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Early Winter by Gwen Stefani

This song is dedicated to all Gwen’s fans here, especially Persephone and Yvonne! 😀

I like her dresses. Do you like the fashion in this video?

Is there anybody who knows what the early winter is about here? Global warming or love relationships? 😛

(This was first posted on 5 July 2008.)

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Gwen Stefani:p
I love her hair style,haha!

Comment by Yvonne:)

Then you need to keep ur hair long too! 😛 It must be adorable like hers. Try and see! 😀

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

The song souce is wonderful the singer sings very good.The singer wear some fashion and beautiful dress and shirt,I think it is beautiful.I love this song very much!>~<

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

The white dress is noble.It is so sexy that it had a v-neck cutting.It is fit with dance party.The other dress is beatiful too but I think it is so heavy.People may not convenient to walk.I like the design of the first dress more.The song is good also.

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

I like her dresses too!!!*=]Her dresses is beautiful and special.When she worn it, she was lovely…
And I like this song also. I think she was sad while she was singing this song”

Comment by Emily Chiu(1D)(12)

Mrs Bouteiller,
Yvonne is who last year from 2D ,right? haha!!She is my lovely mum.I can’t imagine when Gwen Stefani and Yvonne change their hair style will become what.haha!just a joke,don’t hit me.^v^
The fashion style in this video a bit like Mrs Bouteiller style,long dress ,power dressing,whole
bogy are black in colour.I love the dress that she weard towards the end of the video… pretty!!!!
Gwen Stefani looked like a toad!Well,crazy!
I don’t really understand what the song
mean.Is it the boy and the girl was game over,then the girl feel hurt?Is it really coming to winter? “Looks like an Early Winter for us”that mean not winter now. Just their feeling?
Maybe the girl felt very lonely,that is no enthusiasm and no warm ,so she felt cold look like winter.
Hey guy,don’t be sad.I think no need to upset for the love game,so foolish for yourself.Your lover will not come back to you.Oh! Maybe this is only a common example ,of coures have more reason why your lover leave you.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

Oh! Florence has type the wrong word.haha!! give me one more chance.
The fashion style in this video a bit like Mrs Bouteiller style,long dress ,power dressing,whole
body are black in colour.I love the dress that she wore towards the end of the video… pretty!!!!

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

@@,The blog has changed the picture.Christmas is coming.I want to eat turkey.> <

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

We can exchange Christmas present if you’re into it. 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I heard her, her song… What you waiting for! I know you posted this song serval months ago. Is it March? (Sometimes I’ve nothing to do, I would see or search something on your blog =P)

Well, I don’t like the fashion in the video. It’s not my cup of tea. HA! =D

Gwen Stefani, she seems…

Comment by YauWaiMei-WINDY2a37

I like the fashion of the singer so much. Especially her eyes and hair. The eyes in black color with black clothes like a killer, so cool. Her hair is brown in color and very sharp. Brown hair can match every kind of clothes, in girl. In boy, I think black hair is enough.
Does she lose her love? She said she is lonely.

(I want to know that HTML is allowed or not because I cannot use last time.)

Comment by yeung 2C33

Oh!!! My dear Gwen Stefani. I love her so much. I like her “4 in the morning”. I like her dresses but I like her hair style more than her dresses.^^ Gwen likes the princess in this video who has so many clothes!!! I want to have so many clothes also! How about you, BouBou??? Keke!
Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen!!!

Comment by ★Nicole2C24

♥I think her dress is really beautiful.
Her hair’s colour also very special!
I love it!
But I am not brave to colour the hair like this.
Many people will look at me and it will make me not confortable.
It is so funny!
I want to colour my hair to brown.
I think I only can do this after 18 years old.
It is also very excited for me.
This song is really good XD
It shows me many fashion design.
I like the white dress very much!
I really want to buy it.
But it must be expensive!^V^♥

Comment by ♥Kelly Dai_2c09;]♥

The singer was in sadly in this song.She always one for crying and tears.The weather is getting cool and always in snowing.The lover was hurt the girl deeply.The lover lied to her all those years.She gets too much sadness and she wants to starting all over and over again.When the lover was left her alone, she is in early winter, she need someone to turn over her.But she hasn’t over yet because of she is still waiting for her new lover.

Comment by **Sharon 2C 12 (-0u0-)

I like her dress which is write in color. By comparing with her set of clothes in black, write dress is much beautiful. Write is pure. Black is devil. We love peace so we want our life peacefully. The hair is soft. If a bed is made of hair, I think it must be very comfortable.

Comment by Jacky 2C01

The early winter in this song means that the girl had lost her love and she lost her direction too. She don’t know how to do. She selt really cold inside her heart, she was hurt and very very upset.

I like her hair style, it was brightly and very sharp.Just like my school bag,it is fluorescence orange. so all people would know who am i and they could find me easily.XD

I like the dress that was green and white in colour and had some flowers on the dress, i think it was quite beautiful.=]

Comment by Susana Chin

I am sorry that I post CM so late.The white dress is elegant and noble.But her hair color is poor, just like a old lady which is nearly 50 or 60 years old.The song is talking about she lost her lover and direction.She feel lonely and heart broke.Her lover left her alone.

Comment by Grace(2c08)

anybody know the designer of her white dress??? it”s really beautiful

Comment by oksana

i’d like to ask the same thing. who is the designer of the white dress?????

Comment by penny

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