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Funny Cat and Dog Clips
March 12, 2009, 9:53 pm
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Yes, they are very cute. They can behave like a person. They can go to the toilet, ride on the bicycle, skipping even though walk only with two legs! Before I watched this video, I think it is impossible for a pet to do these. Moreover, I love the baby appeared in 0.36 too, he is as cute as the dogs and cats.

Comment by Mo Sin Ying (Sandy) 2A 23

The cats and dogs are really very cute. But actually I like dogs more than cats. When I see some of the movies, I laugh to them for their great job or their stupid and silly things. I remember many parts of the movie. There are two cats were seem like playing hide-and-seek. One the cats shocked by another cat and jumped so high. Next one is a dog drove a bicycle by itself. It is very smart. Another one is a big big dog skipped the rope. It is so fat and it is very funny. It is a good movie. And the people who love dogs and cats may very love this movie.

Comment by Yoyo 2A

Oh my god!!! How can they do such silly things!!!@o@ I have seen this viedo before, but only the first part(cats). The cats are so stupid that always falls on the floor. For example, the cat that sat on top of the sofa and looked at the ”moving thing”(made by a torch) on the wall. It wanted to catch it. But after it had jumped towards the light, it fell to the ground. It didn’t know there was a gap, wasn’t it stupid?
I like cats more than dogs. Cats are cute and they bring us so much fun. I have a cat at home, although it is not a purebred cat, very spiteful, always ”hit” and bite me, but I like it very much because it brings us joyful. Sometimes it is fastuous, sometimes it walk around me, it abutted against me when it sleeps. They are lovely animals!=]

Comment by Phoebe Tam ( 2A 32 )

Hahaha… So funny! The dogs and cats are so cute. I have never seen these before. In my mind, it is impossible. How can they do this? They love jumping very much. They always jump here and jump there, they fall down. Also, they love make the people fall down. I love the first cat most. Why it can come out from the sofa. It is so thin. Humans are can’t do this. We are thicker than the cat so much. I love this movie very much, it makes me laugh so happy and it is really funny.

Comment by becky

Wow!Those cats and dogs are very energetic and also qute.Howcome they could do such funny tricks!I think the most funny parts were the cats’ leap,they jump from one place to another ‘space’ and made funny tricks.It made me laugh and my tummy was painful at that time!It is a amusing video and shows how lovely the cats and dogs are.It is good.

Comment by Danny in 2A

Wow! They’re very lovely!:-) At first, I think it is impossible for animal to do such difficult things, so I guess it is made by computer and add some effect. But I have asked my mom, she said it really have this things happen in other country. I have watched Discovery Channel with my father and mother, it also play such things, it’s really amazing!

I have kept a bunny rabbit before. But it doesn’t do that crazy thing. xd So, I think the dogs, cats, lion etc in the video have super power!

Comment by Koey 2a 11

they are very cute and funny!!How can they do that and how can the master let their pets do these things!?
The pets will feel hurt….
In the most funny thing is the small dog and a big big dog.The small dog scared the big dog!!Come ON.How come!?

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

They are cute. I like them very much. My favorite video is two dump into each other. The cat which is finding something in the cupboard is very funny. It jump into the midair. Ha ha!:D
I like this kind of video.

Comment by Brian 2A26

this is a really funny video. i love those cats more. before i watch the video, i think that cats are quiet and elegant and not as naughty as dogs. however, i change my believes after watching it.i think that they are quite another way to say, they are too smart.they are charning but “evil”. but then i think that if cats lose this kind of naughty, they will not cute anymore. so, i love cats!!!

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

I have seen this video in the ‘American Funniest Video’. This is a programme which play a lot of unny videos. The cats and dogs are really funny and cute too! Espeacailly the last one- the lion! It hugged the man with great passion! I like it very much and I didn’t see it before. I like the cats too. I felt the great self protection of the cats. Don’t you see? The cat are afraid when they saw another cat, they want to protect themselves. I think they are really cute!!:)

Comment by Kan Wai Chi 2C(15)

They are so cute! Before I watch this video, I think that is imposable for the animals do these difficult things. However, in this video, it overrules me as the animals can do many difficult things as good as people: ride on the bicycle, go to the toilet, hug with another…… Also, I think they are very clever, because a few people do not know how to ride the bicycle but the dog know. So, we cannot distinguish their behave just looking for their outlook.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo 2a (1)

A… a…lion? Hugging a man? That’s the first clip i have ever seen!But some of the clips there I saw it from American’s funniest home videos. That’s funny. bI’ve got to watch it again!

