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I can’t wait forever by Simple Plan

All the thanks to Jeremy, we’ve got to share another live performance from ‘Milano’! Let’s rock it on! Check it out:

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Thanks for for posting my song.This song is the song for first animax cartoon.I like this song and this cartoon very much,bove the melody and the singer,the lyrics and the cartoon is meaningful,let me tell you about this song and cartoon.

Cartoon:This cartoon is about the changing of the system of keeping people in prisons into “Lamb” which is a kind of clothing that will make people lose freedom and someone(the simple plan members in the cartoon) not like that and make a war.

Song:sing by simple plan.

This cartoon and the song let us know one thing we shold not loss freedom and time.

Cartoon version:
press Animals HK,then press the first one.

know more about Lamb and this song:
press other

(PS:you can’t get the lyrics right if you don’t find in the web site.)

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

YES! I can’t wait too! I must brush up for the coming test. There are only a few days to revise. At this moment, I should brush up my history, Chinese and Chinese history. My Chinese history is very poor. I do not want to fail again. So, I must study harder.

Comment by Tam Chau Wing

I will listen to this song when I watch Animax channel.I had also watched the film “Lamb”.It is a film maken by Animax and the fashion designer of this film’s character is Vivienne Tam!!!!!This is a love song and the lyrics of it is quite well.And the other song of this film is “The summer time”by the Click Five.Their songs are good too.

Comment by 2c01 jacky

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