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Last Christmas by Ashley Tisdale

Dedicated by Sara, let’s check out this version of Last Christmas sung by Ashley Tisdale instead of the oldie WHAM! Give it a ‘click’!

What do you think?

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I’ve heard Last Christmas by F.I.R. I think the one by F.I.R is better because they sung in the way full of joy. It made me feel excited. But this one sung by Ashley Tisdale is not bad 2!

I also learn that we should use a clear and appropriate word font to present in a video.

Comment by ChloƩ

I have heard this song very many time.The melody of this song is really very good.The singer sang the sound sweetly too.It makes me relax although Christmas has just gone.

Also , I think the lyrics of this song is good too.It told about a girl meet a boy. But the boy don’t like her.So she miss him and feel sad.

Comment by Ryan Ng

The melody of this song isn’t very special, it is quite simple. Although the melody isn’t very special, the singer can sing it with a sweetly voice, she performs it very good.

And also the lyrics are quite good. They told how unhappy the girl was when she loves a bot but the boy doesn’t love her.

Totaly, I like this song very much.

Comment by Thomas 2a 15

the melody of the song is great and the lyrcis:
a lover with a fire in her heart is the most touching there more song sung by this singer?

Comment by Charlie Mong

I heard this song in Janice-do u know before and I like it.I think both Janice and Ashley Tisdale’s are great. I hope a CD can collect all the great english old songs,such as”my heart will go on”,”without you”,”heros”and”the power of love”.

Comment by Rico

I love this song very much. I think the lyrics of this song are very meaningful. At the beginning, my sister told me what the lyrics are about, and then I started to love this song.

Comment by Jessica Lee (1D 20)

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