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Hot ‘N’ Cold by Katy Perry
December 17, 2008, 3:20 pm
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I like the beat of this song. (but Katy always sings some naughty lyrics ><)

By the way, I’m into a Korean drama recently. The storyline is more or less the same like this video. I like the handsome (main) actor in it so much, but I still have no clues about his English name (Ng Chi Ho? :-P). Is there anyone who can help? 😛

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English name: Oh Ji-ho
Chinese name: 吳智昊
Korean name: 오지호 ←(I don’t know how to pronounce)

Since our group has been lost today, I need to help you to find the informations of this guy=.=

Some websites about him:
(You can see some photos in the last website as you say he is handsome)

Comment by Roger

I think the pictures on the second last website are more handsome! 😛

I’m looking for the theme songs of the Korean drama ‘Oh Su Jung VS Karl’. Is there anybody who can help? I want to set it as my ringtone! (It’s so sweet!!) 😀

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Wow…This MV was so wonderful.=) It is a funny story. When I marry in the future, I want to play just like them crazily=) Usually, a bride should be very cultured, but the girl in the MV, dance crazily and even ride the bicycle!! So, I think it is so amazing !
Besides, I have found the name of that “handsome guy”. He is not called Jacky -3-‘
His name is Eric! =)

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

Is it real?I don’t think so.If I am that man,I must not marry that girl.I had watched a MV of “HOT’N’COLD” in a way just like “so what”(that cartoon).It is more cute.I found many MV is change to a cartoon.My favourite is “Too Cool” but i cannot found the MV.Is the MV which is a cartoon.

Comment by Grace(2c08)

I am very enjoyable in this MV.It is so interesting in the beginning and at the end of thie wedding story.The guys who are bridgeroom,his facial expression is very fuuny.
He thinks of the bride was chasing at him with running and riding a bike,and run away from church to hide in another place.I enjoy and like the story and the melody in this MV.

Comment by **Sharon 2C 12 (-0u0-)

I like this MV very much.The actor scared gor getting marry with the girl.But the girl wanted to get marry so much.She wanted to catch the actor and i think she was a bit crazy.But this MV was very funny.i am enjoyable for the video.I think the actress was very beautiful,the actor should be happy for this.I will not forget this MV.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

his name is zio,Oh Ji Ho

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

I am very enjoy with the video. It’s really very good and the beat is fast. I love fast song very much. And the MV is very good, I love it. The MV show me that the actor scare about to marry with the actress. I like this MV because it has a good ending.

Comment by Christie (2A19) =]

Oh… I have saw this MV. It about the girl hate the boy very much. She said his all bad things. She thought that the boy was not good for her and she didn’t need this boy. I think this song is good for the girls who broken heart by the boys.

Comment by kwokjoey

oh no,,i am the loser today=[
i know the man–Oh Ji-ho,,who is the main character in ”Couple or Trouble”. my mum said that he is handsome but i don’t think so because he is OLD (hee),,anyway,, he is tall and quite handsome in his ages=]. and i am so interested in his programme because he was so funny in it.

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

I think the story of this MV is very fun because the woman on this MV is very crazy. She love Alex and she want Alex to marry her. I think this song is very fun too. I enjoy this MV very much.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

I like the beat of the song too. I like their dance because it’s full of energetic.
The girl in the song may love his boy friend so much but she wants to give a mission to his boy friend to show whether he loves her or not.
My brother is also attracted to watch the MV but I don’t know what’s the reason…

Comment by Jacky 2C01

oh, last time I help Jacky to do the CM but I forgot to change the name..
Because he said he can’t visit the blog.

Comment by yeung 2C33

I love this video so much. Especially Katy Perry is chasing the boy. By the way, the ‘Hot Dog’ is also fun. I was shaking my head lightly while I was listening to this song. It is really an exciting wedding party and a fun video.>.<Why you always have pop and great song?

P.S It is a great homework too. ^^

Comment by Emily 2A (7)

I really agree with that this movie is like Su-Jung VS Karl. They could not finish the ceremony because the bride ran away. I think that is very embarrassed when the ceremony can not finished smoothly. They love each other so they married. However, they can not gave promise to an other in front of the Christ. It is can not be comprehend easily.

Comment by Katie Ho(2A08)

I am unhappy because I lose today.But I also enjoy the game today!It is really excited.;]
Oh,Roger is very helpful!~
I think this mv is cutie and the last part of the mv make me smile a lot.
I really enjoy listening the music in your blog.It is fanatic.

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

This song is very suitable for the girls! But the man in the video is so poor.

Actually, girls are moody. They change their moody easily. Although they like someone, they did not show how much they love them. Besides, girls do not like to wait. Therefore, they will angry with the boys who are delaying.

Boys’ lives are so hard……. (Luckily I am a girl!XD)

Comment by Tang Nok Lam,Tracy 2A(33)

Wow…the MV is very funny!!!At first, i think that it was true, but finally i know that it is the boy’s dream.
i think it is interested when the girl,Katy,is chasing after the boy and the boy see Katy is at every where.
But hopefully, the MV has a happy ending, the girl can marry the boy.=]
P.S. i don’t like her make up:green eyes shadow and red lipstick… i think it was to ‘colourful’XD

Comment by Susana Chin

is this ahomework :p
ipersonally like ‘i kissed a girl’ more ,but this isalso a good song

Comment by sum

this is pretty cool yah…Katy rocks ;]
“I Kissed A Girl” is another good song by Katy, but its kinda weird lol.

Comment by MiKE

This song is very well and the story is very funny too! the singer who like a bad girl who want the boy marry to her.

Comment by laurent1d17

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