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Missing Ani Ashekian
December 30, 2008, 11:01 pm
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Sometimes, we do hear of news about missing pets or people. But when it happens to someone you know or within your social circle, it’s pretty scary…

Ani Ashekian is a friend of an English teacher J. Collin who works for the same company I worked with before. This is the link which my previous boss sent to me. Let’s see if we can help anyhow:

In the notes of J. Collin,

… Ani Ashekian, who was travelling through Asia from Canada and has gone missing since 10th November 2008.  The missing lady Ani was last seen in Hong Kong and for the past month, she has lost contact with her family and friends completely. Morever, there has been zero activity on her credit card which was her only means of money. We would truly appreciate you could give us as much information as you know to help this person. 

Ani Ashekian: A Young Woman Missing in Hong Kong
I am writing to you seeking help to find our Daughter, our Sister, our Best Friend.

Ani is a bright, adventurous and vibrant young woman who has a passion for travel.
Her most recent trip was to Asia – specifically to China, India Vietnam and Cambodia. Before her departure Ani only had enough time to secure a visa to China and decided she would get the other necessary travel visa’s while abroad.

She left the Toronto International airport on Friday, October 24th and was scheduled to return on the 15th of December. 
The fact that Ani did not board her flight home on that day was not a surprise to her friends and family for they already knew something was amiss.
Initially, Ani had kept in regular contact with her family and friends during the trip. 
However, November 10th was the last that anyone has heard from Ani. 
When the calls and emails abruptly stopped people began to worry.
Ani’s visa statement shows 2 cash advances on the 10th of November, it is unclear whether these withdrawls were made under duress.
She has not used her visa card or her bank card since that day.
Her passport indicates that she entered Hong Kong on November 9th but that she has not left Hong Kong.

Foreign Affairs, a private investigator and the media have been contacted.
We are working on setting up a trust fund in her sister’s name to help her family pay for the cost of the private investigator.

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