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I don’t like you, Mommy!
December 11, 2008, 10:49 pm
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Do you like your mommy? Check this out:

You don’t like me when I give you homework and ‘check check’ right? Luckily, I’m not your mommy! 😛

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i think that the child in the video is really cute.i love you buy i don’t like you all the time except you give me cookies and candies.i love this makes me laugh for 0.5 minute.wake me up on time.a lot of homework need to do so i am getting sleepy.feel relax and less tired~ cheer up!=]

Comment by victoria, chan tsz kei

I like the baby’s sound,so cute”no,i don’t love you.” haha, said the baby.
Is it all the baby like cookies?But i think this baby is very clever.He said he hate his mum.But when his mum got cookies,then he changed.
So honest !! Like some old woman who over 50 years old, they are the most selfish,maybe they think their old ,near to no one care them.So,who take care with them,they love that one.

Comment by Florence Tsang 2c ,34

I like this baby very much, he is so cute~!!!! I think this video very much because it is very funny~! I LOVE my Mommy, when she gives me money!!! HAHA Cookies is better than Mommy~ XD
I want to have such a cute and funny brother!

Comment by Selena 1D 38

Wow…I like the baby very much!!! I think he is very clever and cute!! When he answered his mother, I can’t control myself and laugh it for a long time.
I am imagine that if I play with that baby, it must be very funny=)

Comment by Kelly 2C 3

The baby is very funny and clever.
He likes a man!!
His answer make me laugh for 30s=]
I think the mummy is surprise about her baby.
Only love her when she gives the cookies the baby.
And in any time baby does not the mummy=]

Comment by Ricky Lam(2c_21)

I think this video is very funny. I laughed it while I was watching this video.
Besides the baby is very cute!!!!!!!!!
If his mother wants the baby love her. I think she must gives more cookies to him.

Comment by Jonas Wong 1D 34

i love this movie very much and i also like this baby!he is very cute!!!i remember he said i love you too, but i don’t love you all the time, when i heard this senten ce i laught a long time, the baby is very honest, if i was he, i would say that,haha!

Comment by ashley yue suet ying 1d(39)

this video is really funny and interesting,, the baby is so cute. when i was a baby,, i don’t like my mom because i am so ugly and just like an E.T,, so that my mom and dad would like to go out with my brother because he was so handsome when he was a child.and because i am ugly,, my mom didn’t like to go out with me,, if i go out with them ,, i need to wear the hat because i did not have any hair or teeth on that time.=[

Comment by PearlyKwong (2c19)

Poor Pearly…… 😦

But you’re different now, right? 🙂

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

This baby is so cute. How old is he? ❤
He only likes his mommy when his mommy gives her cake. He doesn’t like his mommy all the time. Wow, such a clever boy~
When you give us homework, we will still like you, because all the works you give us are good for us and help us to get a higher mark in the tests or exams. In my mind, you will be my mommy forever=] I love you mommy, haha!!

Comment by Christy (2c_16)

OMG! I’m so old now…… a mommy of a 13 year-old girl……

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

I can hear the sadness and anger of his mom through her voice in the video o.O
Anyways, the kid is still very young and pure, he didn’t mean to hurt her…but definately, he needs to learn how to respect and show love.

Comment by MiKE

nope! you are wrong, we like you no matter what.

Comment by MiKE

Thx Mike, but …… overuse of comma and small letters again! 😛

Comment by Nikki Bouteiller

Ha. This child is really funny. Although the video is short, it is extermely interesting. Children is naive and honest I think. They give an direct answer. Maybe somebody hate them because they don’t care about peoples’ feelings. Actually, I like them because they are so lovely. Moreover, I appreciate their frankness.=D

Comment by Kwok Ho Yiu Yoyo 2c(17)

Wow! This vidoe is very fun and the baby is very cute and clever too.He only like his mother when his mother give him cookies!
The baby in this video makes me think about myslef when I was young.Somethings of me is nearly the same with this baby!Both of us are very like eating snacks=]

Comment by Fu Man Yu (Amy)

Haha!! I have watched this long time ago. The baby was really brave that he said’ I don’t like you all the time’!! Moreover, it is interesting that he said’ I like you when you give me cookies.’ It is really good for us to be ‘honest’; I think I must show this to my mum too. xD

Comment by Janice Wong 2C 38

I have seen this before.x)
The baby told his mom directly that he loves his mummy when she give him cookies. Poor mummy! He said “I love you too but I don’t like you all the time”. I would like to know how was his mother feel. So cute!x)

Comment by Kan Wai Chi, Gigi 2C(15)

Cute baby!=]

I love cookies too!But I will not say’I don’t love you all time,mummy.’I am afraid that,my mum will kill me!

