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Charlie bit my finger!
December 12, 2008, 10:53 am
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Babies are cute and Charlie is naughty. See?! 😛

Interview Charlie and his brother Harry!

‘Hey there Charlie!! Charlie bit me song!!’

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These two little baby are very cute. Charlie is the cutest one but he is very naughty too. I think Charlie always eat his finger.So he bites Harry’s finger. The sentence that I cannot forget is “Och! That’s hurt Charlie.”

Comment by 1D 04 Marco

I think this is funny! I think this Charlie and our 1D’s Charlie both are naughty. And Charlie always eats finger! i think it is dirty!!

Comment by Tommy Cheng 1D 6


They are really cute!Harry put his finger into

Charlie’mouth and give him to bite!Why?

I can see Charlie is really naughty becuase after

he bite Harry’s finger,he laugh a lot!

Comment by Hui Tung Lam(Kammy)1D.15

I think that Charlie bites Harry’s finger is his fault(?.?) because I think that Charlie after biting Harry,he smiled(0>0).

Comment by jeremy1d(36)

OH, this Charlie really like our classmate, Charlie. Also is very naughty. It is very funny too!!=) Mrs Bouteiller, Do you think that baby is very enjoy Charlie bit his finger?

Comment by Christy Sham(1D29)

Well, I have no idea, but I see how much Harry loves his little brother. They have a lovely relationship. 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Charlie and Harry are very cute. Charlie is very naughty. It is because he hit Harry finger. Charlie made Harry laugh loudly a lot. Charlie is very dirty. He eat Harry’s finger. But Harry did not angry of Charlie hit his finger. He smiled with Charlie.

Comment by Emily Tsang(1D32)

Well,there are ugly man is video 3,he suddenly come out when i enjoy watch the lovely baby.So scared.\[]/Don’t sing in front of the cam.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

Oh,that great,are they playing or frighing,why he suddenly put his hand to his mouth suddenly.The other people like them very much too but is it too
I think the song is quiet good and the singer face
is very cute like the baby and Charlie,however 1D’s Charlie isn’t,is it?

Comment by owenchancheukyin

I think the babies are very cute but I think they are naughty because they put their finger to the other babe’s mouth.

Comment by TsuiChinPang(ALEX)1D,33

wow!how lovely the babies are!i love charlie more.look at his smiling face, just likes an angel!I agree that charlie’s brother loves him .

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

Ha Ha! Two babies both cute,I watch this video more then ten ten times I both laugh because I think this video so funny!This baby Charlie such as our class Charlie because they are both naughty
and like to play joke and make boken gag after joke people like laugh too ^*^
PS If Charlie see that CM don’t beat me~ha ha>.<

Comment by Chang Hiu Yan,Renee1D(5)

HAHA! Two babies are cute,Charlie is naught because he bits Harry’s finger. I don’t know why after Charlie bits Harry’s finger, he laugh a lot. This video is very funny!

Comment by Lam Hoi Kiu(1D)(16)

Oh…Charlie and Harry are very cute.But Charlie is very naughty because he bit Harry finger.I think Harry finger is very pain.But I see this view,he continues to smile for Charlie.I think he is very generous.When I see this video,I have laugh a lot of because they are very funny.I like this video very much.

Comment by Wong Ka Man(Karen)1D35

Ha!Ha!Charlie and Harry are both cute.Charlie is very naughty.Charlie hunt Harry’s finger.Harry put his finger in Charlie’s mouth.They are funny!They make me laugh.Ha!Ha!Ha!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

The babies are cute but they do something silly and make me laugh.They do something that I will not do now.At first,Harry had a laugh smile when his finger was stuck in Carlie’s mouth.Finally,Harry was unhappy.

Comment by Jimmy 2C40

Haha.The video was make me laugh.Charlie and Harry are lovely.I want to have a little brother like them.Haha!!Charlie bit Harry.Although Harry was hurt,Charlie was laughing.Charlie are cuter than Harry! Can Charlie be my little brother?xd=]

Comment by Cheuk Tsz Yan(MIKA) 1D`8

Mika’s parents, have you heard Mika? 😛 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

The baby is very cute! The child is very naughty!Charlie gives his finger to his youner brother.The baby thinks about that finger is some yummy food and he thinks he can eat it .I love this video very much ! This video teach us do not
gluttonous.If no ,we do not what will happen.

