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Touching pieces of S1 & S2 Hip Hip Parade of the English Week 2008-09 Reflection
March 26, 2009, 2:58 pm
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My markings are just too tardy…… There’re still a lot to be completed……

I think I need to learning how to hold back my tears whenever I read some touching and wonderful pieces of your work! You guys are good at making your inexperienced teacher, Madame Bouteiller, weep secretly in the staff room 2. Check out the ‘tricks’ of these sophisticated students:

1D May Pang – Parade Reflection  

1D Jeff Yu – Parade Reflection  

1D Cindy Lee – Parade Reflection  

2C Nicole Law- Parade Reflection  

2C Johnny Law – Parade Reflection  

2C Christy Kwong – Parade Reflection  

2C Sharon Fung – Parade Reflection  

2C Michael Lo – Parade Reflection

The rest of the students, especially those from 2A, don’t hate me! I’m just too slow and haven’t read yours yet. I’m going to upload more and share more of my tears soon! ;-D What do you think?

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Haha…my name was spelled wrongly.
It should be spelled as Christy Kong=]

The Parade of all the classes was so amazing. Especially though classes from Mrs. Bouteiller! All performed very well. Thanks so much, Mrs. Bouteiller. =)
The reflection of us is good! We learned the sentence structure in the English lesson and also used it in our writing. Good job!
Mrs. Bouteiller, Thank you very much. You helped us a lot in the parade. In these reflections, we also showed how much we have learnt in the lesson.

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

I think they really put a lot of effort inside the parade, especially Christy. Her reflection shows the different between before and after the parade. I think she has really felt the love and care in our class, 2C. IF we did not do a cooperative work. We can’t get the prize of cooperation- the animals performed very good, the dancers danced hardly, the MCs spoke clearly and attractively and the classmates sitting down the stage cheered for our class. We are full of love and care!!!

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2c15:)

Thanks Gigi.
I think you do quite well too. 🙂

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

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