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Bolt – Super Bark!
March 18, 2009, 8:29 am
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Official Trailer

Super Bark!

Can you feel the power of the super bark?! 😛

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I love this movie very much and I have already watch this.It is 3D I think I am in the movie too.This movie is about a dog he is an artist he thinks he is a super dog he can help his owner to tide over a difficult position.After he lost and he know that he is a common dog.Finally he find his owner live together happliy.This movie make me happy and make me sad so I love this very much.

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

The “super bark” is very powerful.-0-

The cars were blown away when Bolt barked.

It will be a big trouble if it happens in the real world. Bolt will bark while it is unhappy and the bus, taxi etc. will be blown away! It is very dangerous!

No one can catch Bolt because it can damage everything and go away. ;P

However, Bolt is a very cute little dog. ;]

I wanted to watch this movie before but I didn’t. I have been late for it.

Comment by Kristy2a34

I saw this movie before, it was very excited, the Super bark was very powerful!!!!

Comment by Danny 1D (25)

The video is funny and made me laugh a lot. The character of Bolt was so amazingly. It had the super power and it could damage a lot of things.
In the real world, of course dogs have lower status than human. They do not have the power as the Bolt in the movie. If all the dogs like that, the world will be extremely mass. The dogs in real world, they can just bake and bake when they feel angry. They do not have any destructive power.
This kind of movies is good for us to watch when we feel sad. We can get a lot of fun in it.

Comment by Roger

The super bark is really very powerful…..I haven’t watch the film before but i think it must be very interesting and funny…….

Comment by 2G.GGGG

I have watched “Bolt” before. I like this movie, because I love dogs very much=) I have watched some about dogs’ films too! I remembered one called “10 Promises to My Dog”. It was very very very very… touching; I watched it with my elder sister. In addition, we tear at that time too! The ten promises were very good too, although she could not do all at last… On the other hand, I love the dog in the movie because it is very cute and funny! When you watch it, you may know what is funny=)

Comment by 2a39alice=)

The dog in this video looked so cute. Since it was the super dog on the television, it think he power is real.

I know that Bolt was a hero on the television and the ‘super bark’ was really powerful. However, the things that shown on the television is alwalys cheat us. For example, if we do fellow the superman and try to fly out of the window, we will be died. It’s always true. The only problem is that Bolt doesn’t have any idea on it, and it would like other to fellow his instruion or Bolt will bark. It is good that the cat, kitten tell him that he doesn’t a super dog.This was the sense that made me unforgettable. I really like this little video, it is really funny.

Comment by Elaine2c35

I think Bolt was poor. The first time, it barked loudly to expel the enemies. However, the second time, it barked like a weak dog and the cat teased it.
When there is holiday, I wanted to go to watch this fiml. However, it was full of people in the cinema and I can’t book it in the computer. I was regret with it.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu Eve 2c (36)

The dog was so funny. =]
It made a lot of jokes. For example, his ”Super Bark” and it jumped down the train station with it’s friend, the hamster.

Comment by Emily Chiu---1D 12

I think Bolt was poor. The first time, it barked loudly to expel the enemies. However, the second time, it barked like a weak dog and the cat teased it.
When there is holiday, I wanted to go to watch this flim. However, it was full of people in the cinema and I can’t book it in the computer. I was regret with it.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu Eve 2c (36)

It is so funny!!I have laughed for a long time when I watched the movie again.
Bolt thought that he got a powerful power.He can only bake very softly,all the thing broken.In fact,dogs did not any power to make the things broken. We can not keep thinking we got the power.It will make us uncontrol.

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

The movie is show last month. I want to see that. But I don’t have time. So i feel disapport.And I want to see it with my friends.The dog was so silly, and the cat is cute.I like the super dog more than surper man//

Comment by Jacky Huen

I love this video very much because the dog, Bolt ,in the video is very funny and I think it is very clever and cute too. Bolt always show off it’s power just like barking out very loudly in the video that he think that he is very powerful. It was really cute and funny.

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

‘Au!!’ The super bark is really super! It is scaring me.-__-”
However, if dogs in our real life can bark as strong as the super bark of Bolt, we would be safe anytime. I would like a dog which can bark at the burglars, haha!! If there is such a super dog in our life, everyone in the world would like to have one of them and no one can steal things from our home. How powerful they are! Anyway, the dog which is ‘normal’ also knows how to bark and scare the burglars. Just be content with one’s lot.