Comment by Pinky Tang,1D(31)

Wa ka ka `!This video is very funny.After Charlie bit Harry’s finger.Harry’s face is funny too.

I have an another opinion.I think Charlie of our class also is funny like this.Have him ever bit a people finger?^_____________^v

Comment by Ryan Ng

Charlie and his brother is very cute= =”But they are naughty-v-When he bit his finger-.-he smile= =”

Comment by Rocky Chan 1D(3)

Charlie and his brother Harry are funny!Charlie was very naughty too.
They make me laugh!=]

Comment by Emily Chiu(1D)(12)

Charlie and Harry are very cute and lovely. Maybe I can’t hear well so I hear: Oh! Johnny, Johnny bit me. Haha!!! I really like video 1, I repeat watching it… Charlie, Harry do you know you are so lovely that make me want to be your sister and play with you and let you bit my finger. If Charlie bit my finger, will my face like Harry? Charlie was so naughty but he is really lovely.
I Love Charlie & Harry!!!^^

Comment by ★Nicole2C24

I have watched this video before. Harry was bit by Charlie but he did not scold his little brother. He smiled at him instead. If my elder brother like Harry, I must be very grateful that I have such a caring and lovely brother. I think when they grow up, they will love each other too. They may watch this video again too! ^^

Comment by Chloe

The two babies were both lovely and cute, but Charlie was very naughty. Although Harry put his finger near Charlie’s mouth, Charlie could not bit his finger. I think the parents should stop Charlie to bit Harry’s finger. I think the video was very funny, but Harry was very poor.

Comment by Fung Kei Ching

I like this video.It was really fun.It
made me laugh a lot.Charlie bit Harry’s
finger, I though Harry’s really feel hurt.
And he also feel pain.
Charlie is very naughty.He face fool.Harry
‘s facial expression was cute and funny.I
want to watch more video about them^_^

Comment by Huen Ka Lun1D14 Jacky

haha!!Charile is very cute (but not Charile in 1D)
Charile is very bad.He bites his brother’s finger .It’s really hurt!!!!
Charile in the video video is very cute but in 1D’s classroom ‘s Charile is naughty!!=]XD XD

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

haha!!Charile is very cute (but not Charlie in 1D)
Charlie is very bad.He bites his brother’s finger .It’s really hurt!!!!
Charlie in the video video is very cute but in 1D’s classroom ‘s Charlie is naughty!!=]XD XD

Comment by liao kong lap (1D)(24)

HaHa! Charlie and Harry are very cute.They are so funny!I love them a lot because they are very very cute. >.< I think Charlie is very naughty.
When Charlie bit Harry’s finger, Harry’s face looks very cute but pain. ^.^

Comment by Lee Hoi Ting,Jessica1D(20)

This video is very funny. Charlie is very cute. He likes our classmate Charlie. However, there is one different. This Charlie is cute but our classmate Charlie is naughty.

Comment by 1D18Law Hung Sing

The babies are very cute and amusing.I have found innocent childishness and pure from them. These pure is something that I do not have in present. Charlie bit Harry but Harry did not complained or bit Charlie. Harry loved Charlie. We must learn the patience from Harry. I have forgot this cherubic laugh long long time ago. And they let me recollect the joy when I am small. They touch me and let me want to cry! I like this two children very much.

Comment by 1D19 Cherry

Oh my god!They are really cute and make me smile a lot!In the first video,the two children are really funny.
When I was three years old,I did not do these silly things.XD But it is also good that children can be naive. I also want to be a three years children,so that I no need to study! haha`
I love them very much~

Comment by Kelly Dai_2c09;]

Ha~The babies are really cute and funny.The baby Charlie is very cute but the Charlie in our class doesn’t.The baby Charlie bite Harry’s finger~Don’t all the babies like biting their fingers?The problem is Charlie like biting his brother’s finger!Harry was so pity~he must felt very painful.
Anyway, babies are all cute unless they are naughty.
I love babies~XDXD

Comment by Lee Sze Wing,Cindy(S1D 22)

This video is very funny. Charlie is very cute. He likes our classmate Charlie. However, there is one different. This Charlie is cute but our classmate Charlie is naughty.