Comment by Jeff1d37

I have watched this video many times but I still laughed. They aped people’s doings. I appreciate their spirit. They do not afraid of fail. They try very hard and want to be successful. Oppositely, we should learn from them. In fact, they are lovely and make us feel happy.
I love this video. Would you like to share this kinds of video next time? I am really looking forward about this.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

I think the dogs and the cats in this video are very cute and they are also very clever too. I think the person who takes this video is great because it is very hard to take a funny video with the dogs and the cats. Also, the person who train the dog to ride the bicycle is very great too .He can train the dog which are very stupid and it don’t know what is bicycle to ride the bicycle. I think it is very hard to do that.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

I think this video is very funny. The dogs and cats in this video is very clever. They can jump on the lamp and ride the bicycle by themshelves.The people who take this video is very busy. The pets are different to teach. They will also bite us. The pets are clever than us. They can also jump very fast and say goodbye at the end of this video. If I am a dog such as them I will need to be more clever and learn their things. They are such the role models for me. It is a very good and interesting video. This video makes me laugh and the pets need to pay a lot of effort on it as it is hard to do their stunts.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

I love this video!!!!!
I love all the animals!!!!(Except spiders)
This video is really funny and makes me laugh. In this video, I found that animals are clever than what I have imagine. They are cute, brave and also good at jumping! I have never imagine dog can ride the bicycle. It surprises me. I like the dog who wore the sun glasses and the lion most. They are really CUTE!!! They make me want to buy a pet and play with them!!!

Comment by Trini or 2A (27)

These cats and dogs are lovely!
I like the cat that can come out for the gap of the door.
It is impossible for us to come out from these narrow gaps.It is amazing!
I like the dog that wear sunglasses also.
The posture of the dog is very similar to the posture of walking human!Skillful dog!
I was scared when the lion kissed the man.x]
I think that if I kiss with lion,my mouth will bite by it!

Comment by Shum Ka Kiu,Erica 2a(29)

The video is funny. I like the cat part more than the dog part because I think the cats is more funny than the dogs. I love this video!
Also I feel little worried for the man in the in the last clip (the clip before the “bye-bye cat”). The lion is hugging the man with its sharp hand. The lion must be trained to do this, isn’t it?

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

This video is so funny. All the dog and cat in this video are lovely. Their action make me laugh for a long time. I love the dog which in the time of the video 2:26 to 2:28. Although the dog is small, it’s energy is very big. I am very suprise that it can pick up a dumbbell. I am happy after watch this video. I love this video very much! =)

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

The cats and dogs are amazing. They could do those silly trick and make me laugh. My favourite is the kind lion and the dog who could ride on bicycle. It is impossible to the lion be so kind and the dog be so clever. And also those cute cats and dogs. But after I watch this video. I find that IMMPOSILE IS NOTHING.

Comment by Thomas 2a 15

How interesting is this video!The cats also may look like the humanity which can make many lovable movement equally.Their action and movement all make me feel very funny.I smiled and fall the tooth quickly.
The impression makes me profoundly is that the spot hook rides the bicycle.His buttock swinging to left and right.It is so unusual and special.Now,I also anticipate keep a cat.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

I had seen this video before. It is sent by my primary school classmate. This video is so funny. Every time I watch it, I must watch it again and again and laugh at it again and again. Although I am afraid of cats and dogs, the cats and dogs in the video are so cute. I love this video very much.

Comment by Christie=](2A19)

The dogs and cats are so crazy. I think their owner will be very poor and pitiful to tidy up the final phase. The video is funny and silly. It is humorous too. I laughed many times. I like the dog who can ride the bike! It is so clever and powerful. I think a smart dog can be sold a good price.

Comment by (32)JANO Tam

I love this movie very much. The dog and cat inside this are very cute. They did the stupid things that can me laugh happily. I love the stupid animals. They are very lovely and cute. I want to have one in my home. Although the cats and dogs do the things that make people think it is a stupid thing, but does everyone know how can they do these things? Actually they are very clever, maybe the pets are clever than you. They need to train for a long time that can do this “stupid” thing. Therefore don’t look down the pets, they are very clever.

