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1D book sharing
May 20, 2009, 2:46 pm
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Please give your suggestions here. 😀

(Name of the book, author, publisher)

Tell us why you recommend this book and how can we present it. 🙂

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Name of the book:給青少年的100句話

Comment by Danny Lo 1D (25)

Little Prince

Comment by Owenchancheukyin)_()_()_(

I think we can share some more positive attitude books.For example ‘死亡別狂傲’.The author is ‘蘇恩佩’.And the publisher is ‘突破出版社’.We can have a drama to show them how can we have a wonderful life.This book is very meaningful.I think we can have this idea.

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

Name:Tuesdays with Morrie (最後14堂星期二的課)
Author: 愛爾邦/著
Publisher: 書林出版有限公司 (30/07/2004)





Have you ever read a book that touches you so much that you will never ever forget? “Tuesdays with Morrie” which hit the bookstores worldwide years ago is the one you need. It is an incredibly moving portrayal of the relationship between two people who are so close that they seem to be father and son. The storyline is based on a real life experience of man, Mitch Albom with his ex-professor, Morrie. At the start of the story, the narrator gives a brief introduction of his weekly meetings with Morrie, his former professor, each Tuesday. His meetings are like an extension of his studies with Morrie. Each chapter is organized into an amazing lesson and the topics covered in the story are about the meaning of life. The classes are held in Morrie’s home but no grades are given and no books are required.

From my standpoint, this book has really brought to me laughter and sadness. When I read the whole story, there are a lot of food for thought in my mind – love, family, money, death and the like. As Morrie says in the story, money is not a substitute for tenderness, and power is not a substitute for tenderness. I really think this statement is so true. Money means nothing, and neither money nor power can be substitute for tenderness. A person who is fond of money and power will only end up living on his own forever and ever.

Morrie deliberately mentions “death” many times throughout the story because he wants to let people understand his attitude toward death. I quote him as saying that when we realize we are going to die, we will see everything differently, learn how to die, and learn how to live. I think much of what he says is quite true. A person who is on the verge of death will know how to cherish and appreciate what he/she possess, and look back on the past. Everyone should enjoy the moments they have in their lifetime before their lives come to end. “Tuesday with Morrie” is a must-read book for all kinds of readers. It inspires me a lot about the meaning of life. It also teaches me how to live my life at my own pace, and helps me change my attitudes toward life. If you still haven’t read this book, don’t hesitate to get one in a bookshop right now

This book is an extremely heartwarming story about Mitch Albom, and his mentor, Morrie Schwartz, who was his professor 20 years ago. Once Mitch received news that Morrie was dying and had only a few months left to live, Mitch flew over to spend his last days with him. It was a class every Tuesday that Morrie held just for Mitch where he taught him everything Mitch needed to know to survive in the real world, from love to jealousy to anger to fear to forgiveness. These lessons, Mitch soon realized, were much more meaningful and fulfilling compared to the ones he’d learned within the classrooms in college. These are the lessons that are learned through real-life experiences. Morrie eventually passed away, but Mitch was left with great lessons to contribute to the rest of the world.

I think we can do a drama

Comment by Jacky Huen 1D

I think we can do a drama to show how can i face someone we know will die

Comment by Jacky Huen 1D

Le Petit Prince The Little Prince 小王子
Author:Antoine De Saint-Exupery 聖.俢伯里
I have this book with 3 language.

Comment by Owenchancheukyin)_()_()_(

this book is telling about philosophy
present by anything is ok .=_=because 1d are good at everything such as drama,musical…

Comment by Owenchancheukyin)_()_()_(

Name : 最後十四堂星期二的課
Author : Mitch Albom
Publisher : 大塊文化
I think this book is very meaningful because it tell us we need to treasure our teachers and classmates.

Comment by Sham Ching Yee, Christy_1D29

Name of this book:快樂的祕密
author:Adam J. Jackson
the reason I want to recommend this book is because students usually feel unhappy and tried because of studying and the exam results. and also, they may feel that they don’t know what to do.this book has introduced the secrect of happiness to us.Hence, i recommend this book.I think we can use any way to present it and it is okay for using drama to present because this book introduced the secrets by story.

Comment by Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)1D22

Title :Madagascar
Author : Billy Frolick
Published by Scholastic
This book is a movie story book .This book is about four New York City zoo animals a lion who’s used to being the center of attention, a zebra who wants to live in the wild, a giraffe who’ s a hypochondriac, and a hippo who’ s got attitude are taken from the comfort of their homes and loaded onto a boat headed for Africa .
I read this book with listened a song of the movie ‘I like to move it ‘
I think this book is interesting and I am enjoy reading this funny book

主題曲: I like to move it
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Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Name : 寄給天國的信
Author : 田芳、李思敏
Publisher : 天窗出版

Comment by Gigi

Name of this book: 中學生聰明讀書法
author: 張毓如
I think this book is good for us because we need to find a good and easy way to read so that we can learn more. This book has 95 method from five secondary school students. I think it can help us revision better.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu Amy=) (1D16)

Name : 君子街,淑女拳 Author : 天航
Publisher : 天航出版社

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

簡愛 (Jane Eyre)

