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Guess Who By Kirsten Lepore
January 18, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Kirsten Lepore is not a singer. She is an American animator. This is one of her animations. Check it out:

See more on her blog:

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This animation was lovely. The cartoon made me laugh. I think Kirsten Lepore was very creative because she can creat this cute animation. Although this video only 51 seconds, I watched it many times.

Comment by Wong Hiu Fu 2c (36)

i think this is a rap song?Eric and Anita are the most funny ppl in this movie but Peter is also funny …is it ver lol?

Comment by Charlie Mong

SOr that i need to add something
but y this song so short if ther are 3mins it will be very great

Comment by Charlie Mong

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