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Which one does Hammy Hamster prefer, conventional food or organic food?
March 12, 2009, 3:28 pm
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Hammy hamster is very clever, smart and intelligent. This test can test out the Hammy loves organic food more than conventional food. Why it chose organic food more? I thought it is because the food is healthier to it. In addition, the food is yummy and more attractive.

In our daily life, we can find lots of organic food, such as organic vegetable, organic rice… They are more difficult to plant, but much healthier and expensive. Therefore, we must treasure them, moreover we must not waste any food:) In addition, if we want to have a healthy diet, we can try the organic food too!
HahaXD, I love the hamster, because it is cute and smart:)

Comment by alice2a39

A hammy is so cutie an clever.And I think not most of the animals like to eat the organic food.Their smelling is so sensitive to distinguish the food whether are good or not.
Humans also eat the organic food in our daily life.The famrer seed up the organic vegetables with the natural fertilizer.It is health to us.Won’t you like the organic food too?

Comment by Shar0n Fung >< 2c (12)

I think the hamster is very very clever it know how to choose the more healthy foodfor itshelf.I think this video is very funny~~~~~~

Comment by 2G.GGGG

Hammy hamster is so cute!It’s body is small in proportion.It’s sense organ must very good ,especially for sense of smelling.It can smell the food.It likes the food which is organic food.It is clever as it chooses organic food to eat.

I do not like hamster as it is too small and many fur in its body.When i touch it,i feel uncomfortable and a little disgusting.But,it does not mean that i do not like them.i like hamster in fact because their movement are adorable.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

I think it is a environmental protection animal because it likes the orginal more.I think it is a clever Hammy hamster too because the orginal food may more delicious>.<

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

The hamster is very cute and clever. Its body is small. It uses the sense of smell to decide which food it eats. It likes organic food more. I think the reason is organic food is healthier. Also, the food is tastier and more attractive.
In our daily lives, I think we should choose to eat organic food like the hamster. Then, we will be healthie

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Oh,in this video,I find that hamster is love organic food and the hamster is so cute!!!*3*

Comment by Sham Ching Yee, Christy_1D29

The hamster was very cute and lovely.He love organic food.So he was a healthy hamster.

Comment by jackyliu

Oh!This hamster is so cute and it is very smart and clever.It always eats organic’s food.
Although I love hamster,Ihad a hamster before and it disappered one day.Few days ago,I saw the hamster organs and many inserts were eatting it’s meat.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

The picture of the video lead me to leave a CM to this post.It’s good!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

this hamster is very cute, it is fat fat and cuteXdd =] IT SEEMs like my 3 hamsters they are cute and fat too!! i love them so much, okay, let say about this movie, it He love organic food more, so i thinks it is a heavy hamster. that’s all, HahA~

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

ooooooorganic food…very good and the hamster is very clever~-V+..what a pretty that he take care of his health

Comment by charlie mong

The hamster is very clever.It chooses the organic and health food more than chooses the conventional food to eat.It looks very health.It is not too fat

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Lovely hamster!Animals are also very healthy, they eat all the food but human aqlways keep eating unhealthy food although they know that the food will make us unhealthy.It is clever in smelling~

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)

I think the hamster is very lovely. It looks very fit and healthy. I fed a hamster before and it was also cute but it died very soon because I don’t know how to feed it.

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

IT eats many food. It likes eating. It is a fat dog.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Oh…The hamster is very clever and lovely.Because hamster is choose the healthy food.So I think the hamster is very healthy.But it body is so big but I belive it is very healthy.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

~_~There are so many funny things today..But this mice is the most lovely>_<100 marks!
   /      \     
 ▲ | ●  ‧ ●|  
  \|@   ▽  @    
  /▼ >     >  
  \▼    ╳  )    

Comment by Rocky1D(3)

Hammy hamster is very clever, smart and intelligent. It is really very cute. I have a hamster before,but it already dead.-_-
| |

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

The hamster is very cute. But, I don’t understand why they need to count the hamster choose which side of food. I think while the hamster is eating, it is very lovely and the food looks very yummy~!!=]

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D20)

I agree Marco. I throught Hammy hamster is too.It always choose the organic food.It will be more healthy.And the manster is cute. I want to take care .

Comment by Jacky Huen

The hamster is cute and funny! It is clever too! It seems that it love to eat food. It like to eat the organic food more than the others. Therefore it choose more. I think this hamster is healthy. The video is interesting!^v^

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu 1D 16

Are the hamster really clever that they know which food is organic or conventional? I am not really agree of this experiment. It seems that the hamster was not choosing except the first time. It was just taking the food which was closer than it. It just ‘choosing’ the one it saw. Don’t you feel?

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2c15:)

Haha.It was very fat and cute.In this video,i know one thing.That is animals are really clever.Although animals cannot talk with us.They also have wisdom.Hamster is really funny.The hamster look like a baby!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

Hammy hamster is very smart because it choosethe organic food to eat,I think it will be very healthy.Is it?I think it is very cute too!I want it!I want to but one!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

I think that the hamster just get which one and eat which one,because my hamster always want to eat,when it see what it eat what.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I think animals are very clever, smart! Even though a hamster also know to choose organic foods~ haha~

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

This movie is so funny.The result of it is really clear.The hamster choose most organic foods.I think organic foods is healthier than conventional foods so the hamster choose organic foods.
It is very clever.It choose expensive things to eat.Organic foos are more evpensive than conventional foods in price!

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

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