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Mr Lonely by Akon

All the thanks to Yoyo, we’vr got this lovely video to share. Let’s check it out. It’s sweet!

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The special things of this video are the drawing in the video. It can use ‘two circle’ to represent so many things. It makes me know that simple drawing can be beautiful too. Let’s see next time can I get 61 marks for the drawing in VA.

I love the gun and the person who is look like a ghost. It makes me think about the movie ‘Resident Evil’. It is so much fun!

Comment by WONG HANG TAT Yahoo~~~

I have heard this song before. And I like it very much. It is very special from normal song. The voice is so cute and sweet. Cooperate with the rap, it is really a good song. Also, the pictures are very beautiful and they are relating to the song. We can watch the nice pictures and listen to the nice song, it is very great. I love the picture s very much. The one I like the most is a boy sitting on feces. It is really funny and good.

Comment by Yoyo 2A

I love this video very much as I love the pictures which are showed in the video. Most of them are talking about love. All of them are very romantic. Also, I think the beginning of this song are very funny, it is song by a child, the sound of the child is very cute and lovely. The pictures I dislike the most is the boy who is setting on the excrement, it is very disgusting.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling 2A01 Bobo

OH~ I love tiss video!

Comment by alice2a39

I love this video very much as I love the pictures which are showed in the video. Most of them are talking about love. All of them are very romantic. And, I think the beginning of this song are very funny, it is song by a child, the sound of the child is very cute and lovely. The pictures I dislike the most is the boy who is setting on the excrement, it is very disgusting.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo 2A 01

This video is about “Love”. The pictures in the video are great! The voice is lovely. This song mixed with those pictures are very special. I like them.

Comment by Brian 2A26

I love this video because it can let me feel that there is love around me.

Before I watch this video, I always feel lonely at home. It is because no one cares about me. They did not think about my feeling. Moreover, I always felt unhappy and lonely all the time at home. In addition, they always make me cry and sad. However, after I watched this video I felt happier now, because I thought that although they did not care about me, I have my friends. If I feel unhappy, I can share with my friends. Therefore, I feel happier now…

I also like the pictures in the video. It is very beautiful and cute! That is the reason I like this video too!

Comment by alice2a39

I have listened to this many many times,but this time i have a special feel of this feel,maybe the pictures are very touching.This time the song has added in some rap part,it seems quite fresh!In the video,the pictures in 2:16-2:37 were really touching my heart!It has told me to love a guy bravely.

Comment by Angela 2a 10

I like this song very much, it is so different from the song we always listen in the past. The sound is so cute like a little child singing. The song mixed with the rap to make the song become perfect. I also like the drawing in the video because they are very beautiful. Mong all the drawings, I like the one that there are a boy with an arrow and a girl with a rabbit ear. It is because very cute.

Comment by Christie LO=](2A19)

It is a special video. The background is very nice. The raps and the lovely voice combine together smoothly. It makes me feel brisk and vitality.

The pictures appear in the video are very beautiful and fit the style of this video. Cool and lovely!

Love is magic. We can not use any things to measure it. It is greater than we think. Love can kill “alone” and that is free. That why many people need love. However, sometimes love will make us get hurt but people still want this magic. The reason is love can give us care and glad also.

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

All the thanks to you too, we can share this song together. I like this song as the message of it is meaningful. Also, I appreciate the rap and music talent of Akon! Let’s enjoy it!=)

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

Although I do not think it is a sweet video, it is really attractive. The pictures in the video are special but most of them are dark. The song often repeats the word ‘lonely’ and it seems quite depressed. They match well.

The most unforgettable part is from 2:17 to 2:37. It shows that love can be spread out if you are willing to do so.

Sometimes, we think we are alone so we can pay more sympathy ourselves. We can use this ‘reason’ to beg for more care. However, no matter what is you situation at this moment, there are always someone who love you boundlessly, such as your family and friends. Therefore, just think about them and talk to them when we are sad.

If you really have nobody, you can find ones actively. You can be the one who share love but not only receive love.

Comment by shadow 2A 38

There are many love pictures in this video.The song name is called Mr.lonely.I think this song is very negative.In the lyric,it say that
‘I’m lonely.I’m Mr.lonely.I have nobody to call me own girl.’

I think this song is very related to me.I always feel lonely because my sister need to go to work.
And no one can play with me or talk with me.I can just watching TV at home very lonely.So,I can understand the feeling of the singer when he sing this song.

