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Slumdog Millionaire
March 7, 2009, 6:32 pm
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Does anybody know about this movie?

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I know about this movie. And I want to watch it. But I do not have any time to watch this movie.I think this is a movie which is very famous.- –

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

This movie is famous!It got many awards in Oscar.I’ve read the outline briefly.It is about a poor boy who won 20 millon in the “millonaire” show of India.But the host thought that he was cheating,so the host went to the police station with the poor boy.From the conversation of the poor boy and the policeman,we can know the miserable life of the boy.
I think this movie is attactive!It describes the poor life in slum!Maybe I’ll go to the cinema and watch it.x]

Comment by Shum Ka Kiu,Erica 2a(29)

This movie get eight awards in “Oscar”,after watching this short outline,I am very excited because I feel that the ambiance is very exciting.I would like to watch it in my free time with my friends,I think this movie can change a little bit of my values,I want to watch more interesting,inspiring movies,ya!

Comment by ng chung yin,2A 24

It is a good chance for me to leave a comment here. It is because I watched this film last night. I choose it, as it is a celebrated movie in the world now. This movie is really touching although it was a simple story.
The boy was unfair when he was young. No one liked him. His brother was same too. Moreover, he got an opportunity to join Millionaire when he grew up. The film was shot in very special way. He was not an educated person. Opportunely, the character experienced many part of questions. When he answered the question, he thought about his affairs of his life. It was destiny. That is the main theme of this movie. I am highly recommended this reliable movie to you. You will learn a lot in it. In fact, the songs of this movie are pleasant to hear. I am extremely enjoyed in that.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

This movie is so meaningful and touching!I watched it with my friend last friday.It talks about a boy go to a Millionaire show to answer 10 questions and won the prize.The director used this 10 questions to show how poor was the India’s slum area and compared with our “Money World”It also show about a true love in two orphans.I like the last part of tht film that was the Bollywood song and dance.I suggested you to watch this film!

Comment by Chou ho yee 2a 04

Although the video isn’t too long, it is a meaningful film. In the video, I saw the young boy joined the show and won the money to his girlfriend to do something.
In our life, there must be something unfair but we can use our heat to change this. Just like the boy who won the money. I learnt we should never give up.

Comment by Chipan (2c 04)

I know this movie.It was about a man who called Jamal Malik.If he replied the last question correctly ,he can receive the prizes from the game program in India which called “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” which obtains 20 million rupees.
But the police were accused him because they thought that he was cheating.That was unfair.
I was quite enjoyed in these movie.

Comment by Sam 2a 02

I know this movie as well. It is an attractive film and it got many prize in Oscar. I wanted to watch it since the radio had a brief introduction of this film. My mother has watched this film on friday when I was at school. She said that it is a meaningful story which talk about a story of poor guy in Egypt. This boy called Jamal and he joined the game ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ in order to find his girlfriend. He won the largest prize in the game. Many people thought that he was cheated in the game because he hasn’t study before. It is because the professional person just won about thousand dollars from this game. I want to watch this film as well.

Comment by Elaine2c35

wow~really want to watch this film because this movie had got many prize in Oscar 2009 nomination in this yaer. the movie stars in this film are very poor in their real lives. holp the volunteer can donate more money to them to exchange their real lives.

Comment by Pearly

I know this movie as well.Although the video isn’t too long, it is a meaningful film.It was about a man who called Jamal Malik.If he replied the last question correctly ,he can receive the prizes from the game program in India which called “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” which obtains 20 million rupees.I was quite enjoyed in these movie.

Comment by lui kai yiu(21)2A

I know this movie too.This movie was very famous and it gets seven OCSAR price.This movie is tell about a man who did not have mother and father go a compentation and he could won 20 million rupees when he could answer the last quiestion.But he was caught by the police and he told the police about his life.
I think this story is very interesting.I will buy the DVD/VCD of this movie.I really enjoyed this movie.

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

I watched this movie last week. It is a film which gets 8 prizes in Oscar. It’s awful!:D Have you watched this film? It is a really good film. I suggest you to watch it. By the way, although the actor had take part in this film, he also was very poor.

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

This movie is quite good!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

Oh!My God!I know what is this movie.I think this movie is so touching but the boy sick after he went back home.I hope that boy recover soon.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

Many people said this movie is very touching and meaningful.So I’m going to watch this!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

Oh,this ovie is very good.Many people said that.So I’m going to watch!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

This moive make me interested in this story because when I first watch this I don’t think it is a good movie, now I feel interested in this movie!!!

Comment by laurent1d17

THis movie is meaningful.It about a poor boy he win the game and get many money.I throught this movie can let some always feel disapported people to see.It will make them fell the positive way.

Comment by Jacky Huen

I like the middle part of this video.I saw many children are very happy.Their faces with a big smile.Everyone want to be a millionaire.But it isn’t a easy work to do.How about have you think if you suddenly be a millionaire,what will you do?Think about it now.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

I like it viedo because although it is a moive,but it is very happily.And it viedo is very vitality.All the people like to run.But I think they want to do a millionair.So they go to they are target.But it is not a esay things too.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

Well. I have heard a lot of news about this film. It is very famous and very touching.

Comment by Emily Chiu___1D 12

It is the AD of a movie, Slumdog Millionaire. I heard that the movie won famous prize for its story and characters. Well, I may have interest to enjoy this movie in future.

Comment by Fung Kei Ching

I have watch this movie before. I think it is really awesome that the main charactor’s experience were really special. He went to a game show that if he answers the question correctly, he can get money. Concidently, his questions were all about his life- the most unforgetable experience in his life. But I think the movie was a little strange at the last part that they danced together suddenly, although many movie in Thailand and India are the same as this movie.*3*

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2c 15

This movie is good. It is attractive and I know that it got many prize in Oscar. It is a meaningful story which talks about a story of poor guy in Egypt. I think It is touching.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

I had not heard any news of this movie before.
I think the question in the game is not easy, he can got all answer correctly is not easy too. His knowledge is abundant.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Although I never watched this movie before, I have heard something about this movie. I think it is very meaningful because it tells us that we have to care the one who are poor but not to laugh at them.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

I just know a little bit of this movie. Although this movie started playing many weeks ago, I still didn’t have time to go to watch…
I hope I can watch this movie later~

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

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