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Because you live by Jesse McCartney

Dedicated to Pearly and Jesse’s fans, I hope you guys like this one. 🙂 Check it out:

(hinden agenda: you=my students 🙂

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

I love you all, my dear students!

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The song ‘s melody was seem to have met before although i don’t think i have listened to it before.
The singer ‘s voice is very magnetic .I think he is buoyant as his face looks always smiles.
I thought that the lyrics of this song is better than Hong Kong ‘s as Hong Kong ‘s song always grieved or meaningless.I like this song’s feeling in general.

Comment by KAREN 2C

The melody of this song make me feel relax and enjoy. The name of this song is called ‘Because you live’. It is very significant and perceptual. ‘Because you live’ just like talking about love. This love not just talk about the love between a boy and a girl. It is also talk about the love between mother and son, brother and sister and also me and you. This world is full of love and care!

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

I love Jesse!He’s so cute.I love this song also.This song is about a boy and a girl.The lyrics is great.Although the lyrics didn’t told us that the boy love the girl but I know that the boy love the girl so much in this song.

Comment by kiko2C

I really love this song’s melody.Students should study hard for the coming term test and this song bring me a great relaxing time!!A girl in the song of ‘you’ gave a lot of support to the boy. She gave him a lot of energy to survive.While the singer depresses at the rain and the girl’s voice pulls him back.He was searching the answer. But he is fail and he feels confuse.He can alive again because of a girl who pulls him back.She is the one who helps him when all his hopes fell.This is a song quite poor to the singer.

Comment by Shar0n Fung >,< 2c (12)

Originally, I am quite angry that the forecasting of HKO gives impression that it will have thunderstorm today. As a result, I haven’t gone anywhere today. I’ve got one more boring weekend.
However, after listen to this song, I feel relaxed. I know what I need to do of the rest of the day. I have a lot of homework need to do. I can read my book.I can watch video. I should do some meaningful things. The test is coming and I can’t play/entertain my self too much. I must study from now. This song encourage me to think in positive way.

Comment by yeung 2c33

karen. I agree with you. His voice really magnetic .
This song is very meaningful , i like it.Better than the love song, of course some love song also meaningful.
I would like to say Jesse McCartney is really handsome.

Comment by Florence Tsang ,2c 34

In our lives, we always meet a lot of people we appreciate, especially our parents. They have given us a valuable life. When we open our eyes at the first time. We have seen the world. Because of them, our worlds have twice.
When we grow up, we will find our love between boys and girls. They make us know what love is. Because of them, our worlds have many stars in the sky.
That’s why we need to cherish all we have in our lives.

Comment by Roger

I am Jesse’s fans and this song is my favourite.
he is so handsome and his voice is great. the song was talking about the love. I think the ‘girl’ in the lycis give many support and love to the boy. because of she ,the boy can brathe and live. because what she had done, he has twice as many stars in the sky. HOW ROMANTIC of this song.^^ i hope everyone enjoy this lovely song

Comment by Katrina (2C 25)

I agree with Amy. I do think that this song makes me feel relax and enjoy. Although I am not Pearly and Jesse’s fans, I still like this song. I like this song not just because of its wonderful melody, the beautiful background is another reason that I like this song so much. By this song, I can have a little rest from the boring test revision. Anyway, I like this song so much.

Comment by Elaine2c35

This song has a very beautiful melody. The lyrics of this song is good. Jesse wants to tell us that we live in this world. In fact, we live in this area and we need a lot of people to help us. We should say thank you everyone that helped us. I think Jesse is so cute and handsome, he is a good singer. He sings this song with a lot of effort. His song makes me feel relax and I can relax my pressure of the test whr=en I listen to this song. This song encourage me to keep living in a happy ways.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

Wow…This song is really romantic.In this song,it say that ‘Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help’. It is a love song and I really love it. I think we all have love in this world. Let’s try to use your heart and be kind to everyone! It is very sweet that if a boy sing this song to you. *V* Haha!

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

so great!! really love this song very much(:
he is really handsome although he has no muscle>< but i think this song’s melody is so … (don’t know how to explain)and this song’s lyrics really lovely too, and he sang well^^
thanks so much{:

Comment by Pearly

I…I…cried. I was so touched. i don’t know what to say. Thank you Mrs Bouteiller. We love you too!

Comment by Jeff1d37

The songs of this song is very good.Becaus it have a good melody.It gives me a comfortable feel.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

I have heard this song once. I think the melody and the lyrics is beautiful and make me feel relax.The singer is quite handsome and he sings well.It made me feel that the singer love the girl so much.

Comment by Grace2c08

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