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La la Land by Demi Lovato

All the thanks to Joey, we have a new song dedicated.

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I like this song because it brings you happiness and delight through the lyrics and the joyful rhythmn. It also reminds us to be happy and grateful for who we are, not to try to be someone who we are not and literally bring out the best of us.
“Enjoy life, Enjoy being who you are” is what the message behind the song, so true:)

Who said my work are a mess? huh, That’s just me!
(kidding hahah)

Comment by Mikelo 2C28

Demi Lovato ‘s voice is so sexy .As the host said Demi Lovato is the fashion icon. Her clothing taste is very cool. Her mouth is big as me(: She is so cute with the hair that looks like Joey (but Joey’s is straight).

Comment by Pearly

Re Pearly:: Wow, I also agree with you!! But, besides her voice, I think her body is also sexy@@.I want to have the body as beautiful as she have!!!So, I will train myself and do more exercise.
The bit of the song is very strong, so I like it very much!!I think it is really suitable for dancing.

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

I like the singer and this song very much.Demi Lovato’s voice is sexy and I like her body language.She is enjoy this song.I feel joyful and happy in the song.The MV background and the clothes what she is wearing are colourful.It is a pretty music.^^

Comment by SharoN FunG 0_0 2c (12)

”I wanna change anything in my life” wow…very agree with the lyrics of this song=]
i think Demi Lovato is a beautiful girl. i love the style of this song,,a little bit rock;] and some cloths in this MV is quite shape, i like it(= FASHION!! lol
i think the last look of Demi Lovato in this MV-pink lady,,, is really sexy><
love it love it^^

Comment by Susana Chin

Hahaha…It’s my favourite song!!! Demi Lovato sing this song to say what she want to say. And I love her sexy voice too. It reli attrat me!! Love Her!!!

Comment by Kwokjoey

The lyris is so great.I think she is cool.She can sing well.We should do what we want and what we like because this is we!Just be true to ourselves.

Comment by kiko2C

This song is quite good, but it is not so touching.I love her new disc bonus song Lo Que Soy “Spanish verion of This is me”, it can totally show her style and the special part of her voice and maybe you can search for it.

Comment by Rico Kwok

Sorry,I forgot to remind you that please search for CD verion ,not the music video one.

Comment by Rico Kwok

Wow!! I love Demi very much. I have watched a movie and she was the main character in that movie. The movie is Camp Rock. I love this movie very much. From that movie, I have a good song to recommend. The name of the song is “This is me”.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

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