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How to draw Chibi comic characters
January 7, 2009, 5:51 am
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You guys like reading comic books right? I suppose you like drawing or you are even keen on drawing this kind of comic characters. (at least I saw many in your journals! ;-)) Let’s check this out:

Which one do you like best? Which one do you usually draw? 😛

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Keroro!comic serious 1 to 16.

Comment by sum

serious or series? 😉

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I love read comic books very much 😀
I’ve seen the video before and it is really amazing~

Comment by Yvonne:)

I love reading comic books very much
I’ve seen the video before and it is really amazing~

Comment by Yvonne:)

I haven’t heard of you for a long time! Miss you lots! 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I think the one who was praying is the funniest and my favourite because the action of he is very interest.Although I draw all the characters badly,I will still draw some of them in my spare time.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

The draws are very beautiful and cute like the Japanese comic.
I can’t believe that the painter can draw like that.I hope I can draw pictures like him/her.But I think I can’t do it because my art is very bad.

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

I think you can draw as well as him/her! Maybe I should give some chances for you to draw during lessons on the board for us sometime! 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

hahah…I dont really like reading comic books neither as drawing comic characters…Im running out of reason why do the charaters have incredibly enormous eyes and super tiny little small mouth?? it looks so abnormal LOL.

Comment by MiKE

WOW~! The picture of some comic characters is so nice. I like the devil’s tail and the angel’s wings very much. I will read comic in my free time but I never draw because my drawing is very bad……I will try to draw the comic characters and I hope I can draw like the drawer.

Comment by Selena 1D 38

Woo~Some of the characters in the picture is so cute and beautiful. I like the girl with a cat very much. I want to draw like the drawer too but my drawing is not so good. I will practice my drawing in the spare time.

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu(1D)(16)

I suppose the cartoonist’s drawing is very wonderful!!
He can draw a lot of beautiful and a sense of reality comics.

Comment by Emily Chiu(1D)(12)

I like the picture that a girl saw many sushis in the shop. I think the girl is very exciting when that time. I think the drawer’s house is very big. It’s because drawer needs to put his/her drawing in the house. And put the drawing on the wall. I want to go to the drawer house to see his/her another drawing.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

I love comic books very much!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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