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

Bolt is very poor. It had no “super” power. It just liked other dog. I had seen this movie. After Bolt had gone to Hollywood, it found its master kept other dogs. Lastly, Bolt helped its master to leaf the flat where a fire had broken out. It was very brave.

Comment by Chipan (2c 04)

haha…the beginning of the movie is quite funny and make me laugh!XD
In the TV, bolt can have a super bark…but in his real life ,he can’t,he tried to make a super bark but there was only a ‘au’ sound!It was interesting;]]
I haven’t seen this movie before, but after i watched this video, i hope i can watch it by borrow the CD.=)
I love this movie`lol

Comment by Susana Chin

Woo!!~I love it very much.The dogs are cute and the movie is interesting too!It make me want to watch the movie!Is the movie great?

Comment by kAmmY`ID

The video is interesting. The dog-Bolt, is very cute and clever. He is the super hero on the television. His ‘super bark’ is powerful and he could damage many things. In the real world, of course, dogs don’t have the power as Bolt in the movie. However, they are friends of human.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

I love this video very much because the characters in this video are very cute and very funny. It very powerful when Bolt, the dog barked. I want to watch this film along time ago, but on one able to go with me!! T_T Just now, I still want to watch this comedy film.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

OH~This movie is very much and the dogs are cute and funny! I like this movie, I want to watch it!

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu 1D 16

Hahaha… The dog was so cute! It made a lot of jokes for us such as it’s ”Super Bark”, it jumped down the train station with it’s friend, hamster. =]

Comment by Emily Chiu___1D 12

This video is quite funny and the hamster really make me laughed!The super dog,Bolt is really smart and powerful,but in the video,Bolt lost his power,he can’t bark to made the things blown away anymore,he can’t jump far away,he need to learn what the things that the simple dogs do,just like pupu.Hope i can watch this film later.

Comment by Chou ho yee 2a 04

HAHA! I have watched this movie’s 3D version one month ago and this movie laugh me a lot! Bolt was a ‘Hollywood “Dogactor”‘ and all the technicians prepare well for him so he’ve got confidence but when he was in the ‘real life’ ,he didn’t get these stunts, it’s very hard to adapt this fact.Poor Bolt~

Comment by Danny in 2A

Wow~!The super dog is amazing! It’s bark is very powerful.However, it is pitiful. It losts the power. I want to see this movie because I want to know how can it find back its strong power.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Wow……Bolt is very powerful! Only a “super bark”, it can make all the cars, the land are shook by the “earthquake”. It is very terrible……
But after, when Bolt barks to the cat, it has not any “earthquake”. It is amazing too. And the cat is arrogant.
If in the real world, it has the “Super bark” which used by Bolt, I think it will have a “End of world” quickly……

Comment by Taurus(2C39)

Oh my god! This viedo made me laugh loudly and … and it’s so funny ._. . It is impossible that it could ”destroy” the thousands of cars and helicopters only with it a ”bark” in the daily life!
It is powerful, but it barked softly and the cat laughed at it, it was very interesting!
I haven’t seent this movie before, only see the advertisement, I will borrow the DVD and watch it!=]

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

I don’t like the dog, Bolt because it’s living in his world and do not open its eyes. It lives in what it thinks. So, I like Mitten. It knows what it does and what’s the truth.
In our life, there are so many people are like Bolt(may including me). They don’t try to learn and just play. I think everyone also want a meaningful life.

Comment by yeung 2C33

i was thinking that Bolt is too stupid. he trusts that he is really a super dog but that is not the fact. i think that hye wwill be very upset if he knows all the things are just pseudos. i try to understand why those staff of the tv company are so bored to chose a dog to make up a look of a hero. if i am the director of the show, i will never choose a dog to be this character. by the way, i love Bolt’s superbark. it is cute.

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

WOO!!! Bolt is very powerful.I think I will love this movie very much.I love the dog, Bolt because it is very cute and funny.It was very powerful at the beginning and I think that it was really wabt to become a super star in the world, but it didn’t think of that if oneday, it lose the power, it will be losed a lot of thing.
Therefore I hope everyone of us do’t learn Bolt,don’t think of the the consequence and do the wrong thingthat make you very regret.

Comment by Calla in 2A (5)

I think the super dog is very powerful and strongy! It’s bark is very powerful.It’s bark can distroyed many of car!.But unluckily it lost its power. I want to see this movie very much because I want to know what happen afterward!