Comment by Calla in 2A (5)

I like cats and dogs very much because I think they are extremely lovely. I like the dog who wear like a lady in the video! When I saw the cats, I think about Ms Lau’s cat immediately! Although this video is not so long but it really good! I hope I can have a pet very much!!

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

They are really funny!Especially the last part of the video that the lion hug and kiss the man, it made me suprised and laughed.Some of the cats and dogs in the video are very innocent,they tried to do some difficult action,they made us laughed but they may also get hurt!Their shouldn’t used their pet got hurt to made us

Comment by Chou ho yee 2a 04

HAHA…I have watched the video with my friend, and we all laugh .lol
The cats and dogs in the video are very cute but their actions are so silly.XD
They hit lots of people! I think the people were not felling good…>,<
The cats and dogs are so amazing that their actions like break dance!! It’s so interesting!!!
What a funny movie.^3^

Comment by Susana Chin

This video just like the video in the AFV.
It is fun to look at these video. The one that the dog is riding the bicycle is my favorite. If I am the one who take this video. I will just send to AFV. It may be helping me to get 100000 USD. Dogs and cats are our good friends in the past and nowadays. It is fun to stay with them.

Comment by Wong Hang Tat

Those cats and dogs are really cute. So I really want a cat/dog at home. Sometimes they will play with you or they will cheer you up when you upset.But you will be angry when they play tricks on you.Both of cats and dogs are clever, they sometimes will make you happy. They’re really funny and they can be a good clown.

Do you think the cat is clever?

How about this dog?Do you think it is clever?

Which pets do you like more, cats or dogs?

Comment by Angela 2A(10)

Wow! The cats and dogs are really funny! They really can be a trouper. They make me laugh for a long time. Haha! Actually, the pets such as cats and dogs really can be our friends. They can make us laugh when we are up sad. Maybe they can know how you are feeling too. They are really clever, they know that when you are happy or not and they will try to make you be happy again. If I can, I would like to have a pet too! Especially the dogs! I hope I can be friend with them.

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

I think they are terrible more than cute or smart. How the cats can can handstand to walk? Besides, why the cats always fall to the floor without any hurt? It is cannot believe! But, they also make a lot of fun to me and I have laughed for a moment……

*The last one is the lion. Why the people was so brave and the lion did not eat him?

Comment by Taurus(2C39)

I think these dogs and cats had practised these difficult skills for a long time and they had tried to hard work every time.But I ensure that they will become super star because they made all my family members laugh.I think I will buy a dog like these in the future and let it does some tricks.It is also a way to relax ourselves.

Comment by 2c01 jacky

I think this video clip is quite interesting. The dogs and cats really can stand straight and jump very high to touch the lamp. they can also ride the bicycle. It is very hard for them to do all these things. I want to have many exercise and pratise more jumping.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

WoaHaha!! Won’t you keep laughing while you ‘re watching this! Obviously, anything could happen on this earth.
That cat climbed up the man’s leg onto the table as a monkey climb up a tree!
YA! That cat really loves the baby boy.
The cat with black and white fur is afraid of the mirror, or afraid of itself(Wow! This ugly creature, what this?)?
Poor thing! It fell off the table!
Cat plays table tennis!
Arr? That cat is in love with that dog? =P
Cats are naughty things. They like to damage anything!

Woa! Dog cycling!
Is the floor wet? Why a lot of them ‘skating’?

Comment by WINDY {2a}

This is also quite funny, then.

Comment by WINDY {2a}

I think in stead of cats and dogs, many animals often do some silly things. But seems they do those silly things, they make their owner happy at the same time. And when the owners play with their pets, they also make them happy. So people said that we are the friends of our pet. As they are our friends, we won’t feel lonely with them. I think it is very lucky to keep a pet at home. My dad has kept some fish at home but every day I feed them. And they love me more than my dad. When I come close to them, they will swim to me. xD

Comment by Kristy2a34

The cats and dogs are really very cute. But actually I like dogs more than cats.
They did the stupid things that can me laugh.I really want to keep a dog at home.
I think is was good when you happy or unhappy and you can talk lots of things with it.
The pets will accompany you and be with you anytime you need them.

