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Stop motion with a wolf and a pig
April 22, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Thanks to Florence and Johnny, they shared the Susan Boyle video with us. My husband ‘urged’ me to watch the 2 videos he sent to a few days ago and one of which was the one suggested by Florence and Johnny. I felt so bad that I hadn’t checked them out earlier. Therefore, I immediately watched the other one he had sent to me, and this is the one. Check this out:

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wow,this video is really funny~ the director of the video is very creative. he linked up the photos as a video with interesting contents. i love that pig. he is so clever. he knows how to use a lift and how to play with a slide! it is amazing! i love this video very much!

Comment by victoria

I thought the director is so great that I never thought about this kind of video. I don’t think it can be an interesting video. I love this video. At the beginning, I thought that it must be such a boring video but it is so interesting that I can watch again and again without any stop. Because I thought that it is hard to print out the photo and stick it one by one. Although that are also some mistakes, not so prefect but it is already very good because I don’t how to do such a good thing.

Comment by Christie Lo=]2a19

Wow! It is a wonderful video. I think the director has prepared it for a long period of time. He needs to take tons of photos and put them in order to make this video. He is extremely patient. I admire him very much.

Besides, the wolf is funny. It continues to chase the pig but it was eaten by the huge pig! Poor wolf!

By the way, the view of Japan is beautiful in this video. I like this view. I want to live in this place!

Comment by Tang Nok Lam,Tracy 2A(33)

The design of this movie is very great,the person who make this movie is great too,he can think up that to make a movie with a lot of photos(It must take a long peroid of time お疲れ様).
The story is funny too,the wolf wanted to eat the pig,but the wolf can’t catch it because the pig runs so fast(rocky pig).Finally the wolf was eaten by a huge pig(I think it is the pig in the real world),what a poor wolf!

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

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