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English Week Performance Proposal
January 20, 2009, 11:26 am
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What is your class good at?

What do you do to show us about your class?

Is there anything special of your class to show us?

Tell us your ideas here (as a group).

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2a is good at crossplay and also doing crazy things.
Our group suggest some students wear the cartoon customs and dance. Such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse…

Comment by Phoebe 2a32

I think we can design T-shirt.On T-shirt ,we can draw a 1D logo or other picture.And we can sing and dance.I think “we all in this together” is a good song we sing or dance.This song is in high school musical we can listen it!!!

Comment by Christy Sham Ching Yee_1D29

This is “we all in this together” video!!!

Comment by Christy Sham Ching Yee_1D29

Our group ‘s idea is Africa style clothes and people.The detail are we hope we can sing and dance from the playgroung to the second fllor in that day.We think the song is choosed by all the schol mates.The dance will choose by the class mates too.This is our idea.(Tommy chou ‘s group)

Comment by Alan Cheng(2a3)

Our class is good at some crazy ideas, dancing and singing.

We think we can dance some crazy dance like “Moon Walk” and sing the Hong Kong traditional songs like “Kowloon Hong Kong” to show off our class.

We think our class is special of dancing. So we think we can dance some hot dance too.

Comment by 2A ( No.12,7,13,8)


Today we were talking about what can our class do in the English Week?
My group idea’s topic is retrospect.
We can retrospect the classic songs or singers, anyway it must be related to English.We can use a show to perform.
Find some students to dress up like the famous singers to performance.The clothes we can use our own ideas to make, also the accessories.

Comment by Calla Chow in 2A

Our group presenter is Danny.

Comment by Calla Chow in 2A

Our group idea is we can dressed up like the Joker and batman in the playground.Then,we will dance for a short time together so that we can let everybody know HTYC’s dancing skill is not bad!And finally we will choose the song which is called “Welcome To The Family “to sing together so that we can let them know that HTYC is our family but not only the place for us to study.

Comment by Jacky Law

My group’s idea is rapping + singing with different songs in different style . First, we can sing some soft songs then add a rappin’ part in the middle. After that, we can sing some more powerful songs at last. That’s it! 🙂

Comment by kwokjoey

Our group suggest to wear different colour of T-shirt or different colour of scarfs. It is aim to have lively picture. We think parade should be colourful and happy. Moreover, we suggest to sing some songs like cheering teams, songs with a strong beat.

Comment by Mo Sin Ying(Sandy)


Students dress as various cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, Tom, Jerry and so on. They can act and dance on the playground.

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

Our group suggest my class to ‘moonwalk’ and sing the songs from Micheal Jackson,such as ‘Dergerous’ is a good song from him. Then ‘moonwalk’ is our special part!:p

Comment by Brian 2A26

My group have suggested some ideas.

Firstly,there will be someone plays the violin or other instructments and someone sings.

And then the music will change suddenly.
The girls will sing a song’love or labal’.

After singing,someone will rapping.

Lastly,all of our classmates will sing a romantic and love song.

Comment by 2c09 KellyDai

First,we do a drama.
Then,we sing the song called”You can’t stop the beat”.

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

i am ryan’s group.i think we can use excape obama and bush,we can use chen shui beng because sometimes the news report will report about him.
And i think we should Also the song of Hairspary is very great…i think i can sing too?…

Comment by Charlie Mong

Our group’s idea is sing the song ‘You can’t stop the beat’ together .

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

Our idea is at the beginnings, it is a parade time. We make the flag of 2C. Someone hold it and others students singing a short song. After go to the stage, students start to sing and dance. Firstly, one student stand on the stage and sing. The music begins more loudly and other students run around the stage. Suddenly, they stop and start singing the song of High School Musical, dance! After singing and dancing, one student stand on and read a short poem that about our class, our spirit and our target…

Comment by Nicole2C24:)

I think we can do a short meodrama while the english week with some instruments or music .
I think the topic of the drama should not be too common that everyone can think of .
We may changed the end of the story we choose .
because the drama should contain whole 2c so i think the students who haven’t any jobs to do can sing the background song . I don’t think a bad voice of them will be a big problem to the competition , because all of 2c joined this competition is the most important things that more important than the award .

