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2C Pets Advertisement Masterpiece
March 19, 2009, 11:47 pm
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Haha! My pet ad.=)

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

My ad is here 2 =)

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

Wow.The picture is very nice,and I love pets too.I keep a lot of pet,such like three turtles(not the normal one),a lot of fish and two hamster.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

ha//very nice..and i want to own them ..just unluckily,my court doesn’t accept any pet…so .just look from these pictures

Comment by charlie mong

Wow||the pictures are very colourful^^ I love dogs very much, but I don’t want to keep them,because when I live with them, i will get sick.>^<

Comment by Pinky Tang,1D(31)

Oh..All the pictures are so beautful too.There are very clourful.I like the animals very much because I think the animals is cute and clever.So I lke the animals very much.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

I am happy that my ad is in the masterpiece gallery! 🙂

Comment by chloe

WoW!The picture are very good colorful!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

Yeah!! They are so attractive. I love all their works, especially Nicole’s. There are many elements in her ad. such as highlighter, bold the words and the funny curve line. Besides, I agree with what Pinky Tang said. If I keep dog or cat, I will get sick and always sneezes. But I don’t keep any fish or turtles because my house does not have any space.

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

Wa!!~It is very colourful and beautiful!The dogs are very cute too!I can see there are different dogs.They look very healthy and strong!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

All of ads are so attractive and beautiful!I love Susana’s ad too.It looks colourful.Just love it!^^

Comment by kiko2C

These are the masterpieces of 2C students, they’re beautiful and definately attractive enough as everyone says.
Well, as you know that I always wanted to be a vet when i grow up. Now I understand how difficult it is to run a vet clinic because these kind of advertisements never attract people/customers since it’s only a really tiny little small part in the magazine. In order to attract more customers, at least we should pay more to put it on the front page to make it more attractive.
Because if no one knows about your vet clinic, no one would come to do business with you, right?
That’s why the advertisement is so powerful.

Comment by Mike 2C28

2C works very hard!They decorated the paper so colourful and beautiful.We can know they have put many effect in it by their looking drawing.Neat work~Keep going on~2C^ ^

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)

It was great that my advertisement is one of those wonderful adverisement. I can see that lots of us pay many affort on it. I like Susana’s most that it is really attractive. When I saw it, I can see her advertisement immediately. It was so colourful. I think Sharon’s advertisement was great too. I like her advertisement that she designed. I can feel that she have worked hard for this!

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2c 15

These are colourful. I like these.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Since these are the masterpieces of 2c, they are all attractive. Among all of the pet ad, I like Susana’s pet ad the most. It is colourful and with sharp colour highlighters. Except that, the comic is really good too. Besides Suana’s work, I like Jano’s work the second. The skill of drawing is really well and I like all the masterpiece shown. And I am sure that my work may be posted on the blog if I work harder.

Comment by Elaine2c35

I think the homework is very colorful and beautiful. I think they have prepared this homework for a long time and put much effort in it. XD!!

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

Ha!They are wonderful.:}

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

The pictures is very colourful. I think they did the pictures for a long time. I like the picture very much.

Comment by Law Hung Sing1D18

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