Edutainment – Bouteiller’s English Teaching in Hong Kong

Food taster!
April 22, 2009, 10:10 pm
Filed under: 2008-09 S1D, 2008-09 S2AC, Elect 1 - Fantastic Food, Gag!

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wOw! It is so funny! I like it! It made a lot of fun XD. I have just watched others video too! I thought that the people were very nice in that country. It is because they did not angry about the trick. In addition, felt happy about this too! I like watch these videos and it can make the boring environment to become fun=)

Comment by alice2a39

I think it is funny but if I was the people who open the cover, I will feel surprised and horrible. I think it is an interesting activity. I feel very happy and laugh when I see this video. I like this video because it is funny and interesting.

Comment by fung kei ching

Ha-ha!! I like this dally. It is really funny. The food became a head. But I think the most funny is everybody’s face are the same. >.< They all scream loudly. If I were they, I would be frightened too. In Hong Kong, I have never met any dally before. Although I would be frightened, it can cheer everybody up. I support this video and those dally. Let’s carry on!!

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

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