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Gone too soon by Michael Jackson
March 2, 2009, 5:28 pm
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Great messages are behind this video and this song. Check them out:

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Ryan’s life was short, but amazing and wonderful, though he had a desease, no one had ever teased him or tried to stay away from him. Indeed, everyone showed support, love and encouragement to him, which made him cheerful and not depressed about his sickness.
The message behind this kid and the song is telling everyone not to feel depressed and lonely about who they are or how they are different from others, actually most of the people around you are willing to be friends with you and help you, all you need to do is just to be cheerful and thankful for who you are and what you’re bron to be.

Comment by Mike Lo 2C28

Michael Jackson sings this song very softly, and i feel sympathy, i want to cry while i was LISTENing TO this songs…. he sings seems very sad TVT

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

Ryan is unlucky he gat AIDS.And Michael Jackson support Ryan.When Ryan die, Michael Jackson feel sad too.

Comment by Jacky Huen

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