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I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas
August 31, 2009, 2:49 pm
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There’s only one more night and you all will have got to head back to school.

Are you ready?!

Let’s check out the party song of Black Eyed Peas and hope you’ll have fun like partying when you’re back to school.

How many typos (misspellings / missing punctuations) can you find in the above video? Name them all!

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Mrs Bouteiller,
We all will miss you~

Comment by carry cheng 2C(7)

Have a happy school year!


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Mrs bouteiller,
I miss you. T.T

Comment by jack jack

what is the reason that you leave 1d alone

Comment by jack jack

I haven’t left 1D. My heart is always with you all. You have no idea how many tears I have got whenever the song ‘You can’t stop 1D’ passes through my eardrums! 🙂 We all have happy & sweet memories and don’t forget to –> Live Intellectually & Be Courteous!
(I’m always here anyway. ;-))

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Mrs Bouteiller,
I miss you so much!!
I won’t forget you.

Comment by Jessica Lee

I won’t forget you either! 🙂 Study well, smart girl!! 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

mrs bouteiller,

we will never forget you,
when will you come back?
we all miss you~ v3v

ashley & selena”

Comment by Selena Ashley YUe

Dear Selena and Ashley

I’ll never forget the ‘Hot Water’ either! 🙂 Brush up your English and you two will impress me by your great English proficiency when I’m back. 😉

Keep in touch!

Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I really miss you;<
I got your message before!I really felt touching!
Although you are not at the school,we will remember that the wonderful memoeries of 1D!!
Hope everything is well!


Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan.Mika

Dear Mika

Thanks for your message. I believe you can go to the Polytechnic University to study fashion design when you grow up. Work hard for your dream!

(I hope I will not be too old to wear the dresses designed by you one day! :-P)

I’ll try my best to continue sharing some fun English learning materials on the blog here. Keep in touch! 🙂

Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I forgot to leave a CM on this post…
Plz=] forgive me so late for this.
Today is 30 Sept ,2009.
I still miss 1D very much.
I always want to cry when i am yearnning(I don’t knoe whether i spell right or wrong).
When i am studying in 1D, I didn’t think that it’s very good thing much.
I didn’t treasure it at all .
However, I regret it now.
I think 1D is the best truly. I promoted to the new class- 2A.
The classmate is too boring.
I seldom feel happy in those very boring lessons.
In compare , your English lesson is much better than my lesson at now.
Oh MY god -_- I am crying when i type this comment.
I hope 1D can keep in touch together forever.
Leave a CM next time.=]

PS:Have you received my thank you card?

Comment by Ryan Ng Wing Him ,1D 27

I think the reason that I think 2A is boring is ” they’re too courteous”.
So they are quiet at most of the lesson.
Besides,my English teacher at now ,in fact ,her English is quite good. However, she seldom plays games , not like u.
I saw the post before that said you’re sick.
Plz=] take care yourself

Comment by Ryan Ng Wing Him ,1D 27

Sorry Ryan! Please forgive my late reply.

Thank you so much for your card! I’ve received it and I found it so touching! I definitely miss you all so much. 1D is so energetic. Nobody can stop 1D! I watch our videos and you guys have got my tears sometimes too! :-O

Ryan, you don’t need to regret anything. We all had a good time when we were together in 1D last year. Right now, it’s a new chapter of our lives for everyone of us. Everybody is different. This is why and how we can learn different things and ways of living in our lives. No one particular way is perfect or bad. We can learn to adapt, react and learn in various situations, as we are going to meet a lot of different people and situations in our future.

Stay Positive and Think Positive. Try your best to enjoy every single valuable lessons of yours and no regrets in the future! 🙂

I’ve heard that your English teacher now speaks very good English. Then try your best to learn her accent. I think this is your invaluable opportunity to improve your English too. 🙂

No worry and stay happy! 🙂 Let’s keep in touch Ryan! 🙂

Madame Bouteiller

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

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