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Sportsday Megaphone – Meet Me In The Middle
February 20, 2009, 12:27 pm
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The animals’re having a party here. Check it out:

What did they do to the rabbit before it got killed? 😛

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Wow! The animals are very cute. They looked like very enjoy to play in the park. There are many sweets for them to eat! I want it also… However the video is interesting, there are also a bloody part such as the seccss. It flew to somewhere to cut fur of the animals. Then, the machine cut them into steak. For my own opinion, it isn’t suitable for you to watch when you are eating.

Comment by Jack-Jack

at the first, a lot of animals were very happy to have their party. some of them play the see-saw,some of them were playing slide and some of them are eating, they look like very happy and relax!that time i thought they were happer than the human!! because they don’t need to work, don’t need to go school, this livelihood maybe was very amazingXDDjust do what they want, very free! but in the amidst, there had something wrong, some scissorswere coming out, i was thinking what they are going to do? oh, some bad things was happen! the scissorscut the animals hair and fur, they look very week TVT
butthemost poor thing was the machine killed them and make them into pieces, and give the human to eat!!!what a terror thing! i can’t believe my eye , why the human can kill this cute animals, they were very poor……

Comment by ashley yue 1d(39)

Although the song can make people feel relax,the

MV is really horror.First,the animal went to the

party and played happily,but finally,they also

died.Why?Why kill them?They are cute!Their meat

give a man to eat,too horror!

Comment by kAmmY`ID

This video is quite cool but when they killed the animals, I felt very nausea. In the beginning, I can saw the animals playing with their friends happily and I thought the animals were very lovely. However, after I saw the people cut down the animals’ fur, I thought the animals became very ugly. Although this video is really funny, I can’t accept the image that the animals were killed by the people.

Comment by Lee Hoi Ting,Jessica1D(20)

After I saw it video,I have two feeling.First one is interesting,happily,cute because the first of the video,the animals was very happy together they would not to think the people will killed them.And the second one is cruel and ferocious because finally of the video,the people will prepare to cut them and eat them.In that time,I think the animals were very hurt and pain.But now I am think I am a hunter too because I am a people.I need to keep my body healthy.Now I just think although I need to eat the animals,but I need to product other animals too.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

First, I saw many colorful pictures in the video. Then, I heard a soft sound from the video too. There were many animals, such as rabbit, deer, dog, horse, goat, bear and so on. There had a big clock. All of them were very funny. After that, I saw a pair of scissors, comb, and razor came out from a shop. A razor took off a rabbit’s fur. A pair of scissors took off the dog’s fur. What happen after that? The machine made the rabbit, dog, and deer to meat. Oh! I can’t imagine it. But finally they ate by the guest in the shop.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

When I saw this video at the beginning, the animals are cute and they are funny because they eat and play with their friends a lot. When I saw the scissors and the comb come out form the door, I just think that is a playground and there has a beauty parlor is for the animals. I think it is interesting. I was surprise while they gone in the machine for making food. I was thinking that it was a thing for them to have fun. The animals won’t think that the people will kill them and make them into food. I felt upset about the ending. Although we need food form the animals, we can’t disregard how to protect them.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu(1D)(16)

At the first time I watch this video, I think this video is very interesting. It is because the animals can play the things that for people. When the scissors came out and cut the animals’ fur, I just think that they are helping them to do some face shows. However, after they cut their fur, they put them into a machine and made them into meet!! I was very surprise! I can’t imagine that the big machine is for killing the animals! When the machine was cutting them, their blood splashed everywhere. It was so frightening!
When I watch it again, I find that the video always show the word “chop”. It was very interesting because there were many different kinds of words in different countries, like Japanese, Chinese and so on. It also had the Japanese flag. It’s so strange!
However, I think this video is very meaningful. It tells us how cruel does the society is. Although there is very beautiful outside, you can’t sure that the things behind the surface are the same with it.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

When I watch this video at the beginning, I think the animals are very cute. They are eating and playing together with their friends. They are very happy. They don’t know their lives are in danger. Suddenly, I saw a pair of scissors and a comb come out. I think they want to help the animals to cut hair. However, they aren’t. At last, the animals are put into a machine and made into meat. In addition, they are eaten by some customers in restaurant. I feel upset when I saw the animals are killed for making meat. I feel ashamed because I don’t want to eat the meat made from animals. However, I eat them everyday to get nutrients from them.

Comment by Leung Ka Man,Carmen

Wow! A party…

A party which give the animals the last chance to look at the world!

