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Hotel for Dogs
February 26, 2009, 9:02 pm
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What’s this dog movie about? I really have no idea…… Who can fill me in?

Dreamworks like making animal movies these days huh?!

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How can the dogs cooperate with the director and actors that well?Is amazing~

Comment by Danny in 2A

All the dogs in the movie are so lovely.I think this movie is quite interesting.The dogs are very smart!

Comment by kiko2C

AW…….What’s wrong?A dog hotel,even though that the level is higher than that the hotel people will go to…they are so enjoy and happy
and I think that the sister and brother are very good..the feed the dog and make entertainments for them..So i think if i am a dog,WONDERFUL and GREAT@!!!!

Comment by Charlie Mong

I think this movie is a entertainment of a movie.The dogs are so crazy and doing the things done by human.I think this movie ‘ll be funny and successful and touching.Five teens rescued and save the dogs.

Comment by matthew choi

How can the dog in this movie are so clever!They can do the daily activitie like the human!But anyway,I think this movie is very fun and it is a good movie for children and adult.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

Wow~many dogs here!I am afraids of dog actually.But these dogs are cute.They seem like won’t bite people.A dog hotel!!How lucky was the dogs?All the things are auto there!How many money should the dogs pay?I guest, free?Oh no!This is a high-class hotel,free?I may a bit sad that I am not a dog if the hotel was true!

Comment by S1D Lee Sze Wing(Cindy)

I think it is about the children met a dog and they want to keep it, but their mother does not allow. They found a hotel at night and met some children who want to help the dog too. They kept their dog in the hotel and the number of dog kept on increasing. But, I don’t know the ending. T^T
Dreamworks produced many animals movie with some funny speech. I like it, but I don’t have time to watch it. XP

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

Home for dogs, huh? How bout a dog woooorld? Even dogs can drive cars, police dogs, soldier dogs, swat dogs, a millionaire dog… That will be fun!

Comment by jeff1d37

If Charlie 1D 26 wants to be a dog? Go to dog woooorld then! There shouold be full of dogs!:)

Comment by jeff1d37

It’s really cool! The dogs are lovely and cute espeically the white dog. At the last part, the dogs have their our toilet it’s so cool! I think this film must extremely well. I like dog very much but my mammy and daddy not allow me to keep a pet. I think I seem like the children in this film. I hope I can find the hotel of dog one day and keep many many dogs.=)

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

I think the dogs are very lovely and a hotel for dogs is a good idea. People have hotels. Dogs also have. It is interesting. The hotel is very great. I like the parts is the dogs can buy shoe and then eat the shoe. This video is very funny

Comment by Law Hung SIng1D18

Oh…It is amazing!If Hong Kong also make a hotel of dog,I think it is very amazing and interesting!In Hong Kong,many people also have dogs.When people go to travel,they put their dogs to the hotel,that will not be many dogs to need to die.I think this may be good for dogs!!!

Comment by Sham Ching Yee, Christy_1D29

Oh I think the dogs should be very happy!A dog hotel!Nowadays many people have dogs.The people love their pet very much and they will take the dog to the dog hotel to do the spa,swimming.Therefore the dog will feel very comfortable.

Comment by liu kong lap,jacky 1D24

Haha.The moive was really interesting!I want to watch this video too!My favourite animals is dog.I think dog is the most loyal animal.When i feel happy.they will very excited,but if i feel upset,they will feel no spirit!I always request my mum to keep a dog be my pet,but she can’t acceptance/_\.Let me check about this moive.If i know the name of this dog moive,i will tell you immediately.

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

I think the dogs are lovely. I think it is a good idea to build a hotel for dogs. Many stray dogs are caught. I think they are pitiful. If there is a hotel for dogs, they can live like people. At the last part in the video, the dogs have their own toilets. It is interesting. I think this movie is suitable for children and adult.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

WoW!That very good for the dog.The big hotel for the dogs.They will have their own room.They can do the faceso.They buy the shoes and then eat it.It’s funny.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

Oh…It is amazing!If Hong Kong also make a hotel of dog,I think it is very amazing and interesting!In Hong Kong,many people also have dogs.When people go to travel,they put their dogs to the hotel,that will not be many dogs to need to die.I think this may be good for dogs!!!

Comment by Danny 1D (25)

I think the dogs are very lovely and a hotel for dogs is a good idea. People have hotels. Dogs also have. It is interesting. The hotel is very great. I like the parts is the dogs can buy shoe and then eat the shoe. This video is very funny

Comment by Danny 1D (25)

I think this video is very creative and interesting because how can we have a dog hotel ???I also love dogs and i have many dogs in my whole family.My dog is called pepper because my dog’s fur is gray…hoho~~but my dog is more terrible because it always bark.(It always bark at mika~~`so i think the dogs are very clever and nice!

Comment by gigi

I think it is a little bit owen because I have watched this in Chinese New Yesr holiday. There are many dogs. They are very very cute^^ This is very good.