This is a funny movie,why the baby mum will record down this funny vedio?

Comment by sara lee1D (21)

Oh My God!!!The baby is veryyy cute and funny.
i laughed loudly when i heard the baby said,’i love you too, but i don’t like you all the time.’ i really don’t know what he was talking about. but it is really a funny video.and when i was baby, i just like him.When my mum give me candies to eat, i said i like her very much.XD baby just like that…very cute!!!!!!!!!!!>3<

Comment by Susana Chin

This baby must watch too much cookie monster.- – He only feel happy when he have cookie to eat…….
His face when he talks the last sentence. It very cute! ><
(Yea, No) Great word!

Comment by WONG HANG TAT Yahoo~~~

This baby is so smart!
He can talk with his mother honestly, this is a the reason I appreciate him!
Children like to tell people directly what they think, most of the people may think that this will become impolite or cause fury or sadness sometime, but this can be very good because nobody will tell lies and they know all the truth and the opinions of people around them. Therefore, we can improve ourself by listen to anybody complain on us.
Anyway, this is important that we should know how to control our speeches, especially when we talk about somebodies’ scandals or tragedies.
Although the babies said he hate his mother most of the time, I think his mother will not angry with him because she love her son!!!

Comment by Johnny

I don’t think the baby is cute,i think his face and hand is fat,and quite stupid.Moreover,after having the interview with him,i think his mum want to slap him. HAHA!!
Of course i don’t like u when u give me hw,but i also don’t like u when u don’t give me hw(do u think that what i am talking is rubbish?)Because u say so much that kind of things,or tell me sth about what she had said to u ,maybe i won’t don’t like u.(rubbish again)

Comment by matthew

How cute he is> <
So funny.XD

Comment by Kristy2a34

2 sentence dissapeared-.-
“I lkie you when you give me cookies.”
“I love you too but I don’t like you all the time.”
How cute he is> <
So funny.XD

Comment by Kristy2a34

I thought that the baby was interesting after I bwatched this.
The sentence I love most is “I lkie you when you give me cookies.” (XD)
That’s fun-loving!

In fact,I like my mum very much because she take care of my daily live. (because she give me a lot of cookies.XD)

Comment by Sam 2a 2

I thought that the baby was interesting after I watched this video.
The sentence I love most is “I lkie you when you give me cookies.” (XD)
That’s fun-loving!

In fact,I like my mum very much because she take care of my daily live. (because she give me a lot of cookies.XD)

Comment by Sam 2a 2

I like this lovely baby.It was so cute.
If I have a brother like him, Iwill laugh
whole day.^_^
I though if my mum knoe I dont’t her.She
will feel sad. If my mum don’t give me
cookies.I will not said that.I WILL LOVE

Comment by Huen Ka Lun1D14 Jacky

I think the kid is very very cute and honest.In our daily life,we always do not tell the real the feeling about other people.I think it is very bad and we should always tell the turth and never lie to other people.Since then other will treat well too.

Comment by Rico Kwok

I love the baby very much!
He voice is very lovely.
And I think he is very honest.
If I were him,I must not said it.
Because I afraid my mother would not give cookies to me any more.
But I think he will know he love his mother very much soon.

Comment by Trini or 2A (27)

I think this baby is cute.He like his mommy when his mommy give him food to eat.But he say he do not like his mommy.I think i don’t like my mum when she shout at me.I think i am too bad because i don’t understand her love.She take care of my daily live and spend all the time only for me.I think i should understand her and spend more time to learn more about her.I am now 13 year old,ineed to take care her and do all the housework.But i am too lazy,i have never spend time on it.i think the boy in the video will understand her mommy when he grow up.

Comment by Debbie ho (2c 14)

This video is very funny.
I watch again and again and I laugh again and again.
I think the baby was so cute.
If I have this kind of brother, I must laugh all the time.
If my mother asks me this question, I must answer her ‘mommy, I love you forever.’ It is because my kindergarten’s teacher always told us to say this thing to our parents.

Comment by Christie (2A19) =]

haha! Matthew! Your point of view is totally different from the others. 8)

Comment by Chloé

The baby is cute.I love my Mummy!

Comment by Chan Ka Ki,Michelle1D02

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