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Off the rail

Everyone has taken a train or MTR before. What do you do after you get off the train? This video is not just about taking the train and getting off from it. Let’s see how much can you get from it.

It shows some people’s life when they are off the rail. In other words, what does that mean? Any metaphors here?

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In my view, the train refers to life. The train is taking us to our destinations.

Meanwhile, we can get off the train and travel in some countries. We will discover something distinctive and interesting in different places. We may be satisfied with a country and would like to carry on the rest of our life in it. However, is it our original wish?

Firstly, we must make sure that the train we get on is correct or not. For example, I want to visit a friend in Homantin but I get on a bus no. 962 which goes to the airport. How can I get in Homantin?
If your target is being an athlete, you should practice a lot but do not drug.

Secondly, don’t get off the train too early. We can stay in some various countries to earn experiences. No matter how long we stay, just don’t forget to continue with our journey.

Last but not least, a train must follow the rail. Otherwise, it will be out of order and get lost. Similarly, if you want to earn a lot of money, you ought to work hard. Don’t try to use any illegal methods or you will be put in jail. Then, your journey will be stopped.

Above all these, we should design ‘our’ destinations so that we will not waste our time.

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