Comment by Tommy CHeng 1D(6)

Dogs movie again!! I love it~! I think this movie will be very interesting because dogs are the best! Do you think Hong Kong will have dog hotel? If Hong Kong have dog hotel, I would like to work in there in the future because I love dogs :D! I want to go to see this movie but the test is coming so I will wait for the DVD. Haha~

Comment by Selena Yu 1D (38)

I think this movie is talking about a group of children who are very love dogs, but their parents do not allowed them to keep them. Therefore, they found a place to keep the dogs and the no. of dogs is increasing day by day. Also, they need to think many methods to save the stray dogs. I think we need to take care of the animals who were abandoned by their owners.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling Bobo 2a01

HAHA…The title of the movie is very—‘Hotel For Dogs’,,really cool!!people have hotel and dogs also can have hotel! it’s a good idea.XD

i think the boys and girls are really kind in this movie. They help the dogs and save them“
In our real life, we should also learn from them…We should pay more attention to the dogs and also other animals… The also have the right to choose their own life.

And i think the last part of the movie is very funny@_@ The dogs can go to the toilet as same as human??WOW…unbelievable.XP and the dogs are veryyyyyyyyyy cute.^3^

Comment by Susana Chin

I have watched some dogs movies before too. I think “hotel for dog” is sounds good. Dogs movies are interesting for Hong Kong people because a lots of people in Hong Kong like dogs very much. I think dogs are faithful. I want to see this movie! Dogs are quite cute.

=]Looking forward to this funny movie!

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Although the dog is cute, I think we should care about poor people that care about some dogs. Now , many people died because of no money to buy food. How come we care a animal more than human!?

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

I thought Dreamworks like making animal movies.I saw many movies were produced by Dreamworks.

This movie is about dog’s hotel.Sound funny.It will like human’s hotel.I want to see this movie.The dogs look so cute.The hotel is it made bt some children.OH ! great!If i am a dog.Maybe I will live in this hotel.

Comment by Jacky Huen

Oh. The dogs are very clever and smart! : ) It said that they have a mission for those dogs, I think. They also need to escape from the people which catch the dogs. Wow, I think this movie must be very excited and funny. If this movie show up in Hong Kong, I must watch it. 🙂

Comment by Koey 2a 11

Actually, I really don’t understand what the video want to talk or explain about. I only can see a lot of dogs run with their master and they have some mission to do. I think the video is very exciting because video meets lots of exciting things. All these attract the audience! I think this video is likely the video of 3D Bolt. The dog with their master are all working and doing their mission cooperatively. (Such as 2C=] )

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

I think this movie is great!!The charators and the dogs are cute.
The title is vrey cool.Right??”Hotel For dogs” HAHA.
Well,this film is vrey successful because I think it is profect xD”
I think childen like this film too.It can make them laugh a lot.The dogs can do like a human….Carzy!!

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

The dog in this movie are very cute! I think dog is human’s friend and can protect peolpe. I really want to watch dog movie now.

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

This movie is good. The dogs in there is so cute! I think the dogs can have their hotel is very funny. I think people like dogs very much so that they build a hotel for them to live. But why they can go to toilet like human? It so interesting!>v<

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu(1D)(16)

The movie is very interesing and the dog in the movie is clever and cute!I love it very much!There are many gods in the hotel,they are cute too!The things that the dogs do are very funny!!!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

The dog is very lovely.The song is amazing.I quite like this movie.

Comment by ngan hiu fung2c(31)

Oh!The dogs are very Clever.My dog can not do that.They all have a Hotel for live and many thing to play.
I think the boy must love dogs very much.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

Oh!The dogs are very Clever.My dog can not do that.They all have a Hotel for live and many thing to play.
I think the boy must love dogs very much and I hope I can save the dog without owner in Hong Kong.

Comment by ChancheukyinOwen

The trailer is quite attractive.Maybe the trend of movies in 2009 is about animals?
Hotel for dogs…This idea is new and good.
I want to watch the movie!I am curious about the mission of that 5 peoples.=]

Comment by Erica,2a(29) - v -

Actually I hate dogs very much.
I think they are not cute.
But after I see this movie,I change my mind.
I think the small dogs are cutie and lovely.
I think the hotel for dogs is a new idea.
But it may not work in Hong Kong.

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

I think the movie is about the teens found many dogs’ keepers don’t want their pets and the dog gather togerther in that hotel. Therefore, the teens began to work for the dogs. Let them had a better place to live. Then, the idea of a film of dog came up. So the dogs became stars. Hence, the dogs could live in the same condition as humans!
This is my story! ;P

Comment by Chloé

Wow!!! I am fear the dogs very much.
But after I saw this video, I didn’t fear the dogs anymore…=]
In this video, I have known that the dogs like our friens…
The people in the video, they make a hotel for the dogs. I think the people in the video who are so compassion for the dogs.
I suppose we should syudy from them.V___V

Comment by Emily Chiu (1D12)

I think the dogs are very cute and lovely. If there were one dogs’ hotel in the world, I think it must be very funny and interesting. Also, I think many people may let their dogs live in the hotel.

Comment by Lee Hoi Ting,Jessica1D(20)

The dogs in this video are all so cute and lovely-3-.In this video the white dog is the most lovely one, I like this video, because this video told us to save the dog.

