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Take me away by Freaky Friday

I love Fridays! but I’m not sure about a freaky one…… 😛 All the thanks to Jessica, we’ve got another rock song on the blog. Check it out:

(lyrics: same old stuff, never ends……)

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I really love this song very much~!!=]

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

Wow! This song is fantastic! The melody is really rock and it wakes me up from a ‘whole day sleepy’. Is the poet living without freedom? Even shout, he could not shout? He wants someone to take him away… How poor he is…Anyway, it is just what I think. Just shout it out and vent it out!

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

They are very enjoyed in their song! I am excied. Is there their house? I saw some Christmas decoration. I think there was Christmas. Maybe they had their Christmas party. The girls who played the guitars were very hard and powerful! I think after they played the guitars, they would become very tired.

Comment by Tam Chau Wing

Wahaha! This song is really rock! Three guitars are being played. The woman who is long hair and playing guitar is really smart! In the lyrics, words’ Take me away’ is always appear, the man wants someone to help him. Hope that someone helps him!

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

Ihave seen this movie before.It is a Disney movie called Freaky Friday.The main cast are Tess Coleman and Anna Coleman who are acted by Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.This song is from the movie.This is full of powerful.

Comment by kiko2C

I feel the beat of this song. I am sure that this is a rock song and I enjoyed this song very much during it played. The girl in this video is excited as I do. As I am not a music fanatic I do not know much about songs or something else about music. By personal feeling, I do not think that I like this kind of song as much as others. I think that slow and with expression songs are more in my style. Also, I think that rock songs are a bit too loud and noisy, don’t you think so? (Personal opinion only, need not to pay too much attention on it.)

Comment by Elaine2c35

This song is really rock! It seems so wildness in style.The singers are really have a wildness voice too. I like this kind of rock song very much ! This song is quite fun that made me so surprised as the opening of the song is not looks like the rock song ,. The melody of that rock song is quite good~ But I think it can have more changes.

Comment by KAREN 2C

I think this song is fantastic. The lyrics ’take me away ’always appear. After I listen to this song, I feel relaxed. I like this rock song.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Idon’t really like this song too much because I seldom listen to the rock song and I don’t like the style of the rock.The picture about the wild things and the colour red and black appear in my mind.I do feeling that the rock style must be play a drum and wiht a wild voice in it.

Comment by Shar0n Fung >,< 2c (12)

I don’t really like this song.

Comment by Shar0n Fung >,< 2c (12)

I don’t really like this song too much….

Comment by Shar0n Fung >,< 2c (12)

I love Rock n’ Rock!!!! This song is very special and mrs bouteiller not always puts some rock song on the blog.
There are some Rock Song that I love:
Oasis -The Shock Of The Lightning
My Chemical Romance – teenagers
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California

Comment by kwokjoey

I really appreciate the sentence of the lyrics “Don’t wanna grow up. I wanna get out.” This says the deepest feeling of our hearts. “We need to be a child! We need to be naive! We need to be young! We don’t want to be old!” This is what we want to say. Things do not happen as you wish. The time is passing continuously. We cannot stop it and touch it. We will get older and older gradually and become an old man or an old lady eventually. The sun goes down, it will rise the next day. The flowers fade, they will bloom the next year. But our youth will not come back forever when it is gone away!

Comment by Roger

In my view, I don’t like rock song because I think it’s quite loud. It’s quite noisy. In the MV, I just see some guys dance wildly, a bit crazy.
I think other classmates that like this song because they like the beat.

Comment by yeung 2C33

wow~ rock n roll^^ love this kind of music(:
they are so strong and so clever. the girl with black-short hair is so cool and beauty, especially her pointed nose(: and she guy who play the drum set is so handsome^^
yo! love rocker ^^ha~

Comment by Pearly

well,though I dont like rock song very much,i feel enjoy when i listen this song.Besides,i like the drumer very much, he was in a fantasy, the beat of this song is strong and amazing,i like it very much

Comment by matthew

I like the female singer in the video. She looked really cool. By the way, I do not like this song as I think it is not special, although I like metal and rock songs. In fact, I would like to listen this on Friday because it will make my mood becomes higher. Ha let’s rock & roll!

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

I seldon listen to this type of rock song because its voice is too loudly.
But they really enjoy to sing the song.They performce this song very well.Although I do not like this song, I recommand this song to other.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

I totally agree with Jimmy. I seldom listen to this kind of song. FRIDAY is today! 😀 I like Friday very much. It brings us a smile. I will be happy when it is Friday but I don’t know what the reason is. Friday is a wonderful day for students to relax!

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

I like this rock song! The melody of the song is good. The lyrics is meaningful. It said ”
Round and round here we go again
Same old start, same old end
Turn my head
And turn back again
Same old stuff never ends”
I agree with that ,everyday we do the same thing and its so bored ,everythings is the same. Life is a cicle game ,although we don’t want to play. Everytime we want to extract, we fill tired to do this.

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

Hey man!!
That’s cool!!I love this song very much.This is a rock song and make me exciting.I want to dance during this song.LALALALALALALALALALALA=]”
I like friday.I can relax and sleep more.But we need to work hard for test so I soldem listen to the song this week.

Comment by Ricky Lam(2C_21)

I love this song because I love rock song. The lyrics are meaningful. Their clothing style is in black. Match with the rock song. They also have short hair, not in long hair. They also very enjoy in the song. I think it is a good song for us to listen.

Comment by Chipan (2c 04)

I have watched ‘ Freaky Friday’ before.It was a exciting movie because the rock songs were so great.I love the songs very much.The girls were cool.They didn’t care anything.They just did something they want.I enjoyed this song!!

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

Actually, I don’t like Rock music because the music is very loud. But, I think this song is much different from other Rock music. This song make me feel enjoyable. The performance is also good! I have a different view of Rock music after listen to this song.

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

I have watch part of this film (Freaky Friday) last year! It is so funny that I saw what did the mother and her daughter do when they ‘exchanged’ their bodies! Especially when the mother saw her long hair was cut by her daughter afterwards! Anyway, I do not like the songs which is ‘too rock’, this song seems to be quite noisy. And the lyrics are keep repeating until it finish, it is just so boring. ‘Take me away’ means the singer is waiting for love? I don’t know, may be it is a common feeling of teenagers.:)

Comment by Johnny

I think tis song is a good song.The melody is very strong.But i do not like the woman in the song.Because it is too cool.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

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