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We’re all in this together
January 21, 2009, 11:56 pm
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Oh!This two song is my 1D Musical(Run D Milk Sick Cold)parade’s songs.
We All In This Together is so amazing,the song is quiet fast,they all perfrom very well and they dance very special and verywell.42
You Can’t Stop The Beat they all dance very crazy and sing the song very fast,but they are quiet fat,who do they dance so fsst and some people can make the girl up.
I hope we can have 1D milk sick cold 2 or 3.

Comment by Owen

It is our 1D Musicial.
The ‘we’re all in this togeter’ is the whole song,our performent is only the half of it,I think it is because it is only a opening remarks only,so can not be whole song although the next part is much better.
The you can’t stop the beat in the youtube of cause better then our movement,they are a job dancer such like Marco.I have thought why us sing so fast in you can’t stop the beat.and I have draw a conclusion:because this song’s movement and the words are so difficult,and we are very afride don’t do very well will be punished.

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

I have been watched the hairspray last week because I bought Its DVD. I feel a bit disappointed and angry. At first,I think this film is very amusing because in your blog’s video ,they seem interesting. But when I watch the whole film,it is very boring, also just sing sing and sing.
The guy who act the mother is very very ungly, and sing bad too. There are only songs are good and most of them are very boring.
By the way,I am a high school’s fan.And I think high school musical is more better than hairspray

Comment by Rico

I dont know that i will watch this again…but i must remember that our 1d perfect parade~even though all think very good…i want to show once more XD/

Comment by 'chaIr'lie MoNg

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