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Valentine’s Day Special: the Notebook (movie)
February 13, 2009, 8:11 am
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Still haven’t got the gut to ask a girl out on Valentine’s Day? Let Noah show you his gut for a girl!

Will you remember me?

(P.S. Showing your underpants is never necessary though! :-P)

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HAppy Valentine’s Day!
With your romantic French husband! =P
I…er…I will keep on doing my homework tomorrow. There’s nothing special for me on every lovely Valentine’s Day.

Comment by WINDY {2a}

Haha! I think Noah is threatening that girl to go out with him. Thus, she pull down his pants for an avenge!
( Even though he is not asking for a girl, ‘someone’ may pull down his pants, haha..) ūüėČ

Comment by Chloé

Happy Valentine’s Day!
How will you spend your time with your husband?^^ (SweetSweet!)
But for me is meaningless…XD

The second video is quite romantic!

Comment by Marco@3A

Merci Merci!

In fact, I find the whole movie very romantic! It would be a good choice to watch for Valentine’s Day. ūüôā

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

MrsBouteiller!Happy Valentine’s Day!
I haven’t seen your husband!!!!

Comment by phoebe

Happy Valentine’s Day :DDDD
Will you give your husband a kiss as the present for Valentine’s Day? haha

Comment by Yvonne:)


Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Oh!Valentine’s Day!
It’s romantic!
So sweet!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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