I love the beginning, of course. Animals are playing happily togather. But then, I wondering why there are scissors, and cut out all the fur of the animals! Goodness! So they ‘re killing them!

We’re feeling soory when we’re watdhing this video, aren’t you?
But we’re doing the same thing everyday!
Million times a day!

For God sake, stop killing them!
or, please mustn’t eat them withuot a pray!

Comment by WINDY {2a}

When I watched this video in the beginning , I thought that it must be a funny video.The animals are cute and I wanted to join them too.That time , I’m just thinking how to write this CM .I thought I should write about something that are fantstic.

But when I saw the scissors.I thought it’s must be bad thing because now , many poeple thought killing the animal that we shouldn’t kill is wrong , so thet make a video for this.

When the machine killed them , I feel shame.How can human be so sellfish!Just for some happy and then killed the cute animal.It will make the ecological balance break! Finally , we will be all die because of this. Do we need to stop this?I think we must!we must!we must!If we don’t wanna see more cute animal died.We should do that!We can change their fate!Just do it!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

When I am watching the video,I think the animals are so cute.The animals playing happily.But when I saw the scissors and the comb come from the door and then cut the animals’s fur.I feel very sad.This video is meaningful,the video tell the people don’t eat too much meat and don’t buy the fur clothes.I know if we don’t hurt the animals, the animals will safe and won’t be extinction.

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

First ,I felt it was very interesting when I saw it at the beginning because the animals were very cute, they were playing together .For. example. Playing the swing ,sliding, turning. Afterward, I felt a little bit ugly because the cutter and scissors cut the animals fur!
It was impossible! Then the deer, dog and the rabbit were cut by a machine turned into meat! The people who killed the animals were really cool .After that, the meats were eaten by the customers. I felt upset when I saw this video.
I think this video is want to remind us not to kill animals in this world. If not, the number of animals will decrease and they cannot live happily forever.

Comment by Jonas Wong 1D 34

I was really interested in this video because of the topic.I was looking forward to seeing what will happen in the animal party.It use the method,cartoon, to told us what happening.It was really creative and colourful.Also, the music was funny.It made the feel of having a party more true.The animal inside there was very cute.They seems that they didn’t expected that they will be killed and eaten by human.
They looked happy when they are playing.I was thinking about,’Isn’t it wolfish to kill such lovely animals.It had a happy beginning but a pity ending. Maybe, people shouldn’t kill so much animals.

Comment by Cindy,Lee Sze Wing1D(22)

This party had different kind of animals.

And the party was great.The animals look happy and enjoyed. I want to join this party too.

The party hold in many countries like French,Japan,Australia and China.

When I saw the hair salon the scissors,
I though it will kill the animal, but not.It help the animal cut the hair.It
means we cannot killed the animal, it will break the zoolagy envornment.

The animals can be our friends.They were all kind.But now people always hurt them, so they hate us.They were not kind it makes for us.

This video was meaningful.FINALLY WE CANNOT KILL AND HURT THEM…@@

Comment by Jacky Huen

Woo!This is a greatful party!The video is really interesting.When i saw the video.I’m thinking that.If there have a city where all the animals live.It will be very exciting!They was having a party XD.HAHA!The dog was very cute.It was enjoying.I think this park funny than the Ocean Park.Oh!I want to be a animal.I am imagining that i am a rabit,and i jump everywhere in the park now.It would be so free!When i saw the last part of the video,i was much hungry,because i saw two dishes of beef.They look very dilicious.Oh!I really want to be a animal.Can i come to the park?

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

At first…I thought the video are very peaceful

and happy…because there are many lovely

animals, for example rabbits , deers , horses ,

pigs….they were playing in the park happily~

They were playing the see-saw and

slide…Suddenly , a scissors came out ….I

felt very terrible~~~I thought they want to kill

the animals….but not , they help the animals

to cut their hair…

finnaly ,, the most terrible part…they killed

the lovely animals!!

how can they do that??

Comment by gigi

Haha!!The video is very funny…

In the beginning, I think the animals live together happily but it isn’t really true.

The farmer builts a very beautiful and large park for the animals, he wants them to be his meal!!

The animals are so poorT^T…

This video can let me know the humanity is very cruel.

We can be the animals’ friend so we should protect them, not is going to hurt or kill them.

And now, many animals in the world are get hurt by the people, therefore we must cherish the animals like our child.

Protect our ‘child’!!

Comment by Emily Chiu (1D12)

First I thought this video is very funny and interesting. The animals are cute such as rabbits, horses, pigs. They are playing. They are happy and enjoy. I want to be they when I see this picture. However, the animals all dead. They are all dead from people. People killed them for their dinner or lunch. It is terrible. Then I thought are we kill this animals? We are eat meat. I thought we should not kill animals more. We should save them. Don’t eat more meat. The animals are very lovely.