Comment by fung kei ching

愛從不缺席/Be There

作者: 特倫德 (John Trent) 譯者: 張玫珊

出版社: 校園書房出版社 出版日期:

頁數: 280 ISBN: 9575877756 原廠書號: A1036

類別: 生命造就

在這分崩離析的世界,人際關係疏離膚淺,寂寞、孤助無援是多數人的心境,並渴望與人有心靈共振的深入交往,卻不知從何開始?到底要如何與人建立深入、持久的關係呢?本書收集真實而生動的故事,讓你我更敏銳看出他人的需要,以「Be there」作隨時的支持去關顧周遭的人,進而建立人與人、人與神之間有深度而長青的親密關係。

建立更持久、深入,與美好的關係。建議您好好閱讀本書。 亞迦貝全人發展中心
臨床心理學博士 王金石

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D (28)

Name of the book:四個十A的少年
This book is talking about have four F.5 students.They are come form different family.And they result are not good.But they have some people to urge.Therefore in their examination, they got a good results-have a 10A.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

Title:Animals in Danger
Athor:Joc Potter and Andy Hopkins

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

Name of the book:想說我愛你
This book isn’t only a love story book,is a love story book with educative,meaningful story book.
I suggest this book because we can have a drama of love story.

Comment by 1D Emily Tsang(32)

Title:Dinosaurs Before Dark
Athor:Mary Pope Osborne
Publish:Global Kids
This book is talk about two kit find a tree house that with many books.The person who read those book will go inside the book.The two kit went to time that when dinosaurs are in the world.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

Title:The Soul Guardians(退魔錄)
Author:Lee,woo Hyouk(李愚赫)

.已改編為同名電影及Online game











I think this is the best book that I seen in this several months.

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

Name of the book:Round the world in Eighty Days(環遊世界八十天)
This book is about a man who want to prove that travel the world just need to use 80 days . In his travel , he has a lot of difficults , but in this trip he met a woman and later married with her!
In this book wecan learn if we have a difficult don’t give up!

Comment by LaurentLau171D


Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)


Comment by Charlie Mong

bk name:inuyasha(犬夜叉)
author:Takahashi Rumiko(高橋留美子)
pulisher:青文出版社(taiwan&hong kong edition)


高橋留美子(1957年10月10日-),日本漫畫家,出生於新潟縣新潟市,日本女子大學畢業。1975年發表處女作《虛塵の星》,1978年在《少年Sunday周刊》(週刊少年サンデー)上發表第一部經典代表作《福星小子》(うる星やつら,香港譯名: 山T女福星);同時期的《相聚一刻》(又名:《一刻公寓》めぞん一刻)亦是一部膾炙人口的長篇愛情白描式作品,于1980年10月在《ピッグコミックスピリッツ》上開始連載,並於同年正式改編成動畫片。1987年開始連載其作品中商業性最強、傳播最廣的漫畫《亂馬1/2》,在《少年Sunday周刊》上連載近10年,取得巨大成功。
2007年,高橋留美子的相聚一刻被改編為真人電視劇,由當紅女名星伊東美咲主演。今年 2008-01-12 一磅的福音,也已在日本電視NTV上播出。( 由此可見高橋留美子作品持久不衰的人氣。


Comment by ryan 1d 27

book name: When They Cry – Higurashi(寒蟬鳴泣之時)
author: 07th Expansion (龍騎士07)
pulisher: 青文出版社(Tainwan)



We can do a drama and cosplay. This book is good because it is meaningful. And we can think more about the story.

(From wikipedia)

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

This book is talking about narrates one after the Second World War retires.The story content is very special.After Adye’s before death each birthday and dies, in the heaven meets once five people who appears in his life to want to him saying that words the situation interlocks the narration.

Comment by kAmmY`ID

bk name:禮物
這是一個追尋『禮物』的故事,也是一個年輕人成長的旅程。當他還是小男孩的時候,有一位充滿智慧的老人對他說,世上有一個特別的『禮物』,這個禮物會讓他的人生變得更快樂、更成功!可是這個禮物,只有他自己才找得到。 年輕人用盡方法,四處探尋,渴望得到這份能讓他快樂的『禮物』。但他越是拚命去找,反而覺得自己越來越不快樂,他的『禮物』也始終沒有出現。 直到有一天,年輕人決定暫時放下這一切,不再汲汲營營地盲目追尋,他才赫然發現,那份『禮物』,原來一直就在他的身邊…… 就是現在!把『禮物』送給自己和你最愛的人!這是一本令我們讀後會深深省思的好書。老人告訴一個認識了一年多的少年,每一個人都擁有一份寶貴的『禮物』,它會讓你得到某種財富,但它的價值絕對不是用黃金或金錢來衡量的。之後,少年漸漸長大,成長的過程中,無論遇到任何困惑,老人都讓他從自己的『禮物』中找答案。

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)


Comment by Law Hung Sing1D18


Comment by 1D19 Cherry

The Secret… that is what I’ m thinking about…

Comment by Jeff1d37

《破碎的夢》(Shattered Dreams)
克萊布 (Larry Crabb) 著. 林智娟 譯.


Comment by Emily Chiu___1D 12

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