Comment by Lo Yik Hin 1D (25)

HAHA!! This video is very good for relaxing. It tells me that being the elder brother or sister, we have to be patience and take care of our younger brother or sister.
I have an elder sister and she always humors me. I am very glad that I have a good sister in my life.

Comment by Pang Wing Yi 1D 28

oh~Charlie is very cute~he is like a fox , he laugh after he bit harry’s finger.I think harry is the most stupid boy in the can he put his finger into charlie’s mouth?but I think he was brave ,although his finger was hurt , he didn’t cry .Anyway The video is very …funny~

Comment by gigi

hahaaaaaaaa, I have saw this video in summer holiday. I think Harry was so cute. He let his figure to his brother, Clarlie. Clarlie was so naughty. xd

Comment by kwokjoey

Oh!They are so cute^^I want to know why Harry need to put his finger into Charlie’s mouth.It was really funny that Charlie laugh after he bit his brother’s finger.There are many people copy them and post there video on internet.that is very funny!

Comment by kiko2C

Charlie and Harry are lovely but they are naughty too.when i was a baby i always put my finger in mouth.I think it is dirty. Harry put his finger in his brother mouth but Charlie felt happy.I think the video is very interesting.I like Charlie and Harry very much.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

Oh my god!How come they are so cute!?
In video1,it makes me know what babies eat to grow up.The answer is “fingers”……I think it hasn’t any baby has not “eaten” fingers.And I don’t know why Harrry put his finger into Charlie’s mouth.For fun?I think he is “crazy”!!

Comment by Taurus2C39

Haha!They are so funny.The elder child gives the finger towards his brother month.They are ‘crazy’!
The elder one don’t cry during he puts his finger towards month.I think the younger one is too hungry.He may think the food(finger) is very yummy!

Comment by Chipan (2c 04)

I thought so crazy of the babies because i can’t accept the babies do these dirty things and smiled-_-…and the silly people as to do so.
But i don’t think Charlie is really bit his brother because his elder brother smiled after bitten by charlie.

Comment by KAREN LIU 2c 27

Charlie and Harry are very cute , but I think when they graw up they will always fighting!And I think they are so crazy!

Comment by Laurent1D17

I’d like to say Charlie and Harry is liked my brother and I. For Charlie and Harry, I think that they are cute. At the same time, both of them are naughty. Charlie bit Harry finger first, then Harry put his finger into Charlie mouth and let him bit. They both laught after Charlie bit Harry’s finger, although Harry get hurt. After Charlie noticed that Harry is hurt, he pull out Harry’s finger. It is how the brothers’ love each other. And for me, my brother always treasing me and I felt angry. However, I know we both love each other. It is hard to say, very difficult relationship.

Comment by Elaine 2c35

Oh, one more reason prove that youtube is effective in the world of nowaday. If Charlie is naughty, what about my friend? Charlie only plays the finger of his brother but my friend does not have relationship between and still play at me. Put me in a thought mood.
I think the baby is not cute but others perform him is much funny. So our classes perform once may also very funny.

Comment by yeung 2C33

In this video, Charlie is very naughty. He bits his brother’s finger and his brother feels pain too. Although Charlie bits his brother, his brother gives him finger and he eats. If charlie continute to eat fingers, he will bit people many times. It is funny because I can see two babies who are cute, they eat fingers themselves.

Comment by Jason 2C (26)

I love the first video.Charlie and Harry are so cute!I love baby very much!It is so funny that Charlie bits Harry’s finger but it is a bit dirty.Charlie and Harry’s smile are wonderful.They make me smile and have a happy night.

Comment by Cathy(2C 22)

These two babies are very cute so that I love them very much.Charlie is vey naughty because he bits Harry’s finger.But Harry does not maid it and he smiles.So,I think that Harry is very brave.