Comment by yuk 2A 18

This video is really funny.I think the most silly and funny one is a man throw the cat in the air, and then the cat can touch the ceiling.It is amazing.I cannot believe it!I have laughed for a long time!

This funny video can help us laugh a lot when we feel unhappy.So,I love watching these video very much!~

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

The video is really interesting. In fact, pets can makes us a big laugh when we have a big pressure. No matter you are happy, tired or worried, they will just do some funny things to make you laugh.
In Hong Kong, a lot of people keep pets as the entertainer. We can always play with them, especially children, always play tricks on them. The good point is that they seldom be angry. Of course, if you keep on play tricks on them, they will make the angry faces and do not want to play with you. Actually, pets are more likely a friend. They also give us an unforgettable experience.

Comment by Roger

The cats are really funny.I like the cat which walk on the table and drop s from to the ground.The dogs are also funny.I like the dog run fast and slide and hit the man.
They are very funny!

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

All of cats and dogs are quite cute,I want to take care one of them but because I have the asthma.So my mum don’t let me to get one. If I recover in asthma, maybe she will let me to have one.I’m looking forward to this.

Comment by witton ng2A (24)

That’s funny!The dogs and cats are lovely!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

This movie is very funny.It recorded a lot of cats and dogs daily life.
Altought they always do silly things, they bring people with lots of happiness.Their movement make me become energetic so I think that we should respect and love them because they may bo the part of our life.

Comment by Sam 2a 02

The dogs and cats and very qute and funny.I also have a dog at home but it’s not qute like these dogs .

Comment by 2G.GGGG

Unbelievable unbelievable!Ha! Ha! They are cute and very very clever they can turning a somersault can make people hurt can riding a bicyle…can do people thing too.If my dog can do too I will very very proud of it.Although my dog can’t do this such as riding a bicyle but I love it very much too.

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

Wow!!!!!!!Those cats and dogs are very cute and also qute.Howcome they could do such funny tricks!I think the most funny parts were the cats’ leap,they jump from one place to another ’space’ and made funny tricks.It made me laugh and my tummy was painful at that time!It is a amusing video and shows how lovely the cats and dogs are.It is good.

Comment by Danny 1D (25)

The dogs and the cats are very active. They like trouper. And I remember a cat is so thin can though under the door.There arejust littlt bit space.It is amazing%

Comment by Jacky Huen

The animals was so cute! =]
They can do anythings as they can do such as one of them can roll on the floor.

Comment by Emily Chiu___1D 12

HA HA HA HA HA!I think this movie is very funny! It shows the animals’ funny things. However, at the end of the movie, I am just frightened that the lion would bite the man’s head, but it didn’t.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

What a funny video it is! Both the dogs and the cats in the video are cute and lovely! It shows the funny things.It is great and it is amazing!

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu 1D 16

wahahahahaha!Those dogs and cats were funny and silly!They is so cute and they always got into trouble!Finally the lion kiss the man, it was very scared!But the lion was friendly so it kiss the man.This video was very funny!

Comment by jackyliu

I love this video very much! XD.Yo!That great!This video is like the title ”Funny Cat and Dog Clips ”=].After I watch this video,I laugh a lot and I want to watch it again and again!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

What?!! How crazy are this cats and dogs? I cannot stop laughing when I am watching this movie. Their tricks are very funny.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Oh!NNNOOO!It’s so amazing.The cats and dogs are so funny.They are so crazy and “you can stop me laugh”.I haven’t saw this so terrible animals.
Is it made by computer??????

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

Haha.. The moive was make me laughing just now!There were show some funny cats.They did the crazy things.I think the most funny part is the first cat.It went out from the sofa!It made me surprised and laugh.Haha!Oh!I just now see a cat thich can do the breaking!Haha.interesting!I love the cats that was in the video.They are cute!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

HahA xDD, cats and dogs that are in the movie both are very cute, they did a lot of silly! it was so fanny, i let my my younger brother to saw this movie,he said” are they stupid? when they do this silly things? haha, i am clever than they!” wow, he is so fanny, right?

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

Amazing! The cats and dogs in the video can do many things!They are so lovely~I am afraid of cats and dogs but they perform very well and it even take away my bad feelings of seeing cats and dogs.I was so surprised that animals can do things like that.They are so cute!!!!!