This is really a good song!~I like it.(:

Comment by `Kelly Dai 2c09

Was this song sad?The voice of this song is soft and made me relaxed. But some words of this song were negative. “Lonely. I am so lonely… “I think the cartoons from this movie were special. Especially the little yellow monster, it is very cute like my favorite cartoon Tweety. The pictures and photos from this movie were beautiful, but some of them were bloody. Used hand to break the heart and the

Comment by Becky

I love the picture of this song, especially the death head. Actually, I think it was quite funny because the face of it looks very tragic but the death head was a label of death in my thinking.
I also love the ‘fire words’ because it takes a long time of it to finish and the wonderful result makes me surprised.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

I think the video is quite good for us to listen. It is because we will feel lonely and nobody cares us when we have got the unhappy feeling. It is the same feeling as the character of the video.
In our lives, we may get a big pressure since a lot of homework or before the examinations. We will feel that nobody could help us and we can just do all the things by ourselves. This makes us crazy sometimes.
Although we can only do the exam paper by ourselves, (If you don’t want to be “exit cat”) we have a lot of friends to help with our works when we feel difficulty to finish it when it is not the examination. (May be your good friends will also help you during examinations)

Comment by Roger

Sorry for the late CM.
I have listened to this song before.
Ha. I have looked forward to a post of Akon for a long time. ;P
I like Akon very much. x]
In the song Mr Lonely, one of the sounds is very cute.
My brother said that that is made though some process by the computer. But I don’t know it is true or not. XD
The pictures are very beautiful.
One of it is very cute!
In the picture, the little boy said ’I can’t sleep because my pillow is too wet.’

Poor Mr Lonely.

Comment by Kristy2a34

I like the song in the video so much. It makes me feel so relax and with a very meaningful lyrics. Besides, the melody of this song is good too. It seems that the video is talking about a boy/ girl whose was lonely and hope someone to love and care he/ she. In this video, there had a lot of small pictures about the lovers. Sometimes, heart is appear quietly in the little picture. The pcitures inside are lovely at least the drawing inside is much better than mine. The one inside the video was lonely and sad, but nearly at the end someone makes him/her doesn’t feel lonely again.

Comment by Elaine2c35

I like the pictures of the video.XD
Although some of them are quite booldy but i think many of them are very beautiful and i have seen some of the pistures before.
I like a picture in this video is a girl that is lonely and she burys her head in her knees. When i was lonely or upset, i will also make this pose ;]]]

I also like this song very much the rap part is very good. And there is a voice of child, right? =P i think his voice is very cute.^_^


Comment by Susana Chin

In this song, the voice of the girl and the boy are totally different from other songs. It’s very strange. The male singer is Akon?? I think I like him more although I like cute things.
Everything from the video are so cute. i can’t even draw a heart shape. I hope I have heart to learn it.

Comment by yeung 2C33

I have been a long time do not listen to this song. The singer of this song really brings up a very lonely feeling! However, I laugh his lovely voice sometimes. Haha!! His voice seems like a little baby boy, it is so lovely!! By the side, Mr. lonely this song tells us that many people in this world needs our love and care.

Comment by Janice Wong 2c38

I heard this song around a year ago in the radio.I think the song is a bit different from the song I listen.It isn’t english.Do I right?
The song is talk a man have a girlfriend but he didn’t take good care of her.When she disappear,he found how important is her in his heart.He want her come back.He told the girl how lonely if she did not come back in the song.

Comment by Grace(2c08)

I think this song is too slow that i can’t accept it as i always listen to the music that either fast or noisy.I like the bloody style and black style of the pictures .But i think that a picture with a paper which written down ” Te Amo” is wrong in spelling,because i have search it before,it is an Italian language.I think that the spelling should be “Ti Amo”.If the words are Hispania language it will be “Eu Te Amo” ,they are meaning ” I LOVE YOU” .It is so SWEET-V-”
I think that the drawing during the movie is very beautiful,too

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

I think this song is good. The voice is interesting and pretty!
The pictures have a lot of different style, but they are the same of theme. That is “LOVE”.
There is a word “Te Amo” . I think it is a Rome spell and means “I love you”.
There are some suicidal pictures. Love is important. People go to suicide because of his/her lover does not love him/her. I do not think is correct. Of course, love is blind. Everyone know that. But it is not to support us to hurt ourselves. We must know how to love ourselves before we go to love others. Love is a very hard mission.

