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Live Your Life- T.I (feat.) Rihanna

This song is quite meaningful, in a way. Check this out:


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woo~this songs is very rock and roll, i like this songs very much>////< i have hearded many times of this song before, but i still don’t know this song’ name, haha! the 2 singer it very great, when i listen to this song i was shaking my head and my hands, haha, i want to to dance but my brother was sit next to me, he make my feel shy…Xdd

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

Recently, I go well with Rihanna’s song. Her special sound really makes me enjoy with it. I don’t know why when I hear Rihanna’s song, I will be very very relax. T.I., a rapper that I like.:-) I enjoy very much in this song, thank you for your sharing.

So live your life ay ay. Instead of chasing that paper….hahaha!!! I love this.: )

Comment by Koey 2a 11

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