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

Our group suggests that we can design a set of T-shirt to show our 1D is a united class. Also, we can dance with a song about friendship like the Japanese song–“Forever Memories” by w-inds (Although this song is a little bit old, it is very meaningful!) or other meaningful song that can represent our class motto like “You can’t stop the beat”.

The song of “Forever Memories” by w-inds:

Comment by Wong Ka Man1D35(Karen)

Our group suggest to sing the song”Start of something new”.It is a song of high school musical.I think the song can represent the start of our secondary school lives since we are S1 students.

Comment by Cindy,Lee Sze Wing1D(22)

Our group suggest to do a drama or a musical.we can sing together.That show 2C are very solidify.we also can have rapping.It is interesting and funny.But i don’t suggest we dancing at the end because last year 1d have danced at the end of the the drama.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

Our group suggest to sing and have a drama. We can sing some songs at the first and play drama after singing the song. This can have a happy day for people. We can rapping the song to make it exciting.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

Our group suggest to sing some songs and play drama. We can rap some songs at the first time of the show. After the songs, we can play the funny drama to make the people exciting and happy.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

Our group have a idea.That is we want to make a video.In the video we can have someone to say ”What is 1D?” ,and at the moment we can have some music that is relax. In the playground there will have some 1D classmates to show their good points.Like someone play the piano or sing the song.Finally we all stop our work.Say our 1D motto loudly !!! That is 1D. Remember it !!!

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

Our group suggest to dance in the whole song and never stop. The theme of the show can be festival, school and so on. All the classmate dance in the musical. The theme of the musical may follow as the show.

Comment by Yeung 2C33

Leader: Ricky 2C(21)
Discusser: Kelly 2C(3)
Presenter: Amy 2C(10)
Scribe: Johnny 2C(23)

Our group’s idea is divide our classmates into three types, some of them sing, some of them play musical instruments and some of them act. We may dress in one single type of jacket. When we arrive ,we can talk about our class’ characteristics while some other classmates perform the situation which are being talked about. Finally we can sing a song with quick beats ( it will be good if it is about unity or working hard )to finish our show.

Comment by Johnny

my group thaink we can sing and dance.someone are singing and the other dance. i think we can ABBA”s our last summer, just like us, we xan remember ore things clearly, we won’t forgetXDDDDDD

Comment by yue suet ying 1D(39)

Our group suggest to perform magic and dancing,we will play magic when we dance,and I suggest yeung to be the magician,it may be funny,and when yeung was playing magic,people will laugh because no feeling will shown on his face.^^

Comment by Jacky 2c01

Our group member:17,1,34,31

Comment by Jacky 2c01

2. education language amendment (教學語言微調方案)
Assume that this amendment has been launched, what do people feel?
Some students will dress like Donald Tsang, government officials, teachers, parents and students. Some of them carry banners and placards. When they come to the playground, they will play a drama to express their characters’ feelings. They can perform as a comedy so that the atmosphere will not be too serious. They can replay the ‘throwing bananas’ and ‘throwing shoes’ incidents.
When they are on their way to 2A classroom, they will hold the placards and banners and shout something.

Comment by Shadow 2A 38

Our group decided whole class performancw dancing and singing.

Comment by carry

Our class is good at some crazy ideas, dancing and singing.

We think we can dance some crazy dance like “Moon Walk” and sing the Hong Kong traditional songs like “Kowloon Hong Kong” to show off our class.

We think our class is special of dancing. So we think we can dance some hot dance too.

Comment by Lui Kai Yiu 2A(21)

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Comment by sakura cosplay

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