Comment by jackyliu

I think the“super bark”is very powerful. As it can make the cars throw away. And it can damage many things. Luckily, it is not real as it only the hero in the television.
The power of it just comes from technique of the computer so it is not real. If it is real, I think it is very horrible as the dog near you, maybe it can kill you any time it wants.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo Chan 2A(1)

Haha.I love the dog in the video very much!It was a super dog!It’s ability was over.If i have a super dog,i think nothing is impossible.Haha!Right?The most interesting part is at the end of the video.the super dog was fall into the hole.Funny dog!!!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

I think the animals in the video are also very cute; especially the dog. The dog is very cute and lovely. This video makes me laugh a lot. It is very interesting and very funny.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

Bolt thought about it was very powerful. Actually, he was just a dog, not a superstar. In fact, I think Bolt was funny and lovely. By the way, we should not be arrogantly although we have strong points. No matter how good are we, we need to help each other. We should learn from different people and improve our disadvantages. This video is simple, but I have great experience and feelings.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

Oh!Bolt is very strong and very powerful in the film but it just a dream.So,he want to do something to let people know it is a superdog.
I think the dog and the cat are very cute too.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

This movie’S dog&cat are very cute.And the animation pictures are very beautiful and 3D!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

This two cartoons are very funny, I like them very much!Bolt in the movie is just like “Underdog”, it is very cool!!!;the “superdog is just like Superman’s pet,if Superman train it , he will not to tired to save people because he has a good pet to help him!

Comment by laurent1d17

This cartoon is so funny. Bolt can bark very loud but it loses his power when its friend is not here. It thinks it is a superdog. If I had a dog like this, I will protect him well.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

I have watched this movie during Chinese new Year. It has many funny place and I laughed many times too. this is the part that Bolt cannot barks very loud and it cannot control its power by himself. It is so difficult for it to become a dog in nowadays. I think this part of cartoon is so funny and I feel sad about Bolt that it loses its power. Although it its power, it also makes friends will cat and hamster. I will keep it well if I have one of the dogs such like Bolt. I will be so excited about that.

Comment by Jason.

‘Bolt – Super Bark!’ a movie about the super power dog. It is very exciting. The dog has many power and looks very storang. If I have that dog ,I will use it to help me to make more money. And the dog look very lovely.

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

I have watched it before. I think the dog is very lovely. But the dog is not a super dog.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Oh….This video is very interesting and the dog was very cute and clever.Also,the other animals are very cute too.They are very useful,because they always help another people.I like them very much.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

I love Bolt too, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. I am going to buy it. Besides, the power of the super bark is really super. And, I like doves with asking some funny questions. Bolt is my dream dog, but I scared with dog actually. XD

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

Wow…It is very happy to see this video. I think Bolt is very stupid and it makes me smile a lot.It think that it has a super bark but actually not. I think it is also good that dogs are stupid because they will not be rude to their masters.HAHA~

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

I haven’t watched this film before.But I’m very enjoying to see this two video that only are small part of the film.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Bolt what a crazy dog, or may be its breed is Bull Terrier.It is so stupid what the elect book have said that.Bolt this movie made me laugh because of his crazy.The hammster,Rhino what a funny charactes it was.I lkie its laughing voice,it was so wicked that I thought.Everytimes when I hear the wicked voice of it,it made me laugh in crazily.You can pay attention on it.Also,the budgie Joey and its friends laugh at Mitten, what so badly!!
I think it is a interesting movie.
The Tales of Despereaux and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.I think they are interesting too.I haven’t watched them, but I really want to watch later on.

Comment by Shar0n Fung >u< 2c (12)

Ohhhhh!The cat was so cute>_<When I watch this video, it make me feel interest>﹏<

Comment by Rocky1D(3)

Ha!The super dog is very cute.I see that it is very strong and clever.I feel this video is very funny so that I watch it many times.:]

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

I think Bolt is a very interesting dog.It thinks that it has super power and be shine.Just like Jimmy shows his intelligent.But these both are not true.This is only Bolts crazy thinking.And it is also the main point that people laugh at Bolt.I think Bolt is very cute and it is quite brave.I love it very much!!!

Comment by 2c01 jacky

In fact I think bolt is a dog which has a lot of emotion because he always want to do something great. Although he did not have the super power in the real world, it is good that he tried to show his limit power. He was fool but he would pay much effort in presenting himself. Anyway, did anybody tell him the truth? Besides, I like the hamster very much. As he had a stupid character, he keep on encourage Bolt (with some craziness) to live in the society outside. Would Bolt success?

