/he memorizes the whole piece. By the way, you should have your training today, right? How was it? What is the poem for you this time? You live in Whampoa, don’t you? Maybe you can drop by my place and I can help you sometimes. Would you like to? 🙂 (I just need to cook, eat and rest every day! :-P)

O, Chloe……

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Dearest Mrs.Bouteiller:
I was work hard in the test.But the result isn’t good.The performance in Chemistry and Geography quite well…but Maths,History and Chinese History are little bite poor in this time..
Chinese,English I havn’t get them back,Physics and Biology will be get back them tomorrow.I am exciting about it!!

I feel sorry,,,Becuase the place is far from Queen Elizabeth Hospital.It is in Luk Kwok Hotel(Wanchai).I think you can’t drop by there../.\

Um,,, I memorized the poem nealy 90% 😛
This time, my poem is an OMEN.I think it is easier to perform than the last year one.
Yes, I live in Whampoa Estate XD
It is a good idea to drop by your place.
You can send SMS to me or phone to me if you want.I am ‘3’ also.
My phone no.:

Sharon ❤

Comment by Sharon Fung *v*

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