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Sports Television Commercial
April 22, 2009, 9:01 am
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I do think that these commcial are wonderful. Basketball is one of the PE exam item for us. Therefore, I paid more attention on the commcial about basketball. The men in the commercial are playing basketball skilfully and I am quite admire them. When I was playing basketball, I always lost my ball and ran for a long distance to get it back. It is the only reason that why I admire the basketball players in the commercial so much. Besides, I felt enjoyable through watching this video.

Comment by Elaine2c35

Those television commercials I have seen some of them. Especially the ‘Sony Ericsson Tennis Ad.’, I have seen many times! I think in ‘ Nike basketball comercial’, players’ head are small and their body are very large. They are really giants!!!However, I think those sports commercials can attract the audiences because lots of them are famous.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu Eve 2c (36)

Wow!’ Impossible is nothing’, what a good sentence!! In this commercial, footballs players played footballs on such a thin route. Many of us may think this is impossible. However, the players could play well! The adidas would like to tell us a massage that ‘ when you are wearing adidas product, nothing will be impossible.’

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

The television commercials of ‘Chip it out’ is very funny as they want us to pay attentions on it. It is a very good ad. I love the Sony Ericesson ad since they can play tennis on the top of building. It is very difficult to take photo for them. But the mobile can ‘never miss a short’ that the special on the phone.

Comment by Chipan (2C04)

These are creative. I like the first two commercial more ,they are really creative. The first two commercial is about nike basketball ,they put two different things together: Basketball and dance. This trick are really difficult to do. It is rather good! YA! I agree with Janice ,not thing is impossible ,”Just do it”.

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

wow sa! How exaggerate the advetisements are!
The first and second advertisments are my favourite in these.The technique of them are really wonderful.They like dancing when they are playing basketball. I thought they are really like basketball very much as they had to train for a long time if they play like that good.
the last advetisement i saw was made by SonyEricsson .At first i am really confused as Sony is mobile company , why they made an advertisement ? My mouth was “O” when i know about the reason.

Comment by KAREN 2C

In these video, I love the ad. of adidas most. It is just like the football version of Star wars. I love the one that shoot down two guys in the very beginning and the last shoot that throw the man out of the goal.

I think the last video is quite silly. It is boring to look at this picture because it always happen in AFV. It was nothing special.

Comment by Wong Hang Tat

I love these video and I like basketball videos most.Just do it!!
It is amzaing and creative!!
But the tennis video is un believeable.How come they play ant there!?
I want to watch it one more time!!

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

I think the football commercial is a bit exaggerate and the tennis commercial also. I feel exciting when I saw the peolpe play football in this two commercial.This two video can lead to my attention if I see this commercial in the television. The last one is quite funny but it can make me laugh for a few minute.

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

Actually, I have really thought something like the Adidas’ one- the third one. The football players play football on the playground but there were only lines on it. But mine was about the runners run on the lines.

I think the Nike’s one(the second one) is very amazing. The first basketball player was very fantastic! He can turn the ball with his index finger. It was really fearfulness!

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2c15:)

The characters in the videos were extremely amazingly. I don’t think there is someone could do like this in the real life.
Sports are very important in our lives. If we do not play any sports games, out body will become very weak and always fall into illness. How much time do we need to practice to do as well as the people in the videos? Maybe we can’t do that at once. If you practice for several years, maybe you can do as amazing as them. If we get a poor result in the test, we need to practice more and never give up.

Comment by Johnny

The above CM should be me. The computer remember “Johnny” when I was help Johnny to upload ==”

Comment by Roger

Hey, students of 1A last year, don’t you remember these videos???? It sounds new to you guys…… ;-|

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I like the sports television commercials are interesting and amazing.I like the ‘Sony Ericsson Tennis Ad.’the most.It is because I have played tennis before and I think it is funny too.But I always play tennis in the wii.I also think ‘Chip it out’ is funny.It made me laugh.I also like the basketball commercials are great but I am not interested in basketball.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

I think these advetisements are good, but I like the ‘adidas’ most. It has many football star to play the football and they kick the ball to each other skillfully. They can pass very well. I like the part of they kick the football and fight with the people behind them. It is such a war that they have with the people. Adidas can tell us that ‘Impossible is Nothing’. For the Basketball advetisements, it is the good commerical. The basketball player can hold the ball well and play skillfully. I think all of these television commerical can tell the fact that they have this. It is easy to represent the name of the sports clothes and sell their things easily.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

I think these Sports Television Commercial are wonderful because the actions are very dangerous.One is on the top of the building.I like the sony ericsson most because the actions are great!

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

I am a sporty girl.So I love Nike very much.I like the first one very much, because I like basketball.The man play the basketball very well!!

Comment by Jacky Huen 1D 14

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