Comment by 59mins

Wow.The heading of this song is quite interesting.Like about live and dead.It let me want to watch more video about this.And the song is good.This is my first time listen AKON songs and now,I think now i love AKON.the picture is very qute.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

I think this song is good. Also, the voice is interesting and pretty.
The pictures have a lot of different style, but they are the same of theme. That is “LOVE”.
There are some suicidal pictures. Love is important. People go to suicide because of his/her lover does not love him/her. I do not think is correct. Of course, love is blind. Everyone know that. But it is not to support us to hurt ourselves. As a result, we must know how to love ourselves before we go to love others. Love is a very hard “mission” .

Comment by (32)JANO Tam

I think the lyrics of this song is quite interesting.The voice of the song is cute,just like a baby sound.(Is it sung by the “Voice man”?)And about the pictures,Mmmmm……I think these are not special for me because I am very creative.^^XD And I like this kind of song.Thanks for your sharing and hope you can keep on sharing.

Comment by 2c01 jacky

This song is quite interesting. The music is good. Someone sings the song very beautiful. There are two singer to sing this song. The lyrics of this song is cute. Akon sings very well and after I listen this song, I want to listen more songs that sing by him. I think it is quite beautiful voice of Akon. If I can listen the songs of Akon again, I will listen them many times.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

I like the picture more than the song.Some of the picture are funny , some of them are ‘terrible’.In all of the picture , they are likely to say that:They are sad or lonely.They need someone to play with them.

(It is sorry about I so late to give the CM)

Comment by Taurus(2c39)

I like the images of the video because it’s abt love like in 2C there’re also many love.But i think the music isnt match with the video, because it’s talk abt love but broadcast some funny and relaxing song but now romantic.This song can relax me when i am depress and upset.also the video shows all the change of love also suicide,but the ‘matches’ man arent funny.

Comment by matthew choi

o………Matthew,you aren’t sick?

Comment by 2c01 jacky

I think this vodeo is very sultable for the one who feels lonely. It tells us there are many people felt lonely. Some of them chose DIE to vent their feeling, and some of them just believed that they will be be love in one day and there must be someone love them.So they waited and waited until they really met the one who love them. However, I think we should think that we are not lonely, we are not ALONE!!There are many people who love us but we always overlook.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

When i was listening the song,i thought that the singer who sings this song must certainly very lovable because his sound is very special.I also felt comfortable when i listened to it.

I’ve watched this type of video expecially for this video.Is it relate to Fei Zhu Liu? As the pictures in the video are special. Many of them are about tidal current and a lot of the pictures take black as the background.Usually,each pictures’ leads are very attractive and have the characteristic.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

Oh!Yo!Check it out!I listened ths song when I am listening radio.I lloovvee this song very much such as the special sound”loenly”.That voice very cute.
I think this song very romantic too.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

This song sound is very cute, and I love this voice very much! The pictures and the photos are very beautiful and cute, they are very cute!

Comment by laurent1d17

aha..the voice….perfect and also the pictures are very funny so that i laugh crazy when i see this video..

Comment by charlie mong

…… nothing want to say, haHa, jast joking, this song is very crazy, i JAST can’t speak anthing while i heard this sonhg, and my brother ask me what happen, i play this video and let him to see, and he can’t speak too. but the pictures are very funny , hAHa!

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

nothing that I want to say. this song is very nice. the sound is very cute and clear. I want to have this song too>-<

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

Woo~This song is good to listen and the voice is cute. But actually, I like the picture more than the song. The picture is beautiful and interesting.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu 1D 16

Mr Lonely and Mrs Lonely (just joking XD).I my opinion , I love the rap part, I love rap things^v^
About the picture, I quite like the sixth one.That is about a heart which is at the corner of wall.
I don’t know why, but when I liten to the song,i feel very upset…

Comment by Pinky Tang,1D(31)

The picture are so cute and beautiful Mr Lonely voice is so cute such as a child the song is a interesting song.>.<

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

^.^ The song is very cool! And the voice is very “kai” !! I think the pictures are very beautiful.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

This video is talking about love.All the pictures are lovely.Some I saw before.At the beginning,someone sang the song was funny.Those pictures are romantic.Our heart is really important.We should use our heart to love people and take care with people.

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

The pictures are cute and lovely!!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

some rock feel,and the picture is funny,the voice I think the author have put hard into it!

Comment by sara lee1D (21)

the picture is very Q!!!!!!!!The voice I think come from the baby because it’s very Q!!!!
I think I’m not lonely in 1d~~~~because I’ve got many friends

Comment by 1D09

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