Comment by Johnny

I think the Bolt is quite funny because he thinks that he can do anything when he is acting the movie.When he comes to the city, he meets a cat and the cat does not scare of him.
In the real life, I don’t scare about the barks of dogs but if they chase me,I will also run quickly to escape.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

Bolt is a movie that have a good idea of the story. If it is just a usual story about the super dog. This is not things special. The special thing is when the dog goes to the real world. It cannot do the things that he likes, but it has some good friends. Its friend help him to go back home. It is important to have friends in our daily life. When we feel sad, we can tell our friends. When we feel happy, we can tell our friends too.

This is a story including care and love. It is the most important things around the world.

Comment by Wong HAng Tat

The “super bark” is very energetic,I love it!Bolt is quite a good idea in movie.As bolt just can show his talent inside the movie(that’s not true).The movie is very well-planned in the content.It can make you think more after watch it.

Comment by ng chung yin(witton)2a24

Bolt is very cute. But Bolt is quit stupid that it do not know that it is just a animal actor. I really love it.

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

My response:
to Chin Sin Yeung Susana.
I also think that Bolt is a funny movie and also made me had a crazy laugh.A ‘au’ sound is so funny which is a super-bark in its real life.In the movie, it can do anything
.Human let it had illusion that had a super power. I think it is poor too.
I will try to ask my dad for another film!! (Maybe on Internet)

Comment by Shar0n Fung 2c (12) /u\

Regarding to what Roger has said, I am have the same feeling as Roger’s.And I also think about the film’s message, the directors in order to make a good movie and he try everything to fool the dog to act amazingly, but they also lie to a life cause Bolt to ran away. We should fool a dog like this in the real life and we should treasure them,they are very simple and don’t understand what are we thinking about deep inside our heart, don’t fool them anymore!

Comment by Danny in 2A

Oor~Roger had mistaken, such as amzaingly,it was a adverb;bark instead of bake…^^

Comment by Danny in 2A

Oor~Roger haS mistaken, such as amzaingly,it was a adverb;bark instead of bake…^^

Comment by Danny in 2A

I totally agreed what Witton said. He said that “super bark” is very energetic. I think Bolt was cute and makes us laugh. It thought that he had the power to scare away the cat. This scene makes me laugh out loudly. 😀 I like this movie, it’s quite interesting!

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

The dog is very funny. I like it very much. Although I haven not watch this movie, I think it is very interesting.

Comment by Law Hung Sing1D18

i agree with yoyo’s point of view. I think that Bolt was funny and lovely too. i also think that “No matter how good we are, we need to help each other. We should learn from different people and improve our disadvantages.” the comments of yoyo is really a big tips for me cause sometimes a will be to proud of myself and think others are poor but now i know that i need to correct my mind.

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

Yeah! I agree with Roger. The words he wrote were what I want to say. It is a funny movie. Also it makes me laugh. Although I have not watched this movie before, but I have watched some advance announcements from Mrs. Bouteiller in the class and this movie catches my attention. I regret that I did not go to watch this funny and amazing movie. In Roger’s passage, I like the sentence “This kind of movies is good for us to watch when we feel sad.” very much and I agree in it very much. No need to watch the movie. We will feel happy when just watch the advance announcements.

Comment by Yoyo 2A

I agreed with Kristy, she said that Bolt is a big trouble. It is very dangerous! I think
that if Bolt is in our real life,it is very horrible and dangerous for us, as it can damage many things in second.Also, Kristy said that Bolt is very cute little dog.I think Bolt is very cute and lovely, although its power is not real, I still think that it is very energetic.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo 2a (1)

I always think that dog is clever. However, Bolt is not. He is so silly. His super bark is so powerful in the movie. Alought Bolt is a silly dog, he would like to help others. He is so brave! If we have such a friend like Bolt, our lives can be more interesting and exciting!

Comment by (32)JANO Tam

I argeed with Phoebe Tam. This viedo made me laugh loudly too! I knew that she keeps cats and loves them very much! However, I did not hear that she is interested in dogs…. Maybe she loves all the animals…. I do not know?! If I were the owner of Bolt, I would be very cheerful.

