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He’s just not that into you
March 23, 2009, 2:52 pm
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I bought this book several years ago. I find it fun to read occasionally. Now that it is made into a film, I couldn’t help watching it in the theatre yesterday. There are a lot of good actors and actresses in this movie. The cast of the film is wonderful. The director has chosen the best cast for each character of the story. Each character is somehow inter-related. Despite the fact that the story may not have been brought out in a too exciting way, I appreciate every single shot and sign indicating the character’s feeling on each particular shot. Well, I should cut my rubbish and why don’t you check out the movie trailer here:

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I think that this movie may very good. If we can find our true love, we must believe, listen and care to each other. In addition, we must give each other some spaces. On the other hand, I think I may interest in this movie and the book. If I have time, I will watch=) I have seen somebody’s comment, they said that it is quite funny. Therefore, I think I will watch it soon=)

Comment by alice2a39

I think a book which made into a film must be a very good story usually. ;]

Just like Harry Potter. It made into a film from a book. I like Harry Potter very much. And I am sure that many of you like it too. Isn’t it?

Also, good film or TV programme may make into a film. x] But it is not very common.

However, I think it must be a good film because it is made from a book. And also it is introduced by Mrs Bouteiller and HK Magazine. They always introduce good things. ;]

I will try to watch the film. ;]

Comment by Kristy2a34

I am interested in this book. I’ll try to find it out at the book shop or library. But I don’t like library, it ‘s always hard to find a book which I want. And I cannot promise that I will love this.

It can say that I am ODD. I love books and I don’t like movies or films. Even the book is over $100 and watching a movie is just $40, I would rather have the book and read it at home in my bedroom comfortablely. x]

Anyway, test cycle is coming. Let me find it and read it during my relaxing time after the test cycle. =)

Comment by WINDY {2a}

I think ‘He’s just not that into you ‘ is a very good film, the content is so attractive and I wnt to watch it too.Today, Mrs Bouteiller has introduced this book to us. The book is also attractive, rather the beautiful cover and interesting content that Danny read. If I have to choose, I will choose watch a film instead of a book. Maybe I want to watch the actor and actress’s acting skill.

Comment by Mo Sin Ying (Sandy) 2A 23

This movie seems very interesting and funny. It already makes me laugh although it just promotes video. XD:]
This movie is about some problems about love of several women. I like the actor and actress especially Kevin Connolly and Scarlett Johansson.
After I have seen this video, I think I will go to the cinema to watch this film or go to the library to find this book. It must be interesting!!!

Comment by Trini or 2A (27)

The content of these two videos were similar to the book that Mrs. Bouteiller showed us today. They were about boys and girls’ love. If the boy did not call you, he did not love you. If the boy did not want to marry with you and sleep with you, he did not love you. I think these movies are funny. I may watch them with my lover after many years. Now let me try to find the book and read it first.

Comment by becky

Before I watch the movie that on the “blog”, I think that it is a very normal movie just about ‘Love’.
After I watch it, it seem that it is very good film. I thought the story might be interesting. The movie may be better than the book that we read on the lesson.
If I have time after the test and the movie still can watch in the cinema, I will go there and watch. If not, I will buy the CD.

Comment by Christie Lo=](2A19)

This movie seems interesting!
When i was watching the trailer,I think maybe this movie divide in many short stories.
All about love!Different amazing stories show in this movie.It maybe is talking about different situation of different couples.
I always think that the movie that come from a famous book is very attractive!=]
If I have chance,I will go to the cinema to watch this movie and buy a book of this movie.

Comment by Shum Ka Kiu,Erica 2a(29)

I think the movie is interesting. This movie is about love. I think that movie that comes from a famous book is attractive. I want to find this book in the library and read it.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

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