Comment by Ricky Shek 1D (30)

After long time, i think Charlie will be a famous star. And now he can even be a kid star if he has the ability. More than 67000000 people have watched the video. It showsthat how popular it is.
The video is a bit like AFV. It’s very funny and make me laugh.

Comment by Jacky 2C01

I quite like this video.Charlie bit his brother fighers.IT IS FUNNY.I THINK HARRY IS PAINFUL.HIS FACE CHARGE.

Comment by Ngan hiu fung2c31

Oh! The two babies are very cute. I love them very much! If I have two brothers like this, I would felt very happy. Charlie bit Harry’s finger; I think Charlie was quite naught. But I love them very much^^

Comment by 2a39yeungyuenting alice

I think Charlie and Harry are very cute. If I am their mother, I will save this video and I will let both of them to watch when they grow up or in their wedding party.

Comment by Sammi (1) 2A (12)

They are so cute and lovely and I took my photos out when I was a baby, I think they are more lovely than I. It seems that he likes his finger very much!

Comment by Mo Sin Ying(Sandy)

I have watched these yesterday, before I left my cm, but I chose the one ‘love mummy’ and now I would like to talk about this video. The two brothers are really cute!! Although Charlie (the little brother) bit Harry and made Harry felt very hurt. Harry forgave me, because he loves Charlie a lot. I had such an experience too. When I was 4 years old, I liked playing the door a lot. Once I made my cousin felt very hurt. Although he was very hurt, he forgave me very soon. I know that it was because he loves me a lot. After that, I hadn’t played the doors again.

Comment by Janice Wong 2C 38

HA..this was so funny.But is it the ‘I’ very naughty?
Of course,i am a good student and i am taller than him~i love the 1st movie best..what a funny and interesting movie!

Comment by charlie mong

I think Harry and Charlie look like my sister and I, because we always quarrel, but we still love other =] Harry and Charlie is very cute, I love them very much=] because I love children very much. When I grow up, I want to have many children. Also I will be a good housewife.

Comment by Chan Ka Ling.Bobo 2a (1)

this movie is very funny. the baby like our class someone…..charlie and harry both are cute, but charlie is more naughty, right? if i ws there mother, i will love them both, because they are very cute!!!!HAHA~

Comment by yue suet ying 1D(39)

I think Charile and Harry are very cute. They are naughty also. Especially Charlie, he hurt his bother’s finger so much. Then he still can be happy. He was really a baby. He can be happy easily. Lastly, I really love these two little babies. They are too cute that I want to kiss them.

Comment by becky

The first video is most funny because of the two little boy.They are very cute and funny.In that video, the brother put his finger into his little brother’s mouth. Then, his little brother close his mouth. That made his brother shout very loudly.But at last, both of them were laugh.

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

How cute they are!Charlie does not have the hair who smiles very sweet.He is innocent.Harry is naughty that his finger is bitten by Charlie.He think it is fun.I think the relation between Charlie and Harry are good.Both of them like playing with others.
I have watched this video with my family.We laught a lot.Even when we were watching TV,we still laughting at Charlie ang Harry.Although babies are very nautgty and difficult to look after,i also like them very much.

Comment by winnie 2a 9

First ,happy christmas(still have 6 days) and have a nice christmas holiday!Second, the babies in the video are cute and always do some “naughty” things, like Charlie, he likes to bit people’s finger(except his,what a bad guy, just I think XP )Have you ever been bitten by a baby, did you angry? If there is a adult bitting your finger, what will you feel? Why?

Comment by Jeffrey(2c 11)

The babies are really cute! Expecially Charlie! He laughed after he bit his brother Harry! I think he did not know he was biting his brother! Harry was cute too. His face was just looked like the actor! From happy to sad and angry! I think he can be an actor when he grows up. He will be a good actor, isn’t he?

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2c 15

Oh~The baby, Charlie is very cute! He bit His brother’s finger and laughed when he saw his brother’ facial expression!! If I had a brother like Charlie, I would not scold him or hite him because he was so funny!!!

Comment by Phoebe Tam (2A 32)

Charlie is cute!!!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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