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I’ll be seeing you
April 17, 2009, 3:03 pm
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This is a lovely ‘oldie’. Check it out:

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Oh… I found this song was great when I listened to the song near to the end. Actually, I felt a bit bored in the begging! It has a soft and slow melody, as smooth as a river. Wow! So comfortable. Besides, the singer expressed his emotion strongly in a few sentences and I found that he has a beautiful man’s voice! Most of the old songs have this style and that’s why I like to listen this kind of songs. In fact, this song also cause me to remember that a Britain woman who performed singing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Many people think her performance was great so someone put the video on YouTube. I hope we can watch her performance in the show in the next lesson because it was touching also. The most important is we can learn some vocabularies in the video too! ^.^
Video link:

Comment by Johnny 2C23

I don’t like the melody, but i like the lyric.
Why i don’t like the melody is the one who sang this song such as ghost.= =, The voice is very soft and long.
It’s talking about the past.The video looks quite old.

Mrs Bouteiller,
Do you know Susan Boyle?
Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle Performed “I dreamed a dream” from “Les Miserables”, Aired 2009-04-11 .

very touch.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c 34

“I’ll be seeing you”…..It seems the singer is looking forward to see a person. He have a big hope of seeing that person with a missing mood.

This is really a very very very slow song. =)
It seems I have not heard such a slow song for a long time. I always listen to some songs in a fast beat. I like this melody…especially when I am thinking of something that is let me feel very worry. I think this can help us more to solve problems.

Comment by Christy (2C_16)

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