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The reason by Hoobastank

Since the fourth of the Chinese New Year, we all have been working hard for the Parade. Most of you have been working hard to make this Parade unique, special and memorable for your class, but some of you have been trying hard to isolate themselves from the class. No matter whether you have been in Hong Kong or not, no matter what constrains you have to engage yourself in this class activity, how much effort and affection (simply ‘heart’) to your class have been shown! I’m proud of many of you. Despite your age and experience in handling this big performance project, you have worked out over 80% of this project scratching from 0 in just 2.5 days. (I meant 80% of the class collaboration, not just individual responsibility.)

On the other hand, I feel shameful and helpless for those who have been trying their best to withdraw themselves in this project. It’s always easy to do nothing. It’s challenging and precious to take this opportunity to develop you into a better person. Seeing many of you who are so heartless for yourself and the class is not surprising, because this is why we don’t often see so many successful people in our society every day. Society is formed with people who always try their best and those who are not. Therefore we see different people living in different life styles. Therefore we always see people keep gossiping and being jealous of other wealthy people, and they don’t work hard for themselves or the society. If you choose not to commit yourself into our big project this time, you are just like those who can only complain how not wealthy(both in terms of money and in terms of life experience) they are and do nothing about it. Then, your life is empty and meaningless.

Life is fruitful and built with sweat and tears. I suppose ‘No Pain No Gain’ is not new to you. Children, at least, please remember that if a plant is without water and the sun, it never blossoms. Don’t you ever have anytime in your life that you feel a bit too ‘dry’? How much nutrition have you put in your life?

As your teacher, I feel happy to see that some of you work hard and try your best for your life and your class (this is your society when you grow up). After my sweat and tears in these days, I only have this song to dedicate to you all now. I hope you will understand why and for whom I always work so hard.

(It’s Spanish on the top of the video and English below.)

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Class, is a team. We are the members in the team. We should collaborate and put effort to our work. We cannot keep oneself clean and pure, because we are together. No matter we like each other or not, we should keep a fire in our heart, to light up ourselves and the members in our team.

Comment by ng woon ting.wendy2c30

Yeah, I totally agree with Wendy!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

No one is a perfect person. However, if we work together, every thing will become easy. We need to learn and correct together. If one people do not collaborate, the team will break. Besides, each one has their own duty. Teacher and leaders are only responsible for helping us. We should not put all the duty to them. Let’s be a team and show the best of our class on the parade!

Comment by Tang Nok Lam,Tracy 2A(33)

Yes, instead of just 1D, 2A or 2C, I welcome to ‘the best of 1D, 2A and 2C’!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I think we not only have to work hark for our works, we have to enjoy the process. If we know how to enjoy our works and our lives, we will be more joyful and we will make many ideas to do our best.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

I think we only did the thing that related to us.But we ignore another.Maybe sometimes our classmates need help.But we do not help them because it wasn’t related to us so we do not.
This is a very wrong thinking.I will try my best to give the passion to the performance!

Comment by Ng Wing Him 1D 27

Everybody in everyday is wishing to do a perfect person. But they may be only are wishing about a dream. We can try our best together with our friends, classmates, parents and so on. I think no one can help you to do a person that you are try your best in your life. You need to do and thinking by yourself.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Yes, you are all right!

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I think successful people is really like Mrs Bouteiller you said.It should always try their best,hope their works are perfect and very good.They hope to do a perfect person.But maybe it is a dream like Emily Tsang said.And I think we should study everyday,our life alway have happy,tears and so on.So I think we should staunch to enjoy our life too.

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

Work hard on everything, try our best on every challengs. I think they are the most important factors to affect one’s life. For example, the parade, maybe we cannot win but during the work, we try our best, enjoy the process. We will grow up with confident and to be sucess.

Comment by Mo Sin Ying(Sandy)

We have worked hard and put the effort in our wonderful parade. No matter the result is good or bad, we will not feel regretful and disappointed as we are the team, we are 2C!

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

In this song,the first sentence ‘I am not a perfect person’is really ture. I argee with this definition because there are really no perfect people in this world. Each one must have something which are not perfect. But sometimes,
if you do anythings with your heart, everything will be the best.

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

I believe that no one is a perfect person and I am not a perfect person also. But I believe that if we work hard and try our best for our life and anythings. We can be the best one in our mind.

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

We are in one class because we have a good fortune,so we should cherish. We are 2C and we are togther,everyone should be work hard for 2C. And about the Parade of english week, these few days (new year holiday), only some of the classmate had come, and we didn’t give a good report to Mrs Bouteiller, I feel sorry.
I think 2C may practice with our heart later!!!
P.S. I like the song above=]

Comment by Susana Chin

A: It is hard to cooperate with too many people. Contact is a problem. We cannot discuss together during holidays. Besides, classmates have different thoughts so they may have arguments.
B: Therefore we must have a leader! He/She can direct the group and give advice.
A: That’s great! I don’t need to do anything.
B: We should give suggestions. Although we have various ideas, we can vote for the best one and then make modification. We are teammates! We have to dedicate to our team.
A: However, I really have no idea. Even though I have, it must be useless. Let others work for a better result.
B: No one is perfect! No one can lead you whole life! There must be something you are good at. You can’t produce anything if you don’t pay effort. Be confident and try your best. At least, it is good for you. Cheer on!!
A: …no, I don’t. It is troublesome.
(Who am I? Ha, ha, ha…)

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

In fact, everybody need to work on the project together no matter you are not good at that kind of work. This is because unless you have paid effort onto it. During working, I know some people may have some special reasons of cannot work , but please don’t contain laziness in those reasons. In the past I saw some people who get the prize at last but they never work for their team before. Of course it was not unfair ! Don’t be selfish ! Also it will become meaningless. We must striving for the best together to get a happy memory for everyone. Come on! Be responsible and start to work now! I know some people are working very hard for us and they nearly ‘fall down’, please help them!

Comment by Johnny

The song is nice.
um,,,, I think 2C will do our best of our performance. And I think 2C is the best one.
2C!! Keep G0ing!! and Never Give UP !!

Comment by Sharon 2C(12) ;)

I will try my best in our performance.I want all teachers can enjoy our performance.
I will practise it harder,because I want to tell every teacher that 1D is the best!And we all live intellectually and be courteous!

Comment by lee kin ching 1D21 (Sara)

Yeah! 😉

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

i know that some of us in our class are not putting themselves in a mood of preparing a big performance or just want to keep themselves out of it.i think that we have the potential to be the best.we can do just depends on our passion and concentration.if we work harder, of cause we can be better but we have alredy learnt a lot in these few days for preparing the parade.we can try to enjoy it and not just think that it is a project.the outcome will be better,right? let’s try hard, 2c!

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

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