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Glasses Cleaner!
April 22, 2009, 10:17 pm
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I think this is a funny video that the man do some tricks on the people.When I was watching this video,I can’t stop laughing because of the
facial expression of the people who are treated by the man.It is really a creative trick that can make people laugh.But these actions are wasting materials so I suggest not to take this actions as tricking.

Comment by 2C01 Jacky

Quite interesting^^
I like this video that can show different face in our life.
The old woman is quite interested in the beginning but later she is a bit confused. She is helpless that her glasses looks broken. Lastly, she feels happy that she gets back her glasses. However,she knows she is tricked. She must be very angry.
In our life, everyone have feelings. Everyone have feeling on each things. We should try to control our feelings when we are too crazy, over an unacceptable boundary. From the movie, the people who were tricked can control their feelings. So I think laugh too much or always sad.

Comment by yeung 2C33

haha.This video is quite stupid but I still laughed. People are tricked by the man. Their feelings are very funny. I do not like to trick the others. Also, I do not like the others trick me. However, I think play a little trick can make the relationship more closer with each others.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

This is a very interesting video, I can not stop laughing when I watch this. The people are tricked by the man. The people faces are funny. They feel surprise, sad and happy in a little time. I like tricking people but I don not like people trick me.

Comment by Law Hung Sing 1D18

This is a very interesting and fun video.I can’t stop laughting during the lesson when you show us.The people in the video did not know they were tricked by the man.If one is me,i will feel very suprised when the guy broke my glasses.So the face of them is very suprised.

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

I think this is quite funny but it is incorrect to play tricks on the others. Right? ;D

I think their glasses may be very expensive. x]

They may be belongs to some labels. xd I think this way because they don not clean their glasses themselves. And they ask some body to clean it for them.

If that is me, I must cry. =D I cry because if I tell my mum I ask somebody to clean it for me but he broke it, do you think she will trust in me? xD And she won’t give me money for a new one. 😦

Comment by Kristy2a34

This is intersting and funny. I see the woman wants to cry. The person who play tricks in the video should say sorry to the people.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

I think this is a very funny and interesting video that the man plays tricks on the others. The man tells people that he will help them to clean the glasses, but finally he will break you glasses, made you felt surprised and scared. If the man tricked me, I will very upset about my glasses was broken, as I need to buy the glasses by myself.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling2a (1)

I love these series of tricky stunts videos, I watched them since I was 10. They were broadcast on aTV World few years ago. They were very funny and made me laugh out the time. I also like watching American’s Funniest Home Video, it is also very GORGEOUS!!!

Comment by Danny in 2A

In the clip,the last woman is the most funny one because her facial movement is very attracting you.I also watch the rest of this collection,they are quite funny too.But the most funny one is “AFV”,the americanfunniest home video.

Comment by ng chung yin,2A 24

After I watched this funny video.I thought that the EQ of those people who were played by the man were very high and they were polite.
If I were them,I may shout to him with foul language.
Anyways,I love this video because it was fun-loving.

Comment by Sam 2a 02

WoW!What a crazy thing……The bad guy in the movie plays joke with the people that who have glasses,maybe next time is me!
If I were the guy that played by him in the movie,I will be very angry,because I don’t like this kind of joke that make yourself get frightened and also I will not going to be the bad buy because I don’t like play other people and get funny from them!
But still,I think this moive is funny ,HAHA!!

Comment by Jacky Law Tsz Kit

These videos are all extremely funny especiallu for this video.It’s so interesting to attract me to laught.I’ve watched it for many time even share wirh my brother.
Recently, i often watch this type of video frequency.It can make me feel happy.Also,it can extends solve my study pressure.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

This video is interesting because the man who paly tricks on the others is funny. He takes someone glasses and plays a trick is seem to broke them. Haha! This is a good video for us because it can slow down our fast-pace city and relax our life more.

Comment by Brian 2A26

This video is quite funny. The man played tricks on the others. He helped the people to clean the glasses and break another glasses to make the people think their glasses have been broken. Finally, he gave back the original glasses to the people to make them surprised. If the man plays this kind of trick on me, I will become angry and then cry because I have short- sighted. I cannot go home without my glasses. I cannot see clear without anything and I will lose my way. Lastly I may call my mother for help.

Comment by 2A Becky

This video is funny but play tricks on others is misesteem.=P
Maybe those glasses are very important for their owners.
And those people were unwitting.
The tricker should indemnify a pair of new glasses to those people.=]
But the facial expression of the last woman is really interesting!
By the way, destroy others’ things for fun is not a good idea.

Comment by Erica,2a(29) - v -

This is a very funny film, It is very crazy that the people broke all the eyeglasses !But the story is quite bored.

Comment by laurentlau1d17

haha~ This video is quite funny!
If someone do that to my glasses, I will be very angry~!!!
I hope I will not be so LUCKY to meet these kind of people to play tricks on me~ haha~

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

Oh! My God! The guy was crazy! How can he did such as this crazy things. Actually, I was shock when I watched this movie. Besides, I don’t like people play tricks on others. It is very crazy! Also, I think no one like the tricks from other people. Before you play tricks to others, please think their feeling first. Tricks can make us happy but also can hurt other deeply!

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

The man is really crazy.If I were the person who trick by him,I will be very angry and tell him to pay for my glasses.It is because my glasses like my eyes.I can’t see the things clearly when I do not wear the glasses.The video is really fun,haha!

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

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