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)


Comment by KAREN 2C

The dogs are funny but they are crazy. I don’t know why they do not get hurt.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

these are very funny dogs and cats , their movement just like my uncle’s cat , it is very funny and playful! !!!! I like them very much. On auyother way , I think the are very crazy!!!!

Comment by laurent1d17

When I saw this video,I have laugh a lot of.Because this video was very funny,the cats and dogs is very fun.For example,have a cat is opposive mirror,but it was very afraid.In this mount,I laugh so many time.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

When I saw the cat came from the sofa,I think of my cousin.My cousin has a dog.In ever time when that dog see someone who is it never see.It will stand like a vampire.Make the people laugh a lot.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

The video is funny. I like the cat part more than the dog part because I think the cats is more funny than the dogs. The dog look scared with the dog. After this interesting story. I was
amazed is dog scared about cat or the cat scared about the dog.

Comment by Jack Chiang(1D)(10)

Ha!The cats and dogs are very funny and clever.I see that some of them can ride the bicycle.I like them very much and I want to have a dog or a cat.:]

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

The movie is very funny. I never seen cat and dog can clips like that ways. In fact, I like the clips of cats instead of dogs. I think cat clips are more graceful than dogs. I think maybe the cats and dogs are organizing someone to perform that we don not know. Maybe they want to show their power and energetic to others.

Anyway, cats and dogs really do something interesting. It change I attitude to cats. I always think that cats are very quiet. In fact , they have a energetic ways.

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

The dogs are really funny.I am shocked by the dogs which doing incredible things,like ride on a bike,climb a tree,jumo into a box and wrestling with the another dog.Well,although i dont like even hate the dogs(even scare of them),
the dogs and cats in this video are really cute.

Comment by matthew

Is this video showing your real life?or maybe u also run and do sth carzy like the dogs in the video at home.If you were a dog,i think it’ll be very funny,and guess how jimmy and jackyc’ll treat you.

Comment by matthew

So crasy. The cat and the dogs are very funny that my family laugh all the night. Is this vedio download from the internet.

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

HaHa~This is very very funny. The cats and the dogs are very cute and lovely. This video makes me laugh a lot. I an laughing and laughing while I am writing this comment.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D20)


Comment by 'chaIr'lie MoNg

Unbeilveable and impossable!The animals can do such funny things,I can’t believe that!

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

After watching this video, it makes me more love cats and dogs~ They are funny and cute~!!!
is the lion real……?

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

The cats and dogs are very cute. I have never seen these before. I think it is impossible for them to do such silly things. They hide into the sofa, jump here and there, view themselves in front of the mirror, etc.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Respond to yuk:
I agree with your idea that the pets will accompany with us and be with us anytime when we need them.
They are always do stupid things that made us laugh.

Comment by Sam 2a 02

Respond to Jano
Your view is mostly like mine. I agree with what you said, a smart dog can be sold a good price. Actually, I like the cat clips than dogs because cat clips are more graceful than dogs.

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

Re: Bobo

I agree with you too. I think the animals are very clever. ;]

And also I think in stead of they can do things that human can do, they can also do thing human cannot do. Of course human can do many things they cannot do too. So, I think human and animals are equal. ;]

Although nowadays we cannot live without the products made from the animal outlook, we should kill too many animals. Otherwise, we will all die very soon and we won’t have the lovely animals in the earth. ;]

Comment by Kristy2a34

I think the dogs and the cats in this video are very cute and they are also very clever too. I think the person who takes this video is great because it is very hard to take a funny video with the dogs and the cats. Also, the person who train the dog to ride the bicycle is very great too .He can train the dog which are very stupid and it don’t know what is bicycle to ride the bicycle. I think it is very hard to do that.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12) March 14, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

I argee Sammi’suggestion. The animals are

adorable.They are so cute and clever.The dog

that ride the bicycle is hard to do so.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

They are very interesting. They can jump into something but didn’t get hurt. The master train their pets very well. I haven’t have a dog or cats before because my housing estate is not allow me to kepp dog and cats as a pet. Do you have one?:D

Comment by ng woon ting,2c 30

I have got a bulldog.Although it is quite smart(at least it know how to listen to the order and guest why you think),it never does somethings so fun such as cycling,skating,gymnastics and diving.I was amazed that the cats and dogs can do so many difficult actings.This can show cats and dogs is really intelligent.

Comment by Grace Chu(2c08)

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