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Djeff’s color wish for 2009
January 14, 2009, 2:37 pm
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How can it work? – -It is beautiful and it is better than a rubber. Rubber only can move out the things, but this pen can use for next time. I want to buy one. It must be fun to have a box of these pens and the 2009 is very good.

Comment by WONG HANG TAT Yahoo~~~

wow~ so funny, why the colour pen can be disappear?and i love colourful things, i would like to buy it^^
the word”2009″ was so lovely, i love to look into the colour that become large,, i was so interested when i watch it!
“put colours in this year” is a meaningful sentence. we should try the thongs that we haven’t do it in 2009!

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

It is amazing!!! I can not believe it. The colour can increase or decrease itself. Although this short video just has some music, I haven’t feel boring. I think the ‘2009’ is beautiful!!! How the boy in the video can do that. Is it real??? The color just like alive and move anywhere that on the paper. It can be bigger and smaller. It is very funny!!!

Comment by becky

Wow, miraculous. The music give a feeling is mysterious. In the beginning, I really want to know what colour wish for 2009. I the video, It shows the colours permeate from the colour pens. The colours permeate and then join the together to appear a second colour. I watch this for two times, but I still don’t know how the colour can be like this.
2009, a new year from now on. I think we need to improve the things that we are bad in the last year. At the same time, add some colours into it. Our life will be more colorful and artistic.

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

What amazing!I do not believe the function of

the colour pens.Do they sell in the market

nowadays? The science and technology nowadays is

getting more and more developed.I think many

artists like this kind of pens to draw pictures.

My duty of 2009 is like the colour pens.I will

work hard and get better result.Make my life more

colorful.Love in 2009.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

It is really a work of art. I don’t know that I can use the color pens like that. If I do, my art will not be failed. They can celebrate the new year by this. At the end of this video, they tell us to put colors in this year. I think they want to beautify our life as putting colors on the paper. Fill up colors in our life and do not waste the time of the new year.

Comment by Elaine2c35

Thanks for your comments 😉
Best colors from Djeff

Comment by Djeff

You’re welcomed Djeff. Thanks for writing to us. 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Djeff is really creative! He can use a new way to celebrate 2009. It’s so amazing. How come you can do it!I really love it !So GD!

Another side , I have never think about the movie creater , Djeff ,will find this blog and thz=] us!

Djeff!Do more creative things!

Comment by Ryan Ng

It is amazing!The colour will disappear by the user,I want to have one but I do not know how to use,may be Djeff can show how to use for us,wewill more clearly.

Comment by carry 1d(7)

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