Comment by Rocky1D(3)

Is it a comedy? The movie is funny. The dogs showed the cooperation with the actors. It is quite interesting. ‘Hotel for dogs’, Is it the dogs can live in hotel and enjoy the sevices or facilities in there? It is amazing and nothing is impossible.

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

I have heard about dog hotel before.In a dog hotel,the dogs owner will pay many money for take care the dogs in the dog hotel.But in the movie,there is only five children for take care the dogs and they can not get money for look after the dogs.I think the movie want to talk us something.Many people buy a dog just for fun.When they feel boring ,they don’t care for them.We need to think over when we buy a dog.I like dogs and I want to take care a dog.But I don’t have enough money for take care a dog so I can not buy a dog.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

I thought it is too terrible for the dog share the saliva with human .although i really do not like animals much ,i think this funny movie will made me feel happy .The dogs in this movie is so silly and lovely ,it is a warm and fragrant film that i feel. the movie ‘s style in the big house is a bit like harry potter , if i have a chance ,may be i will go to cinema for this movie ,too.

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

The dog is very funny and cute!
The hotel of dogs is so interesting;there have many toilet for dongs,I think they all enjoy their greatful life in the hotel.
The dogs is so smart!So I always want to have a dog,I think ,when I grow up;I will keep a dog ti be my pet!

Comment by lee kin ching 1D21 (Sara)

I have searched this movie in the Internet. It tells that this story is about two children is going to find a place for their dog to live. The find a hotel that have many dogs in it. They want to feed the pets.

If you are love to seeing dogs, you should watch this movie. If you are just ok or don’t like to see the dogs. I think you should not go to watch this until you can download in the Internet.

Comment by WONG HANG TAT Yahoo~~~

I think the dogs are lovely and beautiful.This story tells us the two child want to find out the a hotel for dogs.They want to feed the dogs and give them a home.THe police want to find out the dogs come from,so funny.
I thought the two child were very brave that they can kept a lot of dogs at home.But Ithought this was not possible in ture because we did not have enough space to keep them.Also I hate dogs……It was because their fur.
I know a doghotel and it is near my home.In there I have found a lot of dogs,they are lovely but I don’t like their fur…..

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

This movie makes me think about the caged bird in the springtime,as animals don’t get much right to life,property and liberty(learnt from History Lessons),the Dreamworks thought about it.Human occupied a lot of area in the world but only a few spaces for animals and their life was terribly poor!We must concern about the real life of animals,not many animals would have the life like the dogs in the movie,although the movie shows they are enjoyable and happy,the real life was not the same.But one thing is the dogs cooperate with those actors very well,it seems they were really enjoy the movie!

Comment by Danny in 2A

Oh! My God!!! The dogs are very lovely and the story is very interesting too! The ‘Hotel For Dog’ is about the children wanted to save the stray(dog) and they needed to find a place for they to live because their mother didn’t like dogs. She didn’t allow dogs in her home. When they went into the small hotel, they were very afraid because the hotel wass very dark and horrible. But they were very brave. At last, there was a hotel for dogs. The dogs had special washroom, good food, etc.
I think the children were very ”powerful” that they can make their dream come true. They are my idol! =]

Comment by Phoebe Tam(2A 32)

Inside the script,The little boys and girls really can show their kind and caring towards the dogs,the dogs in the script is very lovely It will be unbelievable if that Hong Kong can have a dog hotel,I think it will very attractive and interesting!

Comment by ng chung yin,2A 24

and also,It is quite funny.Actually this script attracts me to watch it(If I have time)HAHA!The dogs are similar to the doctor dog in Elect Unit 7.

Comment by ng chung yin,2A 24

Wow! The dogs were cute. There had different kinds of dogs in this movie. It is wonderful! The dog can do exercises. They were so relaxed. They must be enjoyed every second in the dog hotel. They were very smart also. They can go the toilets that for people, just like the thing that elect told us. I think it must be very difficult to train the dog to do that during acted the movie.

Comment by Becky

WoW !!! I really admire the kids ‘s comportment. How amazing they are! In the movie, the five kids make the discard old hotel to a ‘Dog Hotel’. In the ‘Dog Hotel’, there are many facilities for dogs ,such as dog biscuits would put on the table voluntarily ,automatic flush dog toilnet ,gymnasium and a lot of games! Therefore ,the are many ‘costumers’.
I like dogs because they are brave and loyalty. I would like to have a dog if I can. There are so many type of dogs in the movie and I like them all.

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

There are two films about the dogs recently. Actually, I haven’t have dogs but I want one. Although my housing estate could let us keep dogs as a pet, dogs need to eat every day. Whenever we are busy, we cannot take care of it well. This film is not famous and I don’t think it is my cup of tea.

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

WoW!The hotel for dogs!I love it!I want to live in the five star hotel too!!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

The dogs are very smart and they know where they should go to the toilet and the children are very smart too, they make many things that can service the dogs when they are not here!!!!! They are too smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by laurent1d17

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