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My Christmas preparation in Hong Kong
November 19, 2009, 3:32 pm
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Hi guys! Bad news this year…… My husband and I won’t go back to France for Christmas…… 😦 I miss all my lovely French-in-laws, French Christmas parties all-day every day during Christmas! 😦 Sigh……

To compensate me, my husband suggested decorating our home ‘Christmas-lious-ly’ in Hong Kong this year. We are going to buy a 6-feet tall Christmas tree for our living room today! Hurray! I’m so excited! (but he’s still sleeping in the bed this afternoon now! >,< I hope he hasn't caught any flu/cold!)

You are all welcomed to be my Santa Claus this year! Let me show you my door first! (Look for this door and you can treat or rob me here! :-P) Check this out:

Burning down the house by the Cardigans & Tom Jones
November 17, 2009, 9:16 pm
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Instead of burning down the house, I would decorate it for Christmas! But I feel like listening to this song to relax a little and give me some positive energy. Let’s ‘burn’ it down for a while and see how you feel! Check this out:

Joke of today …… the awful sea gull
November 16, 2009, 10:55 pm
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Do you still remember why I hate sea gulls so much?! 😛

A Revenge (from Saint Malo)

A ‘hungry sea gull’, ‘whatever’ bird, high up in the ‘blue’ sky was chasing a flock of ‘tourists’.

They ‘visited’ and ‘toured around’ as they flew ahead ‘to France’.

Suddenly it swooped down to the ‘shore’ and greedily seized a magnificent ‘cake’ in its hook-like ‘beak’!

The ‘Hong Kong girl’ ‘became angry’ as she watched!

Now the whole flock of ‘tourists’ wheeled and turned, still ‘taking pictures’

-an amazing sight to see- 😛

and darkening the sky with their ‘umbrellas’, 😛

closed up into a ‘beach’ and mobbed the ‘sea gull’ driving it ahead of them,

until overwhelmed by their fury and the sheer weight of its load, it ‘poisoned’, dropping the ‘cakes’

into the ‘English Chanel’ below and fled to the cover of … ‘heaven’.


(‘transformed’ by Nikki Bouteiller)


Fantastic Mr Fox is coming on screen soon!
November 13, 2009, 6:02 pm
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‘It must be killed. There’s no other way!’ (I miss all your fantastic drama performance!)

‘Bang! Bang! Bang!!!!!!!!!’ (

Do you still remember the story of Fantastic Mr Fox? Now Hollywood has produced an animated movie of it on screen for us. They have put in more crazy ideas. Check it out:

New York Fashion Week 2009 – Day 1
November 11, 2009, 1:40 pm
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Let Nicole Miller, an American fashion designer, whose designs are chosen and worn by famous celebrities like Beyonce and Alicia Keys, tell you her favorite choice of color in fashion for the next season and more comments on fashion here. Check this out:

Do you know which brand it is? There are shops of it in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central in Hong Kong!

20th aniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall today!

The fall of the Berlin Wall signifies the fall of Communism in the East Germany. Once separated, democracy made it united.

You may not care so much about Germany, but Berlin has always been ‘the one’ of my favorite European city. It is a city full of history as well as modern cultures and technology. Despite the cold weather in winter, there are always marvelous art, music, dance, movies and exhibitions to warm our heart up. (I even once thought that I might marry a German guy and live there for some time of my life! 😛 but now it turns out to be French guy in HK!!)

Check it out and learn more about the world history of the last century:

Straight through my heart by Backstreet Boys

All the thanks to Marco, we have Backstreet Boys’ latest song to share – Straight through my heart. Check it out:

Do you think they can make such a successful come-back(at least they earn pretty deliciously!) if they didn’t work hard and try their best when they were teenage boys? What are your dreams? Have you geared up to your road of success yet? 🙂