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February 11, 2009, 11:09 pm
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bolt + Mitten

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Bolt is cuteand cool.I think this film is funny and It seem to be interesting too. I really want to watch it, but I think I will be very busy in next few month,so it is not so possible to watch it in the cinema.

Comment by Rico

The dog is just like ‘Underdog’! It is very strong! It barks very loud and it is very smart too.

Comment by Laurent lau1d17

The dog Bolt is so smart and cute. But it was impossible to run so fast and jump so far. It made me amazed. This movie is very exciting, especially movie number three. When Bolt was carrying the bomb, it was very exciting. When it show bomb will explode within 33 seconds, it show me the Bolt run really very fast.
Then, when they went to another place, there were many enemies in front of them. Bolt barked loudly and made near thousand people cannot move again.
I was repent of why I didn’t watch it in January in cinema… It must be more exciting!!!

Comment by becky

I have watched it before. Actually, I don’t really understand what the movie about because once the dog want to fight against enermies, once the dog want to catch the Calico. And the cat(Mitten) said that these are not real. It’s very complicated.
However, it is not exciting but interesting. The dog is very funny and cute.
I don’t say too much and then you can watch it yourselves.

Comment by yeung 2c33

I first thought it was really a superdog that can match with Superman’s pet! But after the the ‘ROAR’, I felt it boring. It was just a show from Hollywood. Ha! Ha! No wonder the actions on the previews are awesome. TO TAKE ATTENTION TO YOUNG AGES WHO LIKED ACTION AND KUNG FU FILMS. But the dog is really responsibl even it is only a show……

Comment by jeff1d37

In fact, I believed Bolt is a super dog at first. But when I saw part three of the video, I was a bit angry, crazy as I was shocked when I saw the roads came down and even a man could pick up the car! Until that time I know they were making a movie. Anyway, I was very enjoy to see how Bolt playing tricks on those ‘ bad guys ‘, because they were stupid! I will be worried if I have a dog like Bolt because many people may be want to take it away, it will be dangerous.

Comment by Johnny

The video is very funny.I think Bolt is very cool and cute too.
Bolt fought against with many gangsters too.So, i think this file is very interesting!

Comment by Chow Kin FUng

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