Comment by Law Hung Sing1D18

WoW,it’s so funny-.-There are so many animals paly a park together, like ducks, sheep, horse and dog.The horse swing-.-.But-.-at the end, they cut all the hair-_-I agree Jacky Huen’s words, this video’s massage is we can not kill the lovely kindy animal, we need to protect them.

Comment by Rocky1D(3)

OH MY GOD..they had a great party,they played,the chased and they enjoyed everythings!YEAH!BUT….A PAIR OF SCISSORS came out~!and it stared to cut their hair fur..i thoght that after cutting was better because befort that ..the dog just like a cat..what a pity..Alought it was a little bit pity,the really pity was ..when they got sent to the factory and then become ‘cat meat’,’rabbit meat’..even though’deer meat’..XyZ!@#!.how come that the make them became food.
But i also know that why they can play coz is it make them fit and so the meat will be more delicious?But i won’t terrible and horrible~~!

Comment by Charlie Mong

Wow…I think this is like our future. Many animals like people have a party. It so crazy…In animals party, I think it is interesting because they do everything like people. After animals have a party,they need to go to the machine to present their body to us. It so cruel…I find this video have some way is very interesting. The salon is automatic to help animal to cut hair. It is so interesting…If in people world like a animal world, I think it is very dread…I think after one hundred year, the people world will change to the animal world. It is so terrible…

Comment by Sham Ching Yee, Christy_1D29

I think the animals are so poor.
Maybe they had a great party,but finally they have to die.

Although the killer gave the animals a great party before they kill the animals.But are they asked the animals’Do you want to die?’I think maybe they only is a small animal;but they also don’t want to die.
Do you think you can kill a animal without their opinion?You just let them have some fun,and then you can kill them easily?
I knew that,we always eat chicken and pork,but I think chicken and pig,they have their reponsible,is to let us eat.
But dog and rabbit,is not the food!They are honest to person,they haven’t do anything bad to us.But why we can kill them?

I don’t know why people kill a person sould go to prison;but kill a animal have do nothing bad,they do not need to go prison?

Comment by lee kin ching 1D21 (Sara)

The animals are very poor. When the animal had the party, someone shaved their fur. And they killed the animal and made them became meat. It was terrible to kill the lovely animals, but we always ate meat, such as pork, beef and soon on. When we ate meat, we always forgot it was made of animals. Do people have authority to kill the animals? Or it is because the jungle law? We need meat to assimilate balance nutrition. It is important to our daily life. We can eat less meat to protect the animals. We need to treasure food.

Comment by Fung Kei Ching

Oh!The animals were very poor.Although they played in the park happily,they died and cut into steak and meat in the end.
I thought that it was very cruel.First,the scissor cut the animals hairs.Then,the machine cut them into steak and meat.I thought that the animals did not want to die but they can’t choose.It was very crimson so that I did not like this video.Also,I would not always eat the steak or meat because I did not want the animals died.+.+

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

Why they want to kill them why??People are horrible the animals played very happy but people want to eat them so kill them.I hope people can take care them because they are live in the world too.We re our family.

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

The animals are peace. They played happily but the most horrible is they were killed and used to eat! They were eaten by us! HUMAN! I very scared about this video. It made me feel sad about their ending. The ending are just like people cutting the trees. Trees, animals or human are all in the same world. Why they must incurred the unfair? “Less meat, less paper, save world together!” <-I have thought about this slogan!XDD
I love animals and this nature. How about you?

P.S.!!!:What was the koala eating?! Were they bomb?

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

I think the party for the animals is a great idea,if we can go to that party,thats sound great!But at last,the animals kill by the mushine is too turabile,animals have there life,like us,why we should kill them?

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

Hey, 1D19 Cherry, I also love animals. Animals, plants and humans are living in the same nature and supporting each other. Without one of them, the natural balance will be destroyed.

However, strong animals must eat the weak ones as food for living. It is the law of jungle. Humans kill animals to produce food. It is as common is a bird eating worms. If we do not eat meat, we can eat vegetables but vegetables are living thing as well! ‘Less meat’ is impossible.

Yet, humans are excessively hunting animals down as there are more and more humans alive. If we cannot control the situation, some sorts of animal will extinct soon.

P.S. I think the koala is eating stick candy which is ordinary at Christmas.

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

Oh!We shouldn’t killed them for eat!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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