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Katy Perry

I like her personality on screen. She’s funny to me. Check this out:

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I like her personality on screen too! I like her appearance, she looks like a doll, very beautiful! 😉

Comment by Emily Chiu---1D 12

Well,I do not really know what she said.But when I first look at her wearing,I think she is a star like laughing,I think she is a laughing star,and she can bring the happiness to us!

Comment by sara lee1D (21)

Hey!I like her personality on screen too! I like her appearance, she looks like a doll, so beautiful! =]

Comment by Emily Chiu___1D 12

Same as Sara, I do not understand what she said too. My opinion is same as Mrs Bouteiller and Sara. Her ballet costume made she felt funny.
This ballet costume is not match but this made me laugh.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

I don’t know waht she said actually, same as Cherry, her ballet costume made she felt funny. It is interesting.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu 1D 16

I can’t hear what she says actually. I just she says many times of ‘yeah’. On the other hand, I like her appearance; she dresses beautifully like a doll.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Katy Perry is very beautiful,she always laugh and smile.Woo!~So sweet.I think all the men in the world will love her very much!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

Oh!when i first saw her in the video,i was surprised,because she was look like a princess!Although i don’t know what she said about,i was enjoy her visit.Lovely!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

I think the girl’s voice is very beautiful and she is very beautiful too. I want to speak in English like her.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

I like it girl too.I agree all people said,she personality on screen is very good.And she is very beautful.I think if I do the work with her,I will very happy.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

The girl of the video is very lovely.I like her!XP!She wears are all pink colour.She is very lovely.I think she loves pink colour very mucn!XD

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Ha!She is very funny and lovely and she looks very nice.I think that her voice is very good.:]

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

She has a classic beauty. It doesn’t seem all fake like most celebrities do these days. Refreshing!

Comment by sistergoldenhairsurprise

HA!I don’t know what was she saying and what did she meant.But i think she was very funny.

Comment by jackyliu

She has a good personality.She answered all the questions gentlemently and she keep smiling during she answering the question.She has a sweet voice and she is pretty.

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)

I don’t know what she was saying.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Katy Perry is so pretty and sexy *0*. Haha… I like her dresses. It is so sweet.:)

Comment by kwokjoey

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