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I find Bolt more interesting! I can’t wait!!

I thought I lost you by Miley Cyrus & John Travolta

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I have watched the trailor of Bolt in a programme shows the new movies in America. Bolt is smart! Comparatively, SuperBolt is not as troubled as Marley. But I think Marley is sweet and lovely too.
That hamster is cute ar, he is fat.
When will it be on show in hk? I want to know how can he ‘escape’ from the ball! B-) haha

Comment by ChloƩ

I love Miley Cyrus’s song and I think it is great. Her voice is a bit stange but that cool.Also the trailor of the film is funny and I think I will go to watch the film durin gmy hoilday.
During this few days, I heard a song called Without you by Mariah Carey and I think it is amazing.I hope I can see this song video in your blog.

Comment by Rico Kwok

Bolt is just like a super dog in the movie, but he isn’t in now. this movie make me learn we need see the truth!!

Comment by laurent1d17

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