Comment by (32)JANO Tam

I agreed with Eve because I have got the same experience with her.=( I really wanted to watch this film before, but the cinema wasd full booking. However, the Bolt was quite stupid. It did not think about the final result. I think we do anything should use our heart and put our effort in it. By the way, we should think about the outcome so we can be a great person!=]

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

A powerful bark of Bolt in the movie but not the real one. Ha ha! But Bolt the dog was really cute. I would like to keep it as my pet if it is a real dog. But Mitten the cat was really brave that she did not afraid of the dog. Cats are really great too! I was thinking about if what will Bolt do after he made the super bark, ha ha!

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2c15:)

I agree with Jano Tam ._. , although Bolt is a little bit silly, it likes to helps the others.
In fact, I love catz more than dogz, dogz are more naughty that catz.
Few days ago, I saw a woman walk with a big dog. The dog was naughty and it sat down. It didn’t want to walk! The woman have no idea, she couldn’t made the dog walk again. I thought the dog was heavier that the woman because she couldn’t pull it up!!!
I won’t face this problem as the catz do not need to go for a walk.=]

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

I agree with Yoyo comment. I also identified what Yoyo said that we should not be grand although we have any merit. On the other hand, we need to improve ourselves and accept others’ faults. We should help others if anyone need help.
In conclusion, this video was look like bringing out a important message, which was mainly talking about we should not bully others.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu Eve 2c (36)

I can feel the “SUPER” bark of Bolt the “SUPER” dog, haha~! I think the cat is very funny (super bark. scary, scary……).

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

I have the same feeling with Kristy’s comment. I also think that bolt will get a big trouble. His energy is too big if he is in real world. It may be cause a great damage. It will hurt much people in the world.Too danerous to us in the world, so if I am Bolt, I perfer didn’t have this energy before.I am also agree that bolt is a very very cute, pretty dog. Iam also think that the movie is really energetic.

Comment by Calla in 2A (5)

So pity,bolt can’t use the power,and make jokes.I think that the animals in this movie is good and cute.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I did my comment at about 4:35p.m on 20 March.
Have you recieve it??

Comment by Shar0n Fung >u< 2c (12)

The super bark is very strong!!The cat is very cute~~The hamster is clever,I think.It provide the deaa to super bark and it always success!

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)

I’ve watched this movie already,it seemed a new style of cartoon that I’ve never seen before.It was funny,exciting,scary,lovely and entertaining!
The dog in the movie was silly when he have not went out to the world and saw the things that human do,but after,he found that he was very small,not the big hero in the movie.
The movie seems like to tell us people were very small in the universe!What a big introspection!

Comment by Jacky Law Tsz Kit

I agree with Rogers comment.I also think that if all the dogs think they had super power,the world in a mess.The dogs will be crazy and do not follow their master’s order.Although people may laugh for a while,but they will not keep the dogs as a pet anymore because they have crazy thinking.The dogs will be poor,hungry,sick and finally die.But this is not true and I enjoy this film very much.^^

Comment by 2c01 jacky

I am agree with Chan Ka Ling’s comment. It was only the hero in the television. It was not real in the real life. It was just an illution of Bolt the dog. I think we should seperate the difference of reality and illution. We should not only think about the things that we think about.

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2c 15

I agree with Phoebe Tam and Bobo because it is very funny and it let me laughed when a watched this movie too! In addition, I think the super bark was very powerful too! Although it isn’t real, I love it❤ Haha, a stupid dogXD Hope you two enjoy the movie la!

Comment by alice2a39

I agree with Yoyo’s comment. In her comment, she said that we should learn from different people and improve our disadvantages. This is really stimulating deep thought. Even though, you have got the first in competitions; you are the first in the whole form, you would still have your own failings. It may be your attitude, your behavior. We should learn from others and reform ourselves to be perfect!

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

I argee with yoyo. I think Bolt was very powerful.Besides, she thought we shouldn’t ues it for our entertainment because it has its right. The case like the whale in Hong Kong. We cannot go to the sea to see it for our entertainment because this behavior is disturbing its life. It is danger to the whale because it is scare. The movie give us different feeling.

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

Yes, you are right, Yeung. I don’t like Bolt too. But I like dog ,they are loyalty and brave.Golden Retriever is my favourite dog. They have golden hair and they are not very big. I would like to have one but I afraid that it will fight with my cat. Bolt is so stupid that he live in its own world.

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

this movie i want to see. but i was very busy, so i can’t see la TVT HAha, characters in this movie was very cool(i means the dog) but he is silly too,! the hamster is very cote! he is fat and….cute! my hamster is fat too, but….not fatter than him!

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

I agree with Jano’s comment.I also think Bolt was a silly dog.He was a super hero in the movie.In fact, he was not so special in the real life.I always think that dogs are clever but Bolt change my mind.People say dogs know what you are thinking.Dogs understand your mood.I don’t think so maybe dogs are now smart.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

This two video are so funny. It make me laugh and laugh. Bolt is so cool. His bark is so strong and powerful.xd I want to watch this movie but I dun have time.(so bad/_\)

Comment by kwokjoey

Haha.I agree with Janice’s comment!
Janice said that if dogs in our real life can bark as strong as the super bark of Bolt, we would not be safe anytime. I think it is lucky that it is not true. It is just a story. Otherwise, I think we cannot live in the world afterward.

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

I argee with Jacky’s comment.What a meanningful message told by Jacky.I missed that Bolt found that he was very small,not the big hero in the movie this point.Jacky has reminded me that people are very small in the universe,but don’t minimize yourself,face the problem with your parents and friends,you will feel that, many people are supportung you,

Comment by Chou ho yee 2a 04

I don’t know what feeling Danny has got. What same as me? I didn’t mention my feeling there.==
He said “We should fool a dog like this in the real life”. Of course my feeling is not like this. I just said dogs have a lower status than human. It is a metaphor to appeal people should not fool the dogs. Dogs should be fair as human. I think Danny has contorted my feeling. Maybe hi is paramnesia. XD (I don’t know what McLuhanism logic I am talking about.==”)
I don’t agree Danny said “they are very simple and don’t understand what are we thinking about deep inside our heart.” ←(Grammatical mistake, it should be “what we are thinking”) I think dogs are extremely intelligent. They are loyalty. They can even keep your house safe when there is a thief. They are the friends who love you without conditions, listen to you without judgement and never complain. (Pet ad. ==)
I think Danny’s pig eyes have got some problem. I typed the word “amazingly” correctly but he said that I was wrong. Do some research before you say anything ar.== The word “bark” was really wrong, indeed. no objection==

Comment by Roger

I agree with Jason. We should give love and care to the animal^^. Animal is a type of living things in the Earth, the same as human. Why we are unfair to them? There are so many type of animals but only one type(at most 3types) of human, we got all the land, food, water to us. However, we still waste anything around us such as water. We pollute the water and the fish will die. We need change!!
However, I don’t feel sad after it loses its power. I feel glad^^. It barked without thinking although they may not have mind.

Comment by KEVIN 2C07

janice ,i agree with yiu and yoyo.though i dont know how u can recall this thin from this video.Yet,i think we cant be aggronat everytime,even we get a good result.We ‘dnt be proud of ourselves.Otherwise we ‘ll be the loser at final.

Comment by matthew

I have seen this movie too before! The dog is very cute. But I don’t agree with Jacky. He said that the dog is silly before he went out to the world. I think he isn’t silly. He was cheated by the people who worked in the TV company and he just wanted to protect the girl. This atitude is quite great. And this movie is great too.

Comment by Thomas 2a 15

I agree with Taurus.If there is such a dog that has a power to lead to earthquake,every one will scare of it and the kingdom of dogs will come.Luckily, dogs do not have this energentic barks in the real life.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

Roger, I am not agree with you. Who said dogs have lower status than human? How about the police dogs? They can help us to catch robbers and search for drugs or many other ways to fight against crime. Besides, some people keep dogs as pets and treat them as a real person! They can enjoy whatever they want! (except chocolate…ar…) Of course, if every dogs like Bolt can have the ‘super bark’, they may have the power to make serious destroy. But one thing I want to concern about is Bolt has a kind heart and he knew he could only attack bad people. His justice are enough to save us. I am not challenging you, Roger, it is just a reminder. We are friends, right?

Comment by Johnny, Help by Roger xdd

Roger, I am not agree with you. Who said dogs have lower status than human? How about the police dogs? They can help us to catch robbers and search for drugs or many other ways to fight against crime. Besides, some people keep dogs as pets and treat them as a real person! They can enjoy whatever they want! (except chocolate…) Of course, if every dogs like Bolt can have the ‘super bark’, they may have the power to make serious destroy. But one thing I want to concern about is Bolt has a kind heart and he knew he could only attack bad people. His justice are enough to save us.

Comment by Johnny

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